The selfie apps : What parents should be aware of

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The selfie apps : What parents should be aware of

It is obvious that teens and adults work hard to get that perfect selfies. This includes taking numerous selfie angles, filtering photos and editing them.

In 2015, selfies caused more deaths than shark attacks as people fell off a cliff or down the stairs in an attempt to get an epic shot.

Teens might even search for articles that explains how to take the perfect selfie. Many would download apps that allows them to remove blemishes, change hair color and even reshape their body size.

Removing pimples and doing simple alteration to a picture is not a new concept. We do that with important pics that we want to cherish. But to start altering pictures to a level that teens no longer look like themselves can be a warning sign of self esteem issues they may be facing.

Keep an eye on certain apps on your teens phone. This would include body altering selfie apps like the following :

  1. Plastic Surgery Simulator App

This app allows you to alter your body by enhancing or removing parts you don’t like. For instance, creating abs, enhancing nose, lips, breast and many more.

2. Perfect 365

This is a virtual make up app used by many make up artists. It has over 55 million users. While this app can be fun do pay attention if many of the photos your teen post are being altered and does not resemble her in real life.


3. Photowonder App

This is a photo make over app that allows you to edit photos using simple few button clicks. You can add make up on, shape your legs and add other filters. This app can also make user look like a freaky doll at times.


4. FaceLab

This app do a digital plastic surgery on your face. You can reshape your jaw lines, heighten cheek bones, reshape nose and edit other parts. You can even restore your skin and make it look flawless.

5. YouCam Perfect

Lengthen your leg, enhance your nose, remove blemishes and make skin smoother — everything a user need to make themselves look ‘perfect’ can be found on this app.

Do keep in mind that some of these apps can be used just for fun purposes and does not reflect self esteem issues. However, if you notice that their social media profile is filled with altered pictures then it is time to chat with your teen. Talk to them about body image and how everything seen on social media is not what it looks like in the real world.


Are there any other apps you are aware of? Have you been faced with this problem?

The following are other apps you should be aware of on your child’s phone :

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