Will Tik Tok be banned in the US? Update (August 2020)

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Update August 1 2020 on TIk Tok Ban : It seems that banning Tik Tok is currently still under consideration in the US. India banned the app a few months back and the US seems to be following the same step.

There is no doubt that users of Tik Tok are worried following this announcement in the US.

Tik Tok is hugely popular among young users, however, since the start of the pandemic, it has been one of the most used apps even by older users.

For instance, popular dance videos are those by moms and children with their grand parents.

Tik Tok ban is particularly even more worrying for influencers on the app. Especially since Tik Tok announced that it will be paying it’s influencers a heftf amount for producing content on the app.

Hence, the announcement of Tik Tok ban is causing a storm on the internet.

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Why is Tik Tok getting banned in the US?

Policy makers in the US believe that, since the app is owned by a Chinese company, it poses a great risk on users data and privacy.

It is believed that the app is collecting data illegaly from users’ phones when the app is downloaded on their phone. Hence, allowing its citizens to use the app can be a threat to the US’s national security.

President Donald Trump is pursuing the ban by even considering to issue an executive order stating it to be a threat to national security under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act will

Tik Tok ban reaction:

Tik Tok responded strongly to the allegations made by US national experts by stating that all information about US users is based in the US.

It also stated that it takes the security and privacy of its users highly.

Who is currently banned from using the app?

Currently, anyone working for TSA, the State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security have been banned from using Tik Tok.

All military personal are also banned from using Tik Tok.

Recently, there was a leaked email that went out to all Amazon employees to stop using Tik Tok especially when opening corporate emails.

However, Amazon then later on responded saying that the email was a mistake.

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When will US Tik Tok ban happen?

It is hard to say when/if it will actually happen.

Bytedance the owners of Tik Tok are planning to divest it’s ownership by selling it to Microsoft.

If the deal does come through then Tik Tok might just avoid a ban.

Otheriwse, it could be matter of days that the app face a ban in the US.

What will happen to all content after the ban?

Content by users from that particularly country will disappear from the app.

This means that other users in other parts of the world will no longer have access to US influencers content.

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