Fortnite Mum worried about her son’s video game addiction

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Rachel, a mother of 3 children  is currently living in Edinburgh. Her youngest is 5 years old, and oldest is 14 years old.   She is concerned of her son’s video game addiction. So she spends most of her day night being up on Youtube and Facebook groups trying to know all about Fortnite. She has a notebook which she writes about the dances,  and even attempt to mastering the floss (Fortnite Dance).

Rachel is doing this not to be great at Fortnite but rather to be the ‘cool’ mom so her kids take her seriously.?



Fornite is a video game that is all about survival. Fighting, shooting, killing, whatever it takes to survive.  It has millions of players all over the world. Rachel is trying her best to keep up with her son who she fears might be getting addicted to the game.




Rachel does not play video games so she does not have a clue what it is all about. She knew about the game when other parents were talking about it in school. She watches her son so obsessively playing it.


She has to forcefully stop her son from playing the game during school nights. She knows for a fact that all of his friends play Fortnite. Being the best is a pressure for many kids and his son wants to top this game.


Since Fornite was launched, there has been numerous articles about its addiction. Many parents seem to be flocking to parenting groups on Facebook asking other Mums what their children think about this game. Also, how to prevent addiction from it. A recent article about a girl refusing to go to the toilet because of this game has alarmed many parents like Rachel.


In January, WHO even classified gaming addiction as a disorder and it is a public health issue. Gamers definitely do not agree to this view. Reports like this is seen to not focus on the benefits of gaming, such as critical thinking and strategizing.


However, for Rachel, she is concerned that her son is neglecting his homework and not paying attention in class due to his long hours of gaming. His son believe that he can become a rich person like Ninja on Twitch. Almost as good as being treated like a celebrity or a football player.

How does Rachel explain to her son that he needs to have good grades, go to University and get a stable job?

This is how Rachel is trying to tackle her son’s video game addiction :

Rachel turned to the internet for support. She met moms from all around the world facing the same problem. She no longer feels alone in the fight of gaming addiction. She no longer wants to fight with her son because of Fortnite. Instead she is going to use Fortnite to rekindle with him.


She suggests other Mums to take the game seriously. She said it is important to know how the game works and that way you can understand why your kids are addicted to it. An article on the Wall Street Journal discusses how a father hired a coach to teach his son how to play the game. This is in the hope that the son would win the tournament and get some money so he can go to college. Rachel does not want to pay $20 an hour for a coach to teach her son Fortnite. Instead she decided to master it herself.


Rachel’s son does not know that his mom spends her evenings learning about the game. At this point she might even be better than him. Right now she wants to be able to beat him so he will take her seriously and realise that being a gamer might not be his life long profession.


*Name in this article is altered for privacy concerns

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