Viral ‘Outlet Challenge’ on TikTok is Dangerous

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Whether its Kiki Challenge or the bird box challenge, it’s getting normal to see new social media challenges taking off every week.

The latest trend on TikTok right now is known as the “Outlet Challenge”

If you don’t know about TikTok you can read it here.

What is the Outlet Challenge also known as #pennychallenge?

Viewers are encouraged to place a phone charger near an electrical socket. Then release a penny between the outlet and the charger prong. Creating a spark where users are asked to share on TikTok.



Dangers of Outlet Challenge:

As silly this challenge might sound, there are a number of people actually attempting this. It is clear that we tell our kids to not play with fire and even electrical things.

But watching other people do it, might encourage other children to follow the same.

Remind your kids about the dangers of playing with electrical sockets. This can damage the outlets but more dangerously kids can electrocute themselves and cause a fire.

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Video of Outlet Challenge :


Outlet Challenge In The News :

  • 2 students being charged after 8 outlets damaged at Mass School – NBC Boston News
  • Authorities warn TikTok outlet challenge causing fire – CNN
  • TikTok outlet challenge dangerous new social media challange – ABC News

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What parents should do :

  1. Talk to your child if they have heard about this challenge and let them know the dangers of it
  2. Remind your kids that not everything seen online should be followed.
  3. Let them know that you are available for a chat if they ever feel pressured by friends to do such challenges
  4. If your child have never mentioned this challenge then you have the option to not bringing it up with them. It is better that they are unaware of such challenges. But this decision can only be made by you, as every child would respond to such situations differently.
  5. Let other parents and school teachers know about this challenge so they are aware of what is happening in the online world.
  6. Read this 3 simple ways you can do to keep your children safe online and internet safety tips for 8-13years old
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