Viral #trashtag social media challenge inspiring “bored” teens

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There seem to always be new social media challenges every day. But the #trashtag challenge is one you might want to challenge your own family and especially kids.

What is the #trashtag challenge:

  • It is an environmentally friendly challenge that encourages people to clean up their surroundings.
  • The #trashtag challenge has been a trend in the last few years but now it is suddenly gaining lots of attention.
  • It was originally started in 2015 by UGO Gear, an outdoor company located in Chicago
  • But recently the trend was revived by a Facebook user, Bryan Roman. He created a post that challenged ‘bored’ teenagers to take on this challenge.


Roman got the idea of picking trash, then photographing it for social media, in a post he saw by the travel company Happy Tours GT.

He decided to make it appealing to teens and added his own version of it.

In an interview with ABC news he stated that  “Due to teens lately making the news about Tide pods bird box challenge and now the Koala challenge. Maybe I could inspire a few to do something positive,” said Román.

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Initially, Roman shared the “before” image of a man standing in a wooded area surrounded by trach. He then cleaned up the area and took and “after” photo of the same man standing with the trash bags behind him.

This image went viral and it got aimed at “bored” teens.

Since then- many teens- have joined the #trashtag challenge and started cleaning up their neighborhood and posting it on social media.

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