list of values that will make your kids into a good human being

Model kindness and empathy; it starts at home. 🏡❤️



Teach respect for all, not just elders. It's about listening and understanding


Teaching patience means teaching self-control. It's about waiting and breathing. ⌛️🧘


Boost your child's confidence; let them chase their dreams. 💪🚀

Love For Family

Family shapes values. Teach love and respect for the home tribe. 🏠💖

Honesty & trust

Honesty builds trust. Reward truthfulness and model it daily. 🗣️🌟


Life doesn't always go our way. Teach flexibility and compromise

Justice and fair

Speak up for justice, online and offline. Teach fairness and equality


Stories teach empathy. Ask, 'How would you feel?

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