What is EDPI Valorant? Best sensitivity setting

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If you’re a valorant player, you would have come across ‘’EDPI’’. What is EDPI valorant? EDPI is an acronym for Effective dots per inch. 

When you obtain the product value of the user, you will get EDPI. You can proceed to cut the sensitivity to match what you intend to use in-game. 

This article will teach you everything you need about the EDPI variant. If your mouse’s dpi is 1000 and the true sensitivity is around 0.3, the product will give 300, which will be the value of your EDPI. 

EDPI can help players take total control of how they move their mouse while playing their game. 

What is EDPI Valorant

How to change EDPI valorant?

While using the unique EDPI calculator, it is essential to check the game setting of your best friend to determine if it can match yours. The EDPI calculator is easy to use. 

The first step to using the calculator correctly is to write down the sensitivity and different DPI values that your good friend used previously. Proceed to calculate the EDPI using the correct formula. 

The result you get can be used to calculate the least sensitivity. It is important to know that there is no perfect sensitivity. 

Asides from the hardware used, personal preference is all that matters. Even though professionals often recommend an EDPI value within 200-400, you should use values that work with your needs. 

EDPI Valorant can be regarded as a tactical FPS, which is why you will always notice small mouse movements. The best approach to getting great EDPI settings is to keep them low and gradually increase them. 

After carrying out your EDPI setting, you must work with a value matching your hand movements. The 180-degree test is the recommended way to achieve that. 

What is the difference between EDPI and DPI?

What is EDPI Valorant

As stated earlier, EDPI is an acronym for effective dots per inch. On the other hand, DPI stands for dots per inch. 

The DPI calculates the total number of times your mouse starting position is sent to your PC. Unlike EDPI, which is used to calculate sensitivity, DPI is used to carry out a different thing. 

If you set your mouse to 1000 DPI, the mouse will measure and give you the result of 1000 movements per inch. A new measurement will be made whenever you move your mouse. 

Since effective DPI is permanently installed in the mouse using software, it works on windows, browsers, and all other platforms. That is why the mouse DPI can be used to determine the best sensitivity anywhere in the system. 

To beat the competition in the industry, game creators often display fps games with higher DPI values. To make the DPI have less effect in your game, you can set it to be around 400 and 1600. 

 What is a good EDPI when playing Fortnite?

As we all know, the best EDPI majorly affects the gameplay and our chances of winning. 

To win big in Fortnite, you should use an EDPI within 32-72. That is what the majority of professional players use. 

We have analyzed hundreds of pro players to arrive at the result. 

Your EDPI will be displayed within a low time. To get your ideal EDPI, you should use the online EDPI calculator. You only have to insert your input values. 

There are also cases where the best players use different edpi values for the X and Y sensitivity. If you’re in that situation, you only have to insert your X value. 

Since the Y axis isn’t so important, you don’t need it in calculating sensitivity. There is something known as a sensitivity bracket, and it is essential to know it as a gamer. 

Since different games have different sensitivity brackets, we must focus only on Fortnite. 

The sensitivity bracket of Fortnite can be classified into three. They are lower sensitivity, medium sensitivity, and high sensitivity. 

While the low sensitivity has an EDPI of 0.40, medium sensitivity has 40-80 EDPI and higher sensitivity has 80 + EDPI. 

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What is a good average EDPI Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical shooter game where precision is important. 

Since a single vandal bullet can kill you in the game, you must take your chances. That is why you should prioritize a sensitivity setting that will make important things easy for you. 

It would help if you used an EDPI of the right range. Most new gamers use a high EDPI, which is why they rarely win against experienced players. 

The best valorant players use 280. Using the same figure, you should learn to move your mouse cursor by 46 centimeters and turn 360 degrees. 

Even though you might not have to do the same thing, it will help you understand how valorant pros handle sensitivity. 

When it comes to scooped sensitivity, you should set yours at ‘’1’’. The value will match that of your ADS, and consistency will increase. 

The majority of professionals go with the same software settings. Lastly, you should pay attention to the scoped sensitivity setting. It is recommended to use a value of 0.97.

How to find the best EDPI valorant when gaming?

What is EDPI Valorant

The valorant game’s narrow map makes maximum engagement easy for players. The several peak points also enable players to restrict their sensitivity and stay on the right track. 

Unlike in different games, you won’t need to make 180-degree shots now and then. Just ensure your gaming mouse is set at 400 or 800 DPI. 

You can set your valorant sensitivity within the edpi range 0.3-0.6. Other ways to find the best valorant EDPI include using a sensitivity converter and testing. 

If you previously played CS:GO, you can use the same sensitivity settings and play like a pro. Since you have been using the same sensitivity for a while, you would be comfortable with the settings. 

You only have to use a sensitivity converter while playing valorant. One of the most popular sensitivity converters online is gamepros. You can also find the others online. 

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