Youtube Kids App Review

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Learning to use devices such as mobile phones and Ipads are fairly easy for toddlers. They don’t get intimidated by it, which makes the process of learning easy. And with all the familiar looking interface, it does not take time for a child to find their way through all the Youtube videos. Youtube Kids is free app that contains content that is appropriate for kids. It can be downloaded from play store or the apple store.

Youtube kids is divided into 5 sections :

  1. Recommended
  2. Show
  3. Music
  4. Learning
  5. Explore

The good things:

  1. Exclude inappropriate content

The app is designed to exclude content that would not be appropriate for kids to watch. Youtube is also working hard to make sure that content on the app stays relevant to kids. In case parents find any of the content not suitable for children they can flag those contents.

To do this :

  • Click on the 3 bullet dots of the video
  • Click on report

2. Content relevant to the age of the child

When signing up on the app Youtube ask if your child enjoys pre-school, school age or all kids type of content. This is to give your child the best experience while using the app.

3. Turning off search function

Youtube gives you the option to switch on or off the search function. By switching on the search button your child can access millions more Youtube Kids videos. They have the ability to search for new content on their own.

Switching off the search function will limit them to videos on the home screen and those that are recommended by Youtube. Children cannot search for content on their own. This reduces the chance of children coming across content that you do not want them to watch.

To do this :

  • Click on the lock button at the home screen
  • Enter the passcode asked by the app
  • Then click on settings
  • And switch off the search button

4. Setting timer on

The time button will set a limit to how long you can have the app running. If you want your child to be using the app only for half an hour, you can easily set the timer on. This can prevent screen addiction and limit the amount your child spends online.

Talk to your partner or any other family members that is involved in taking of your child about the importance of limiting screen time. This is to ensure everyone at home is on the same page with regards to this issue.

To do this :

  • Click on the lock button at the home screen
  • Enter the passcode asked by the app
  • Then click on Timmer
  • Set the time limit

5. Stand alone app

The app is not connected to the general Youtube app. This means that you can download this app on your child’s Ipad and never having to worry that they might have drifted to the general Youtube app.

6. Educational videos

The app is not only used for entertainment purpose. There are many educational videos available. The “Learning” section has videos from PBS KidsTED-Ed, and Khan Academy. Talk about when kids might view these videos

Things to be aware of:

While there are many reasons why this is better than the general Youtube aoo, it has some drawbacks such as advertisement. There are also instances where inappropriate content slipping through its way. I would recommend switching off the search button if you are handing the device over to a toddler. I also think it is important to sit down and watch the videos with your toddler in case unexpected videos pops up. Don’t forget to limit their screen time when watching things on Youtube.

Have you tried the app? Let me know your thoughts? What you like and dislike from it.

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