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Hello! I'm Parven, guiding you to empower your kids for a balanced digital future with enriching screen-free activiti​es

I am the founder of Kids N Clicks, a web resource that helps parents and children thrive in a digital world.

After graduating with an MSc in corporate governance from the London School of Economics and Political Science, I worked in the corporate sector before moving into digital media consultancy.

I have extensive experience in the digital/social media arena and have been a consultant for various charitable organizations across Scotland. I have also been invited as a speaker at digital media events. My work has been recognized as a ‘Digital Pioneer’ by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Following my foray into digital parenting, I was featured in The Telegraph. I was also on the expert panel of The Telegraph discussing online age verification systems alongside other experts in the field. 

I was recently recognized by the Parenting 2.0 organization for improving digital literacy. I have blogged for Common Sense Media, Family Online Safety Institute, and Internet Matters, among other organizations.

I’m Parven, the founder of Kids N Clicks. I earned my MSc in Corporate Governance from the London School of Economics. 

Before establishing Kids N Clicks, I was a teacher to diploma level students and a lecturer to undergraduate students. I taught Marketing, English and Business studies. 

My deep understanding of internet safety issues led to my recognition as an Internet safety expert by Internet Matters.  

I frequently speak on internet safety topics, offering guidance to employees, parents and teachers. 

Driven by my teaching roots, I champion the cause of screen-free activities and the value of reflective journaling and games for young minds. 

At Kids N Clicks, I spotlight the latest social media tips and consistently advocate for meaningful off-screen engagements 

Additionally, I’ve advised numerous Scottish charities on optimizing their digital profiles. 

I also serve a trustee at The Yard, Scotland where I provide strategic direction to the organisation on matters relating to awareness and marketing.

In my free time I go for long walks in the Scottish country sides with my two daughters. 

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Interview with BBC Sunday Morning Live Show

Technology is not all bad for kids. Teach them to use it correctly, and they can change the world.

I am determined to help parents and teachers support their children, aiming to harness technology for its benefits and safeguard our families from potential harm.

I dedicate much of my time to discovering suitable online activities for my children and fostering a balanced life through screen-free pursuits.

Some facts about me:

I’ve worked in the digital marketing space for the past ten years.

I served as a lecturer, instructing both diploma level and undergraduate students.

I’ve lived in five different cities over the last five year