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About Kids N Clicks

A web resource that shares online safety tips, viral hashtags, the latest apps, and games that parents need to know about.

Kids N Clicks have grown to 200,000 monthly views.

Parents feel that this is a safe resource where they are not bombarded with technical jargon and yet able to know what is happening in their kids’ digital lives.

Kids N Clicks was founded by Parven Kaur, who is obsessed with the digital future but also realises the importance of unplugging. It has a growing list of screen-free activities to help families find the balance between the online & offline world.

Kids N Clicks Readers

If their kids uses a smart device, they read Kids N Clicks

Readers include parents, grandparents, teachers, carers and other non-profit organisations in the online safety industry. Many of our readers also look for screen-free activities.

Readership by region

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Australia

Featured in :

The top organisations in the field of digital parenting have featured Kids N Clicks or ask to be a brand ambassador for three major reason:
1. Trustworthy news
2. Consistency in delivering content
3. Up to date with latest research and findings

Collaborate with Kids N Clicks to reach families and educators that aligns with your brand with the top source of digital parenting news.

It does not matter how big or small you are, we work with anyone that brings out the good in tech.

Work with Kids N Clicks

There are a few ways you can work with me:

  • Organize online safety workshops for parents, students or teachers
  • Review an app or digital product
  • Support your school’s digital learning course
  • Learn how to increase your online visibility for charitable organizations

If your school or local organization has limited resources but still wants to organize an event, do get in touch. Parven often runs these events for free. She is obsessed with spreading digital well-being to as many people as possible.

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