The Growth Mindset Kit & Happy Journal


Growth Mindset Kit

That promotes happiness and helps children discover challenges with confidence

Focussing On Positive Habits From A Young Age

(for children aged 5-13 years old)

Empower your child by having their name printed on posters, coloring sheets, and growth mindset activities.

The Power of Personalisation:

Studies have shown that when children see themselves in the activities, it has a great impact on their self-belief. They are at the center of the activities.

Personalisation also encourages children to complete the activities and really understand the purpose of it – they can relate to it

Inside The Growth Mindset Kit:

  • Learn to love yourself worksheets (6 pages)
  • Learn to be thankful and give back to others worksheets (3 pages)
  • Inspirational Quotes (20 pages)
  • Inspirational failure stories (6 pages)
  • Inspirational coloring pages (10 pages)
  • Dealing with anxiety activities and worksheets (9 pages)

80+ pages of screen-free activities
Note that this is a printable, nothing will be mailed.

  • Goal setting and being productive worksheets (7 pages)
  • Being mindful, content and discovering gratitude activities (10 pages)
  • Travel bucket list and travel journal pages (4 pages)
  • Family activities pages (3 pages)
  • Encouraging kids to review books activities (5 pages)
  • Monthly review activites (4 pages)

Flip Through
The Personalised Growth Mindset Kit




Suitable for children aged 5 – 13 years old

There are plenty of space in each activity for children who prefer to draw instead of writing​

Over 80 pages of Growth Mindset Activities

Each activity comes with clear instructions that a child can understand by him/herself. There are also additional parent’s guide for each section.

We will send you a mail with the Growth Mindset Kit within 24 hours. You can email us at for more information


Fun & Inspiring Daily Journaling Pages

There are also daily journaling pages that promote happiness and gratitude. It is beautifully illustrated and very easy to use. It helps your child focus on a few things each day and only takes a few minutes to fill.


It asks 4 important questions:

  • 3 Awesome things about your day
  • How did you show kindness today?
  • Did anything upset you today?
  • What are your plans for tomorrow?

Take A Peak At

The Daily Journaling Pages


Why The Printables Are Good For Your Family

For kids aged 7-18 years old

The printables are designed to help children understand they have the capacity to learn anything!
With the printables, your children or students will learn how to:

  • Stay strong and resilient
  • Overcome the fear of failure
  • Discover their ability to deal with mistakes

They will understand that they can achieve good results with practice and persistance

Kindness can be taught and cultivated by modelling the behavior.
The printables consist of activities that help children develop empathy and enhance their capacity to care for others.

The daily journaling pages ask them to reflect on who they were kind to on a daily basis and encourages them to help others in different of ways

Using the printables your children or students will learn how to:

  • Cope despite facing setbacks
  • Deal with obstacles
  • Manage anxiety

They will discover that resilience is a skill that can be learned. With practice and patience they can manage the anxiety that they are going through.

They can also reflect on their emotions and think about what causes them to be upset.

The daily journaling pages and gratitude activities is the easiest way to get children to reflect on the positives of their day. It is also a safe space for kids to express their feelings.

Journaling gives children a sense of happiness and helps them see the goodness in their lives. It also enables them to develop a sense of generosity and compassion towards others.