150+ Funny and cute wedding quotes for Instagram

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Don’t we all like weddings? The cute couple, pretty flowers, beautiful cakes, and dressed-up guests. If you have recently attended an amazing wedding or just had your own wedding and want to share it on Instagram then check out the wedding quotes for Instagram below. 

Wedding vibes caption

You will the best wedding quotes for Instagram below. These captions will complement your wedding pictures. 

· Now we can hang out forever!

· Bridezilla? Who, me?

· Sip, sip, hooray!

· They got married. I got drunk.

· I’m taking his surname since he stole my heart.

· All of my smiles start with you.

· We did a thing.

· Eat, drink, and be married.

weddings quotes for Instagram

· Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!

· I said, “Yaaaassss!”

· Me, myself, and I do.

· “Trust me; you can dance.” —Champagne.

· Now you’re trapped with me for the rest of your life.

· You’re my person, forever.

· A picture-perfect day.

· This photograph was shot before I began to cry.

· You are the one with whom I will spend the rest of my life.

· It was love at first swipe.

· I am here to get drunk!

· I’m hoping my real wedding is as lovely and well-organized as my Pinterest wedding.

· I had forgotten what life was like before I met you.

· Without you, my life would be incomplete.

· Every day, you show me that happily-ever-after is possible.

· This is the next chapter of our romance.

· I’ve just arrived at my friend’s wedding reception to pick up some pizza.

· All I need to be truly happy is for you to be at my side.


weddings quotes for Instagram

· I’ll love you forever and day.

· I always knew you were my soulmate.

· Love and a heartbeat bind us together.

· I do; we did.

· I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

· Even if you marry, don’t rush into adulthood.

· As mermaids, these two were designed for each other.

· Best wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs.

· Let the celebrations begin! She’s changing her last name.

· May your life together be full of love, as well as your love of life.

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Best wedding quotes for Instagram

You will find the best wedding quotes on Instagram for you and your family members. These captions will also work with other social media posts. 

· I’m excited to eat and drink in honor of my favorite couple.

· Love’s in the air!

· Cheers to the world’s cutest couple.

· Together forever.

· My other half.

· We go together like cake and icing.

· This love, like diamonds, is eternal.

· I believe in love after seeing these two get married.

· Home is wherever I’m with you.

· Dreams do come true. I found you.

· Pop the bubbly; I’m getting a hubby.

· Cheers to the world’s cutest couple.

· Let’s dance!

· The important thing is to stay happy. 

· You whispered into my heart rather than my ear.

· With your last name added to it, my name seems even cuter.

· Still in love with you, even more so than before.

weddings quotes for Instagram

· I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of our lives together as Mr. and Mrs.

· Confetti is thrown here, Champagne is poured there, and love is all around.

· You are the pepperoni to my pizza.

· We’ve decided on forever.

· Oh no, I accidentally took a selfie with the Bride.

· To have and to hold forever and ever.

· We pledge to grow together right now.

· True love stories have starts rather than endings.

· I’m going to steal his last name because he stole my heart.

· Forever is what we’ve decided.

· Our love story is my favorite.

· I don’t need any Instagram hashtags to stand out. 

Wedding photos caption

Here are some amazing wedding quotes for Instagram that you can use to share with others the amazing day you experienced.

· This is the most wonderful day of my life.

· Today’s the big day!

· They’ll make an adorable elderly couple.

· You convinced me that love at first sight exists.

· Fun times ahead.

· The best by far is you of all the things my hands have held.

· What a beautiful bride!

· The best kind of wedding leaves your bellies (and hearts) full.

· Not the royal wedding, but it’ll do.

· If her SO thinks this means less BFF time, he’s wrong.

· A gathering without cake is simply that: a gathering.

· When I count my blessings, I trust you twice.

· As timeless as the tides, as infinite as the ocean.

· Not the royal wedding, but it’ll do.

· Call me a professional wedding hopper.

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· With all my heart, for the rest of my life.

· They got married, and I got Champagne. Win-win.

· You meet someone once in a lifetime who entirely changes your life.

· Today, I married my best friend.

· I like taking snaps of essential moments. 

· Our voyage begins today, hand in hand, heart to heart

· Love gives us a fairy story every now and again, in the midst of an average life.

Wedding captions for Bride

Below are some beautiful wedding quotes for Instagram that any bride can use to show what a perfect day she had,

· I came to see the couple and remained for the cake.

· Was Champagne mentioned?

· We are now accepting applications for more single friends!

· The royal wedding.

· Who needs perfect words. 

· This unusual couple is a match made in heaven.

· If you invite me to your wedding, rest assured that I will join you on the dance floor

weddings quotes for Instagram

· With anyone else, I wouldn’t want to wreck the dance floor.

· Till death do us part

· Could we all take a moment to enjoy this stunning bride?

· Happy to go from miss to Mrs.

· I’ve finally found a reason to alter my name.

· All because two people fell in love.

· My forever plus one.

· She said yes to her happily ever after today.

· The party doesn’t start until we go in.

· It’s time for a shot now that they’ve tied the knot.

· This photograph was shot before I began to cry.

· A picture-perfect day.

· Let’s get some photos before my mascara smudges.

· Cheers to the newlyweds.

· After this wedding, I do believe in true love.

· For the most gorgeous couple, the most lovely day.

· They proved happily ever after does exist.

· I said “I do” to the cake and they said “I do” to each other.

· The cutest newlyweds I ever did see.

· Together is the best place to be.

· Another weekend, another wedding.

· These two make such a gouda couple. Now, where’s the charcuterie board?

· All you need is love.

· I am getting married today. Yay!

Cute wedding quotes for Instagram

The captions you see below will complement your beautiful pictures. 

· Now we can hang out forever!

· My dream weddings. 

· It was love at first swipe.

· I do; we did.

· Sh*t just got real.

· All you need is love.

· I’m taking his surname since he stole my heart.

· Just married!

· Locked in for life!

· Being in love with my best friend is a blessing in my life.

· All because two people fell in love.

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· You’re my person, forever.

· Happily ever after starts now.

· Best friend for the Bride.

· We are all twining today.

· Bride tribe.

· True love never ends; here’s to the happy couple’s new chapter.

· It’s wonderful to be adored by you.

· I like taking snaps of memorable moments that I will cherish later on. 

· But first, let me take a selfie.

· We are not your typical bridesmaids.

· All of my smiles start with you.

· I think I’m cute wait for the Bride!

· Our moment.

We hope you found some of the best weddings Instagram captions from the above list.

Funny wedding captions for Instagram

· We are now accepting applications for new, single friends.

· Congratulations to the happy couple! Yes, I’m still single.

· My favorite people finally met their match.

· Pop the Champagne—I’m changing my last name!

· The party doesn’t start until the Bride walks in.

· I’m here for the cake.

· I finally got my fairy-tale ending.

· Call me Mrs.

· The realization that I didn’t have to organize my wedding was my favorite part.

· Bridezilla? Who, me?

weddings quotes for Instagram

· This photograph was shot before I began to cry.

· Sip, sip, hooray!

· “Trust me; you can dance.” —Champagne

· In this gown, do I resemble a Mrs.?

Lockdown wedding captions

You will find several great Instagram captions for your wedding photos. 

· The party doesn’t start ’til we walk in.

· We’re here for the cake.

· Congratulations to the only two people we like equally!

· We came, we saw, and we ripped the dance floor apart.

· Did I first try on every dress in the store? No response.

· I don’t always wear white, but I’m getting married when I do.

· True love exists when both partners believe they are the fortunate ones.

· Did somebody say Champagne?

· I said yes to the dress!

· We were good friends before we married. 

· He was so taken with it that he gave it a ring.

· I can’t wait to go from Ms. to Mrs!

· I’ve finally found a reason to alter my name.

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· Being married to your best friend is happiness.

· They said “I do” to each other and I said “I do” to more cake.

· I don’t always dress up, but someone else is getting married when I do.

· They got married, and I got Champagne. It’s a win-win.

· I do, now and forever.

· Much love. 

· They said, “I do,” and we said, “Finally!”

The above list contains some romantic wedding captions for every type of wedding photography. These can also work as wedding guest captions. 

Wedding Quotes for the groom

You will find some nice wedding quotes for the groom from the below list. 

· I can’t wait to cry ugly at your wedding.

· Together is a beautiful place to be.

· Best friends for life, bridesmaids for a day.

· To have and to hold.

· Good vibes. 

· Meet me under the water tower.

· Finally, they replied I do, and we said. 

· I wish you happiness and love for the rest of your life.

· The royal wedding was essentially held today.

· There’s no place I would rather be than standing next to my favorite people.

· My beloved is mine, and I am my beloved’s.

· All these other gals were dressed in my outfit!

· Our wonderful day at Earle Brown.

· May you be as joyful as you were today for the rest of your life.

weddings quotes for Instagram

· It was the ideal start to their story.

· Drink, drink, drink to the beautiful wedding day.

· Is there room in your honeymoon luggage for me?

· It was great fun toasting the couple…and the open bar!

· You are all I ever wanted love to be.

· I am honored to stand by your side on your big day!

· Let the celebrations begin; she has changed her surname.

· Red barns, white dress.

· Finally, the love you receive is equal to the love you give.

· Keep the weddings rolling!

· A wedding without a cake is nothing more than a ceremonial gathering.

· In a Prosecco, I’ll be ready!

· Happy girls are the prettiest.

· Today I married my best friend.

· You are my favorite place.

· Best friends for life, bridesmaids for a day.

· There’s nowhere I’d rather be today than standing with you, hearing you say, “I do!”

You can post these wedding quotes on your wedding album too. 

Pre-wedding captions for Instagram

Newly-weds and married couples can both use these wedding quotes for Instagram. 

· In life, the finest thing to cling on to is each other.

· That just married feeling.

· What a wonderful moment

· They’re mistaken if they assume this equals less time with their best friends.

· True love exists when both partners believe they are the fortunate ones.

· This is where forever starts.

· It was love at first swipe.

· Does this ring make me look married?

· Being married to your best friend

 is happiness.

· They created a life they enjoyed together.

· Don’t ever let me go.

· New beginnings.

· Today, I watched a real-life love story.

· Love, confetti, and Champagne are in the air.

· It was a lovely wedding, complete with tiers of cake!

· Here’s to love, laughter, and eternal happiness.

· To infinity and beyond.

· Here’s to love, laughter, and forever happiness.

· I love you like no otter.

· She is my favorite person. 

· First comes love, then comes the cake.

· They go together like cupcakes and frosting.

· The best is yet to come.

· I wish I could go back in time. I’d track you down faster and cherish you for longer.

· May you be as happy as you are today for the rest of your life.

· Cheers to a happy life.

· Life is better with you.

· She said yes!

· Our precious moments. 

· It was a belling to find you.

· Here comes the Bride.

· So much fun! Congratulations to two of our favorite people.

· Finally, they replied I do, and we said

· For having met my true soulmate, I consider myself the luckiest man alive.

· This is only the beginning.

· Thank you for being

· both you and mine.

· We used to be the closest friends before we married. 

· It’s a piece of cake to love you.

· Nothing makes a woman look more gorgeous than her wedding day glow.

· It’s wedding season!

· Your wedding day will pass, but your love should endure forever.

· Shine bright like a diamond.

· You are my significant otter.

· Life is better together.

· Plan together, stand together, cry together.

· Thank you for allowing me to share in your joyous occasion.

· Pop the Champagne; she changed her name.

· A picture-perfect day. 

· We are the best wedding couple. 

· You are that particular person. 

We hope you find the right captions for your wedding post on Instagram. 

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