What is Zynn app? Review & Guide For Parents

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Zynn app is a clone of the Tik Tok app. It basically looks exactly the same and has the exact same functionality. 

The main difference between Zynn app and Tik Tok is that Zynn app will pay you for watching videos on its platform. 

Note : Zynn app has been removed from Google and Apple play store due to copyright issues. 

In this blog, we will go through what is Zynn app? How does it work? concerns about the app, and ways to keep children safe when using this app. 

What is Zynn app?

  • The app is owned by a Chinese video company who are direct competitors to Tik Tok owners, DanceByte. 
  • The app was launched in May 2020
  • It works exactly like Tik Tok. Users upload a 15 second or 30-second video with background music and stickers from the app. 
  • The main difference is that in Zynn app users are being paid to watch videos. 
  • Users can also share videos on other social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook. 
  • Users can like and comment on each video clip and also block other users.
  • To earn money through this app you will need to create an account. 

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How to sign up to this app?

  • You will first need to create an account. You can sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account
  • The app is for users age 13+ 
  • Currently, the app has been removed from Google and Apple play store. 

Is this app free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use. Despite getting paid to watch videos, you do not need to pay to use the app. 

Do remember that nothing is free because you will be paying Zynn app by giving them access to your data. 

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How to earn money on Zynn app?

As you watch videos on the app you collect points. For every hour spent on the platform, you earn $1.20. 

You will also earn points for referring friends into the app. People can earn up to $10 for every 5th friend they recommend. 

To earn your money you need to create an account with Zynn. Currently, the money you earn will be paid to you in the form of gift cards like Walmart, Amazon, etc.

However, Zynn is working towards paying you in cash via PayPal. 

They have tested the Paypal payment system in May, but it had a few problems and MIGHT be resumed by the end of June.

Zynn app removing cash for digital reward (Update June 2020): 

As we update this blog, we found out that Zynn app has now changed its reward system using a digital currency known as ZynnCheers points.

Even though the pay-to-watch system is gone, using the new digital reward the app still remains popular among many users. 

Is Zynn app legit?

Many YouTubers have flogged into this app to give it a try. They have shown the points they have accumulated in the last 2 months. 

However, as for now they have been rewarded through the gift card system and not cash. 

So yes the app is a legit app but it has it’s own set of privacy issues among many other concerns. 

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Is Zynn app safe?

  • One of the main concern with this app is the user’s privacy and data
  • There is also no way to filter content on this app. Most of the videos on the app have so far been harmless. However, this is still a concern for many parents.
  • There are no parental control features except for the ability to block other users
  • Accounts are all PUBLIC. There is no way to make your child’s account private in Zynn app 
  • Be aware that since all accounts are public means that anything you upload on this app is available to view to EVERYONE using the app.
  • The ability to earn money can encourage addiction especially with children using the app

Is Zynn app banned?

Zynn, a copy-cat of TikTok has now been removed from Apple App store due to users stealing content and posting it on Zynn to earn money.

The app has not yet been reinstated in both marketplaces. 

However, people are still using this app to earn the digital rewards the app promises.

Is Zynn app safe for kids?

This app is not safe for children as there are no content filters on its platform.

The app is very addictive in nature through its reward system which can be harmful to children. 

Since all accounts are made for PUBLIC, it is not recommended for children to be on this app.

Other things to know about this app: 

  • No direct messaging ability on it’s platform
  • No location sharing
  • Currently, the content on the app is rather ‘safe’. No explicit content.

Zynn app review:

Here are a few screenshots of Zynn app in the news : 

zynn app


How to protect children on this app?

  • The app is not meant for users below the age of 13 years old
  • Talk to your child about online safety 
  • Never use their real name when signing up on apps like this.
  • Let your child know that everything is posted is going to be public FOREEVER. 
  • Remind your child that rewards from apps like this is not sustainable.
  • Ask your child to block anyway that makes them feel uncomfortable



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