Unlocking the Meaning of WTW on Snapchat

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WTW can have a few meaning on Snapchat, such as What’s the Word, or What’s the Wave. Let see what each of them mean.

Meaning of WTW on Snapchat

What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

WTW could be the short form for “What’s The Word?” When used this way, it is a casual conversation starter. In such cases, it has a similar meaning to “What’s going on?” 

Another of the meanings of WTW is “What’s The Wave?” This meaning is very similar to the first, but some nuances exist.

For one, the first is like a greeting, like a conversation starter. However, this definition is closer to “What are we going to do today?” or “What’s happening today?”. It takes some practice to determine which is which despite similar meanings, but using these terms often will make it easier. 

A less popular but still important meaning of WTW is “What in The World!” In this case, it is more of an exclamation than a greeting or a question.

Some people see this usage as the best way to avoid a curse word. This is far from the most common use of the slang term. However, it is still popular on some social networking sites like Facebook Messenger.  

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How to reply to WTW?

It has already been established that WTW can mean different things. Popular slang term websites like Urban Dictionary can confirm this. Knowing the different meanings is one thing. Knowing how to reply to them is another thing altogether. Below, we show you how you can reply to the possible meanings of WTW in different contexts. 

  • If you consider the most common definition of WTW, which is “What’s The Word”, then it is a casual gesture, and you are merely being greeted. Then in that case, saying something like “I’m cool” or “I’m chilling” is perfectly appropriate. 
  • If you take the second meaning of WTW, which is “What’s The Wave?”, someone is probably trying to start a casual conversation with you about your plans for the day. In that case, you should take a moment to think before you text back. Are you free, or do you have something coming up? Would you mind making plans, or would you be excited too?
  • The final meaning of WTW, “What in The World”, might be a little more difficult to reply. After all, unlike the more frequent definitions, this one is not a direct question. Since the person uses the acronym as an exclamation or expression of surprise, a perfectly good response could be “I Know Right!”. This shows that you share their sentiments. 

WTW meaning in text slang

Sometimes, interpreting WTW becomes a problem outside of Snapchat conversations. Perhaps the sender of WTW to you is not a Snapchat friend. As such, you may be unsure what they are trying to get across. 

Also, sometimes WTW slang can mean a different thing in a one-to-one conversation than in a group chat. Because you are proficient at interpreting Snapchat texts doesn’t mean the skill is transferrable to other social platforms. 

If this is the case, then what are you to do? Well, there are certain cues you can read to make this interpretation easier. 

  • You could try reading context cues. What is the conversation about? What words precede or follow WTW in the chat? If someone says “WTW tonight,” then you can surmise that they want to find out about your plans tonight. 
  • Another tool you could use is this: Is WTW followed by a question mark or an exclamation mark? “WTW?” is a question. In this context, WTW probably means “What’s The Wave?” or “What The Word?”. On the other hand, “WTW!” is not a question but rather a statement or exclamation. As such, you should know how to respond. 
  • Lastly, you may rely on established precedents with whomever you’re talking to. Do they typically use it in a casual way or a satirical manner? Are you having a music-related discussion, or are you talking about spending quality time together? By taking cues from the person’s actions, the WTW meaning should be easier to decode. 

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WTW meaning on TikTok

On TikTok, most of the usual definitions apply. However, there’s an extra layer that complicates things.

Because TikTok is based on trends, a new trend may apply that shares similar letters with the common acronym WTW.

For instance, depending on what’s happening, WTW could mean “Walk The Wire” on TikTok. In that case, perhaps there’s a trend that references that activity. 

What does WTW mean on Instagram?

The meaning may change when used in a caption, on the story’s feature, or as a hashtag. In that case, simple WTW interpretations would not apply.

This means you must rely on the above information or any other general information available to read context clues. 

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