Roman God Trivia Challenge: Test Your Deity Knowledge

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Do you think you are an expert in Roman mythology? Then this Roman god trivia quiz will put your knowledge to the test. Dive in to see how adept you are at separating the Greek world from the Roman world. Are you familiar with both sets of gods? Do you know what they rule over? Only one way to find out. 

Are you more interested in the goddesses? Do you know the unique powers that each Roman deity had? This Roman god trivia quiz tests it all. Below, you will find a decent assortment of quizzes that test various areas of Roman mythology. 

Roman god trivia

Fun Roman God trivia questions

Although Roman mythology is treated with seriousness by the academic field, most people who have studied it even a little bit know-how amusing it is. This Roman god trivia quiz captures that fun element perfectly. These quiz questions will improve your knowledge of the Roman gods even if you give incorrect answers at first. Good luck!

  1. The gods in Roman mythology share the same names as which objects? The stars and planets
  2. What is the main difference between the gods in Greek Mythology and the gods in Roman mythology? They have different names
  3. Of all the Roman gods, which one is referred to as a messenger? Mercury
  4. Who is the Roman goddess of sorcery? Hecate
  5. Who is the Roman goddess of love? Venus
  6. Which Roman goddess served as the queen of the gods as part of her role? Juno
  7. In Roman mythology, who is the goddess of crossroads? Hecate
  8. Which mythological character from the Roman histories is associated with Volcanoes, Metalworking, and Deserts? Vulcan
  9. Where did the Roman gods live? Mount Olympus
  10. What is the Roman equivalent of the Greek legend Artemis? Diana
  11. Which figure in Roman mythology transformed into a laurel tree to avoid the god Phoebus? Daphne
  12. What is the Greek name of the Roman mythical creature Faun? Satyr
  13. In Egyptian mythology, the god of the sun is known as Amon Ra. Who is his Roman equivalent? Sol Invictus
  14. In Norse mythology, the trickster god is known as Loki. Who would be his Roman equivalent? Mercury
  15. Did Ancient Rome influence Ancient Greece or was it the other way around? Ancient Greece influenced Ancient Rome
  16. Based on Celtic mythology, the afterlife is known as Tir na nog. What is the Roman equivalent of this? Elysium
  17. Who is the Roman god of war? Mars
  18. The drug morphine is named after what Roman deity? What does the deity rule? Morpheus, the god of sleep
  19. In Roman mythology, which creature is half man, half horse? Centaur.  
  20. In Homer’s Iliad, what city was under siege? Troy

Trivia Goddess personality

Roman goddesses were just like human women. As such, they had unique personalities similar to human personalities. This Roman god trivia quiz tests your knowledge of the personalities of the goddesses. Were they associated with darkness or light? What did they rule over? Did they have children?

  1. Which Roman goddess rules over trivia and crafts? Minerva
  2. Which Roman deity is known as the underworld goddess? Proserpina
  3. Who is the Greek equivalent of the goddess Venus? Aphrodite
  4. Who are the Roman equivalents of the Greek figures Demeter, Hestia, and Hera? Ceres, Vesta, and Juno
  5. Who is the Roman queen of ghosts? Hecate
  6. Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess of wisdom? Minerva
  7. Who is the Roman goddess of the hearth? Vesta
  8. What is the name of the ancient goddess of the hunt? Diana
  9. In Chinese mythology, the queen of the gods is known as Xiwangmu. Who is her Roman equivalent? Juno
  10. Based on Roman mythology, the hero Aeneas is the son of which goddess? Venus

Roman mythology trivia

Beyond the major gods and goddesses, there are so many other Roman legends associated with Roman mythology. This Roman God trivia quiz tests some of those less-known legends. Get to know the Roman aspects of the sun, as well as the fabled bird that carries disease away. 

  1. The Greek god of fire is known to the Romans as…? Vulcan
  2. What does the Roman name Invictus mean? Unconquerable
  3. The Greek god of win is known as Dionysius. Who is his Roman equivalent? Bacchus
  4. According to Roman myths, who were the two Roman Sun gods? Sol Indiges and Sol Invictus.
  5. Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god of the weeds? Sylvanus
  6. In classical mythology, who is the Roman god of the sea? Neptune
  7. What famous figure in Roman mythology is the son of Jupiter and is associated with feats of strength? Hercules
  8. According to Roman mythology, what fabled bird lives in the king’s house and carries sickness away? The Caladrius
  9. Who did ancient Romans pray to before every sea expedition? Neptune
  10. The name of the Celtic sky god is Taranis. Who is his Roman equivalent? Jupiter

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Roman Goddess powers trivia

Roman goddesses were not just icons. They were powerful beings in their own right. This Roman goddess quiz tests your knowledge of their powers. Why were they prayed to? What aspects of reality did they rule over? Moreover, who were their Greek counterparts? 

  1. Which Roman goddess could bewitch mortals with her extremely good looks? Venus
  2. What is the correct name of the Roman goddess who favors certain soldiers in battle? Bellona
  3. Which goddess was responsible for ushering in Autumn and was sometimes worshiped as the goddess of Autumn? Proserpina
  4. Which goddess controlled growth and fertility? The ancient Roman deity Ceres
  5. Which Roman goddess was known as the moon goddess and was associated with the phases of the moon? Diana
  6. Who is the Roman equivalent of the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn? Aurora.
  7. Which Roman goddess would young maidens pray to when they wanted good luck? Fortuna
  8. Which Roman goddess was considered the primordial goddess of the night? Nyx
  9. Who is the Roman goddess of truth? Veritas
  10. Which Roman goddess ruled over sorcery and witchcraft? Trivia

Easy Roman God trivia

Roman mythology is so ingrained into popular culture that you should be able to get some of these answers right even if you haven’t formally studied Roman mythology. If you want a Roman trivia quiz you can just have fun with, this is the best option for you. Good luck!

  1. Based on Roman mythology, who is the King of the Gods? Jupiter
  2. Who is the Roman god of the woods? Sylvanus
  3. Which Roman mythological creature is a cross between an eagle and a lion? A griffin
  4. Who is the Roman god of erotic love? Cupid
  5. Who is the Greek version of Saturn? Kronos
  6. The wife of Zeus is referred to as what in Roman mythology? Juno
  7. In the Roman underworld, the barking of dogs can be attributed to which mythological creature? Cerberus
  8. Which figure in Graeco-Roman mythology fell in love with his own reflection? Narcissus
  9. Which Roman god has heads pointing in opposite directions? Janus
  10. Who did the Roman secret society known as Mithraism worship as King of the gods? Mithra

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