Shakespeare Trivia: Unleash Your Inner Bard with These Questions

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Shakespeare is considered the greatest playwright who ever lived. And this is for a good reason. His plays are timeless and essential, and very entertaining. Do you consider yourself a Shakespeare expert? Then this Shakespeare trivia quiz is for you. 

Were you paying attention to the literature class in High School, or did you find them boring? The answer to that question should be evident by taking this ultimate Shakespeare trivia quiz. Below are William Shakespeare quizzes that will test your knowledge of Shakespeare. Go ahead and dive in.  

Shakespeare trivia

Easy Shakespeare trivia

Although Shakespeare produced a large volume of work, some of his plays are undoubtedly more popular than others. The following Shakespeare trivia quiz features questions from that set. How well do you think you will do? Take the quiz to find out. 

  1. What is the name of the Shakespeare play in which trees march? Macbeth
  2. Complete the name of the Shakespeare play. Much ado…? About Nothing
  3. What is Shakespeare’s shortest play? The Comedy of Errors
  4. Which of Shakespeare’s plays involves a pound of flesh? The Merchant of Venice
  5. Which of Shakespeare’s plays tells the story of a conspiracy to assassinate a Roman emperor? Julius Caesar
  6. Which of Shakespeare’s plays involves a character known as Puck? A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  7. According to Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, what is the food of love? Music
  8. Which character gets their eyes taken out in King Leer? Gloucester
  9. Which iconic Shakespeare character is a queen of the fairies and the wife of Oberon? Titania, from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. 
  10. What is the name of the first collection of Shakespeare plays ever published? The First Folio
  11. In which Shakespearean play do the character’s Beatrice and Benedick appear? Much Ado About Nothing

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Tricky Shakespeare trivia 

Shakespeare’s work is so accessible that even children can enjoy them. Many kids have a lot of fun reading abridged versions of his work. This Shakespeare trivia was made specifically for children. 

  1. By what name was Macbeth’s wife referred to? Lady Macbeth
  2. Which Shakespeare Play is Disney’s The Lion King inspired by? Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. 
  3. Which female character in Shakespeare’s play died for a love she couldn’t have? Juliet Capulet
  4. Which country is the title character of Hamlet the prince of? Denmark
  5. In what language were Shakespeare’s plays originally written in? The English Language
  6. Complete the Shakespeare quote: “Uneasy lies the head…” “…That wears the crown.”
  7. Which Shakespeare character said the line, “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” Juliet
  8. According to the Guinness Book of Records, which Shakespearean play contains the first recorded use of the word “assassin” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary? Macbeth.   
  9. Who is the main character of the play ‘A Merchant of Venice’? Shylock
  10. Which of Shakespeare’s characters said that life is a tale told by an idiot? Macbeth
  11. Is Romeo and Juliet a comedy or a tragedy? A tragedy

Deep Shakespeare questions

Almost everyone may know a little about Shakespeare. But only a few people know much about him. Does this sound like you? Then these deep Shakespeare trivia questions are for you. Show off your knowledge of the English bard, his life, and his plays.  

  1. Which two of Shakespeare’s plays are written entirely in verse? Richard II and King John
  2. Why is Shakespeare’s globe theater so named? It is named after the figure of Hercules
  3. What is the name of Shakespeare’s first play? King Henry VI
  4. What does the Twelfth night in Twelfth Night reference? The Twelfth night after Christmas
  5. Who are the four central characters in The Life and Death of King John? King John, Queen Eleanor, Blanche of Spain, and Prince Henry
  6. Which church in the United Kingdom is commonly referred to as Shakespeare’s Church? The Holy Trinity Church
  7. Which Italian City appears in two different Shakespearean Plays? Venice
  8. Which of Shakespeare’s relatives did he base the Fair Youth of his sonnets on? His Nephew, William Hart
  9. Complete the Shakespeare quote: “All the world’s a stage…” And all the men and women merely players
  10. Complete the famous line from Shakespeare: “Some are born great…” “…some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
  11. What does Shakespeare typically use blank verse to indicate? The high status of a character
  12. In which of his plays did Shakespeare write the quote “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned”? None. The line was written by William Congreves
  13. Which acclaimed director made a black and white film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing? Joss Whedon
  14. Who is regarded as the greatest Shakespeare scholar? Edmund Malone
  15. Which Shakespeare play is regarded as his last play? The Two Noble Kinsmen
  16. Which of Shakespeare’s comedies did he write to be performed in front of Queen Elizabeth I? Love’s Labour’s Lost
  17. Which actor directed himself into a best actor win at the Academy Awards for a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Lawrence Olivier
  18. What was the name of Shakespeare’s Wife? Anne Hathaway
  19. During which time in Shakespeare’s life is the comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona believed to have been written? Between 1589 to 1593
  20. How many Oscar nomination did Joel Coen’s 2021 adaptation of Macbeth receive? Three; Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design
  21. What happened during a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII in 1613? A canon went off by accident and destroyed the roof of the Globe Theater
  22. How did the writer of The Lord of The Rings feel about Shakespeare’s work? He disliked it
  23. According to his will, what did Shakespeare leave his wife? His second-best bed
  24. On which street was Shakespeare born? Henley Street
  25. What is Shakespeare’s mother’s name? Mary Arden

Shakespeare facts

As with every popular historical figure, especially one who lived in such ancient times as Shakespeare, there are many facts and many fictions about the English playwright. Do you think you are capable of determining which is which? Then this Shakespeare trivia is for you. 

  1. Which of Shakespeare’s Plays contains the famous quote “to be or not to be?” Hamlet
  2. What was Shakespeare’s Father’s profession? He was a glovemaker
  3. Richard III is sometimes referred to as a tragedy or a…? History
  4. Which of the infamous Shakespearean characters follows his wife’s advice to his own demise? Macbeth
  5. Based on the knowledge of Shakespeare’s person life, where was his hometown? Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England.
  6. If he did not become a playwright, what would Shakespeare’s work have entailed? Making gloves
  7. Which queen ruled England during Shakespeare’s lifetime? Queen Elizabeth I
  8. On what date was Shakespeare Baptized? April 26, 1564
  9. Who did Shakespeare write The Two Noble Kinsmen with? John Fletcher
  10. Which Shakespeare-related company is dedicated to performing his plays on tour? The Royal Shakespeare Company
  11. In what year did Shakespeare retire from public life and return to Stratford? 1611
  12. How many siblings did Shakespeare have? Five
  13. How many sonnets in total did Shakespeare write? 154 Sonnets
  14. How many children did William Shakespeare have in his life? 3 Children
  15. What caused theaters to be closed down twice during Shakespeare’s lifetime? Plagues

General Shakespeare trivia

Although he only lived about fifty years, Shakespeare’s life has many different facets. This General Shakespeare trivia tests all those interesting facts. Do you know which of his plays is said to be cursed? Or are you aware of the day he was baptized? If so, then this quiz will suit you very well. 

  1. What is Shakespeare’s longest play? Hamlet
  2. Which English playwright is said to have had a very strong influence on Shakespeare? Christopher Marlowe
  3. What is the name of the official organization in America for the advanced academic study of William Shakespeare’s plays and poems? The Shakespeare Association of America
  4. Based on information available about Shakespeare’s life, how long did he live? 52 years
  5. What two euphemisms are used to refer to Macbeth? The Scottish Play, The Bard’s Play
  6. What is the name of the actor who was Shakespeare’s close collaborator and first played the roles of Romeo, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, Richard III and Henry V? Richard Burbage
  7. Which of Shakespeare’s works has been performed the most? Macbeth
  8. Which writer attempted to reopen the second Shakespeare and company bookstore in Paris? Ernest Hemingway
  9. Which of Shakespeare’s plays was adapted into a romantic comedy movie staring Heath Ledger? Ten Things I Hate About You
  10. When is Shakespeare’s birthday typically celebrated? St. George’s Day, April 23rd

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