136 fun and unusual trivia night questions

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Did you know that the famous Hollywood Horror movie Director Alfred Hitchcock is afraid of eggs? Did you know one species of jellyfish is immortal? It can revert to its child state after having become sexually mature, and therefore never dies. Another unique animal, the Octopus, has three hearts. Did you know honeybees can flap their wings 200 times per second? Aren’t these facts amazing? Don’t they make good trivia night questions? Well, sure they do.

In this article, we are looking at how to host an online trivia night and provide you with some fun game night ideas.

Trivia night questions

How To Host an Online Trivia Night?

Trivia nights, also known as quiz nights, are fun activities to indulge in with your friends and family.

If you are planning a trivia event, you should invite as many people as you can. The more people you have in your live events, the more fun it will be.

If you are a restaurant owner, you want to print out pamphlets of the event and put them up on the tabletop stands. You can ask your wait-staff to spread the word too.

If you have regular customers visiting your bar or restaurant, you can encourage them to participate in the event with their friends. Will a simple invite suffice?

Well, some of your customers will be happy to participate without any incentives. On the other hand, you will have a customer who looks for incentives in everything they do. To attract them, you can offer free drinks in the house.

Trivia is also a great way to get family together while doing some fun-friendly competition. They can be popular, especially during family gatherings.

Using fun trivia questions, you can get all family members from the youngest to the oldest involved in the game.

Rules for a good quiz:

Every trivia night has some ground rules. If you do not have rules, you will end up hosting a disorganized party, and no one likes that.

·    The pre-determined time limit should be 1 minute and do not go below this limit. To keep the people entertained, you can play some suspense music while the participant struggles to answer the question.

·    The following guide should be on how participants can submit their answers. There are a few options. You can allow participants to use sticky notes, and participants are required to hold up the cards once they write their answers down.

·    The MC should be the judge and jury for the event.

·    Participants cannot ask their friends or bring out their phones to search on Google for the answers.

Be sure to calculate the score at the end of each round.

Trivia Night Ideas

Trivia Night Ideas

The MC in trivia plays an important role. If you can manage a good host, your trivia night will be full of fun and interactive. When picking a host, make sure they have a strong voice. It is required that the host must have a quick wit and the skill of improvising in real-time.

If you pick a nervous host, he might stumble his words, which kills the game’s overall vibe.

Now you should shift your focus on picking good questions for the trivia night. There are a lot of resources you can select the questions, and there are many quiz books published to conduct trivia nights.

Internet might be another type of resource for picking questions for your trivia night.

The next aspect of a trivia night is the prize money. You can also have other non-monetary rewards. Mugs, T-Shirts, Fountain Pens, Movie Tickets are good options for trivia night prizes. Incorporate scope for bonus points wherever possible.

Funny Trivia Night Questions and Answers

Below are some funny and easy trivia questions :

  1. Question: What is the most common color of toilet paper in France?

Answer: Pink!

2. Question: What is the cross between a donkey and a zebra known as?

Answer: Zeedonk

3. Question: If you dug a hole through the center of the Earth starting from Wellington in New Zealand, which European country would you end up in?

Answer: Spain

4. Question: What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark?

Answer: Interrobang

5. Question: Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what?

Answer: Constipation

6. Question: The average person does what thirteen times a day?

Answer: Laughs

7. Question: What were the first ice hockey pucks made out of?

Answer: Frozen cow dung

8. Question: It’s illegal in Texas to put what on your neighbor’s cow?

Answer: Grafitti

9. Question: Who entered a contest to find his look-alike and came 3rd?

Answer: Charlie Chaplin

10. Question: Which bird is nicknamed The Laughing Jackass?

Answer: Kookaburra

11. Question: In 1978, an Iowa judge dismissed a drink driving charge for what obscure reason?

Answer: Too drunk to sample

12. Question: French artist Aquabouse paints cows with what material?

Answer: Cow dung

13. Question: Native to the Caribbean, what sort of animal is the mountain chicken?

Answer: Frog

14. Question: In which country are there six villages called Silly, 12 called Billy, and two called Pratt?

Answer: France

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15. Question: What nickname was Rembrandt’s The Night Watch after being over-restored in the 1940s?

Answer: The Day Watch

16. Question: The UK’s Dyslexia Research Trust is based in which British

Answer: The Reading

17. Question: True or false: You can sneeze in your sleep.

Answer: False

18. Question: Who invented the word vomit?

Answer: William Shakespeare

19. Question: Which European country has 158 verses to its national anthem?

Answer: Greece

20. Question: Which country has the most tornadoes by area?

Answer: England

21. Question: What does “www” stand for in a website browser?

Answer: World Wide Web

22. Question: How long is an Olympic swimming pool (in meters)?

Answer: 50 meters

23. Question: Which country do the cities of Perth, Adelaide & Brisbane belong to?

Answer: Australia

24. Question: What countries made up the original Axis powers in World War II?

Answer: Germany, Italy, and Japan

25. Question: Which country do the cities of Perth, Adelaide & Brisbane belong to?

Answer: Australia

26. Question: What is “cynophobia”?

Answer: Fear of dogs

27. Question: Who named the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan

28. Question: What punctuation mark ends an imperative sentence?

Answer: A period or exclamation point

29. Question: How many languages are written from right to left?

Answer: 12

30. Question: What is the name of the man who launched eBay back in 1995?

Answer: Pierre Omidyar

31. Question: How many countries still have shilling as currency? Bonus point: Which countries?

Answer: Four, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia

General Knowledge Trivia Night Questions

General Knowledge Trivia Night Questions

In the below list, you will see general trivia questions, sports trivia questions, random trivia questions, music trivia questions, and history trivia questions.

32. Question: What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?

Answer: Samsung

33. Question: Which monarch officially made Valentine’s Day a holiday in 1537?

Answer: Henry VIII

34. Question: Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?

Answer: Horse

35. Question: The first dictionary was written by?

Answer: Robert Cawdrey

36. Question: Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize (in 1903)?

Answer: Marie Curie

37. Questions: Worship of Krishna is observed by which Religious Faith?

Answer: Hinduism

38. Question: Demolition of the Berlin wall separating East and West Germany began in what year?

Answer: 1989

39. Question: Who was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Answer: Amelia Earhart

40. Question: What is the romanized Arabic word for “moon”?

Answer: Qamar

41. Question: What is the common name for dried plums?

Answer: Prunes

42. Question: What is the rarest M&M color?

Answer: Brown

43. Question: Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?

Answer: Switzerland

44. Question: What was the first soft drink in space?

Answer: Coca Cola

45. Question: What is the name of Indian food cooked over charcoal in a clay oven?

Answer: Tandoori

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46. Question: What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?

Answer: Tea

47. Question: Which country invented ice cream?

Answer: China

48. Question: From which country does Gouda cheese originate?

Answer: Netherlands

49. Question: What TV series showed the first interracial kiss on American network television?

Answer: Star Trek

50. Question: What was the first toy to be advertised on television?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

51. Question: What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?

Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

52. Question: Who created Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

53. Question: What were the four main characters’ names in the “Golden Girls” TV series that ran from 1985-1992?

Answer: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia

54. Question: What awards has an EGOT winner won?

Answer: An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony

55. Question: Which member of the Beatles married Yoko Ono?

Answer: John Lennon

56. Question: The biggest selling music single of all time is?

Answer: Candle in the Wind (1997)

Unusual Trivia Questions

Asking unusual questions is a fun way to get all participants involved especially when hosting online trivia games. We all know it can be difficult for everyone to focus during a virtual trivia night. But the questions below will capture everyone’s attention.

57. Question: Which two countries have not missed one of the modern-day Olympics?

Answer: Greece and Australia

58. Question: Which is the only American Football team to go a whole season undefeated, including the Super Bowl?

Answer: The Miami Dolphins(1972)

59. Question: Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams?

Answer: Serena Williams

60. Question: What sport is known as the “king of sports”?

Answer: Soccer

61. Question: Which country won the first-ever soccer World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay

62. Question: Which Former NBA Player nicknamed “Agent Zero”?

Answer: Gilbert Arenas

63. Question: What is the name of the professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Canada?

Answer: Toronto Maple Leafs

64. Question: Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect ten score?

Answer: Nadia Comaneci

65. Question: Who was the first female driver to score points in a Grand Prix?

Answer: Lella Lombardi (1975 Spanish Grand Prix)

66. Question: Dump, floater, and wipe are terms used in which team sport?

Answer: Volleyball

So far, we have looked at challenging trivia questions, geography trivia questions, hard trivia questions, popular trivia questions, and many more complex questions.

Trivia Night Questions for Kids

The list below contains some fun quiz questions for kids.

67. Question: On the farm, what is a kid?

Answer: A baby goat

68. Question: In little red riding hood, who does the wolf dress up as?

Answer: Grandmother

69. Question: “Stars and Stripes” is the nickname of the flag of which country?

Answer: United States of America

70. Question: Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

Answer: St. Patrick

71. Question: How many colors are there in the rainbow?

Answer: Seven

72. Question: What color is a ruby?

Answer: Red

73. Question: In the poem Humpty Dumpty, where was Humpty when he fell?

Answer: The wall

74. Question: Who was the first president of the United States?

Answer: George Washington

75. Question: What were Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch?

Answer: A pale of water

76. Question: What country is responsible for creating the Olympic Games?

Answer: Greece

Popular Trivia Night Questions

Now it is time for us to look at some popular trivia night questions.

77. Question: What country touches the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: India

78. Question: The ancient Phoenician city of Constantine is located in what modern-day Arab country?

Answer: Algeria

79. Question: Which country borders 14 nations and crosses eight time zones?

Answer: Russia

80. Question: Havana is the capital of what country?

Answer: Cuba

81. Question: What country has the most natural lakes?

Answer: Canada

82. Question: Riyadh is the capital of this Middle-Eastern country.

Answer: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

83. Question: Which Central American country has a name that translates to English as “The Saviour”?

Answer: El Salvador

84. Question: In what country would you find Lake Bled?

Answer: Slovenia

85. Questions: What is the loudest animal on Earth?

Answer: Sperm Whale

86. Questions: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: 3

87. Questions: The unicorn is the national animal of which country?

Answer: Scotland

88. Questions: What are the folds of skin on a cat’s ears called?

Answer: “Henry’s pockets” or marginal cutaneous pouches

89. Questions: A group of ravens is known as?

Answer: Unkindness

90. Questions: How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: 8

91. Questions: How long do elephant pregnancies last?

Answer: 22 months

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92. Questions: What mammals lay eggs?

Answer: Spiny anteater and the duck-billed platypus

93. Questions: What type of animal is a Flemish giant?

Answer: Rabbit

94. Questions: The name of which African animal means “river horse”?

Answer: Hippopotamus

95. Question: A human’s thumb is as long as their nose.

Answer: True.

96. Question: A sneeze occurs at about 100 miles an hour.

Answer: True.

97. Question: What is the capital of the United Kingdom?

Answer: London.

98. Question: What is the population of the United Kingdom?

Answer: 65,105,246 people.

99. Question: In Game of Thrones, which name is given to the bastards of The Reach?

Answer: Flowers

100. Question: In Game of Thrones, At Hoster Tully’s funeral, who shot the burning arrow that hit its mark?

Answer: Brynden Tully

101. Question: In Game of Thrones, who said the following line, “I always hated crossbows. Take too long to load!”

Answer: Yoren

102. Question: How many fingertips did Stannis Baratheon chop off of Davos’ hand(s)?

Answer: Four

103. Question: Who is the king of Westeros when the series begins?

Answer: Robert Baratheon

Challenging Trivia Quiz:

Challenging trivia night questions is a great way to test participants on their general knowledge. Use the tough questions below and see how many correct answers the participants get.

105. Question: In what type of matter are atoms most tightly packed?

Answer: Solids

106. Question: What is the hottest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Venus, with a temperature of 460 °C

107. Question: What is the opposite of matter?

Answer: Antimatter

108. Question: Which of Newton’s Laws states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?

Answer: The third law of motion

109. Question: In 2004, what was discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia?

Answer: Remains of a hobbit-sized human

110. Question: What is the nearest planet to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

111. Question: What color is your blood when it’s inside your body?

Answer: Red, the blood contains hemoglobin, which is a red protein.

112. Question: Is Pluto a planet?

Answer: Not anymore; it is a dwarf planet.

113. Question: How many teeth does an adult human have?

Answer: 32

114. Question: What tissues connect the muscles to the bones?

Answer: Tendons

115. Question: How many legs do the Legs of Man have? Answer: Three.

116. Question: How many tails does a Manx cat have?

Answer: None.

117. Question: How many teeth does an aardvark have?

Answer: None.

118. Question: Which sea creature has three hearts?

Answer: Octopus.

119. Question: Which instrument has forty-seven strings and seven pedals?

Answer: Harp.

120. Question: Whose face was said to have launched 1,000 ships?

Answer: Helen of Troy.

121. Question: In the traditional rhyme, how many mice were blind?

Answer: Three.

122. Question: How many bones does an adult human have?

Answer: Two hundred and six.

123. Question: How many pedals do most modern pianos have?

Answer: Three.

124. Question: When did Julius Caesar die?

Answer: He was murdered by some nobles on March 15th, 44 BCE.

125. Question: What percentage of the human body is water?

Answer: 66%.

126. Question: Water boils at 212 degrees on which temperature scale?

Answer: Fahrenheit.

127. Question: Who went to school with a lamb?

Answer: Mary.

128. Question: Who sat in a corner eating a Christmas pie?

Answer: Little Jack Horner.

129. Question: Where did the lady wearing rings on her fingers and bells on her toes ride to?

Answer: Banbury Cross.

130. Question: Which item of nursery furniture was set on top of a tree?

Answer: Cradle.

131. Question: When did Julius Caesar bear?

Answer: July 12/13, 100? BCE

132. Question: Name the once-popular boy’s building game aimed at developing an understanding of mechanics and electronics.

Answer: Mechano

133. Question: Name the doll which was famous for crying.

Response: Tiny Tears.

134. Question: Which furry creatures lived on Wimbledon Common?

Answer: Wombles.

135. Question: If you rode a Chopper, what was this?

Answer: Bicycle.

136. Question: What was soaked in vinegar then hung on a string?

Answer: Conker.


In the above article, you have the best trivia about sports, entertainment, geography, and many others. We hope now you know everything about hosting a successful trivia night.

You can also check out the trivia murder party app when hosting an online trivia night. 

Good Luck with your trivia tight. Do leave a comment below if you have any further queries.

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