50+ Fun St Patrick’s day trivia questions with answers

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Every year on March 17, people of Irish ancestry living in Ireland, the United States, and other territories like to gather in bars wearing the color green to participate in fun activities. They would drink pints of Guinness, go to the pub, and enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day Trivia.   

Saint Patrick’s Day, an important day in Irish history, is a public holiday that has spread beyond Irish culture. It observes the death of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. 

But why is this day so important around the world? These trivia questions, often used in St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, reveal the answer.   

St Patrick's day trivia

Easy St Patrick’s day trivia questions

  1. What object associated with St Patrick’s Day is said to bring on good luck? The Four-Leaf Clover 
  2. According to Irish Trivia, what is hidden at the rainbow’s end? A pot of gold
  3. Where was the first St Patrick’s day parade held? New York City
  4. What did St Patrick use the three-leaf clover to explain? The holy trinity
  5. What is the National Currency of Ireland? The Irish Pound
  6. According to Irish Legends, what do Leprechauns carry in their pouches? A silver shilling and a gold coin
  7. According to the holiday’s history, how did St Patrick’s Day start? The church established a feat day honoring St Patrick.
  8. Where did the Irish Pirates send St Patrick to after capturing him? Ireland
  9. According to the history of St Patrick, what creature is he credited with haven driven out of Ireland? Snakes
  10. Why was the name “Patrick” given to St Patrick? He was considered a father figure to the people of Ireland.
  11. What are the odds of finding a four-leaf clover? One in ten thousand
  12. How do leprechauns earn their gold? Making and mending shoes
  13. Each shamrock leaf represents faith, hope, love, and what? Luck
  14. What is the best time to sneak up on a Leprechaun? When he’s busy working on shoes
  15. Which country was St Patrick born in? Britain
  16. Lucky the Leprechaun is the mascot of which NBA team? The Boston Celtics
  17. How many leaves are on a shamrock? Three
  18. Where is the famous St Patrick’s cathedral located? New York City
  19. What did St Patrick’s walking stick magically turn into? A tree
  20. Which US President is of Irish descent? John F. Kennedy

St Patrick’s day trivia questions for seniors

  1. Which traditional Irish Dancer is credited with having revived the art form and introduced it to a broader audience? Michael Flatley
  2. What does the circle at the very center of the Celtic cross signify? Infinite Love/The Sun
  3. What does the Irish flag symbolize? Peace
  4. What Lucky St Patrick’s Day tale was written by Eve Bunting? Green Shamrocks
  5. What is the largest county in Ireland? Country Cork
  6. What is the most common surname among Irish People? Murphy
  7. For which group of people did St Patrick’s Day become a strictly holy day? Roman Catholics
  8. What river, known as the dark pool, flows near the original St Patrick’s church? River Poddle
  9. Based on a brief history of the Irish, when did the first people settle in the Irish Isles? Around 6000BC
  10. What color was initially associated with St Patrick’s? Blue
  11. How long does the St Patrick festival in Dublin last? 4 days.
  12. What major catholic holiday coincided with St Patrick’s day? Lent
  13. What is the national instrument of Ireland? The Irish Harp
St Patrick's day trivia

Hard St Patrick’s day trivia questions

  1. What Irish actor starred in the David Lean film “Lawrence of Arabia”? David O’Toole
  2. What is St Patrick’s real name? Maewyn Succat
  3. When was the first time that the St Patrick’s Day Parade was Held? March 17, 1762
  4. Where is Ireland first referred to as the Emerald Isle? In a poem written by William Drennan
  5. Which iconic structure is said to imbue an individual with the gift of the gab when kissed? The Blarney Stone
  6. What is a popular Irish Gaelic phrase used to express loyalty to the country? Erin go bragh 
  7. What poet from Northern Ireland received the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature? Seamus Heaney
  8. What is the second largest country in Ireland? County Galway
  9. At what young age did Irish Raiders capture the real St Patrick? 16 years old
  10. According to Irish lore, the god Lugh gave birth to which Irish hero? Cu Chulainn 
  11. What year did St Patrick’s Day change from a catholic holiday to a general Irish holiday? 1903
  12. What food is typically eaten in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day? Corned Beef and Cabbage
  13. On St Patrick’s Day, how many pints of Guinness are sold around the world? 13 million 
  14. What seeds are planted in the US on St Patrick’s Day? Pea Seeds
  15. Which South American country hosts the largest St Patrick’s Day Parade? Brazil

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St Patrick’s day fact or fiction

  1. St Patrick’s Day existed in the 17th Century .Fiction
  2. Recently, the Chicago River has dyed green every St. Patrick’s Day? Fact
  3. Irish green beer is naturally colored. Fiction
  4. The Irish flag initially contains gold, not yellow. Fiction 
  5. St Patrick’s Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. Fact
  6. Many Britons fled to Ireland after the establishment of Roman Briton. Fact
  7. Many territories host virtual St Patrick’s Day parades each year. Fact 
  8. St Patrick was not a Christian missionary. Fiction
  9. St Patrick’s day celebrations are an excellent way for Irish people to get kissed. Fact
  10. Red wine is the best option for a St Patrick’s Day drink. Fiction
  11. Wearing green on St Patrick’s Day protects you from leprechauns. Fact
  12. The pope canonized St Patrick. Fiction

Irish Trivia

  1. What is the capital city of Ireland? Dublin
  2. What symbol is traditionally associated with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland? The shamrock
  3. Which famous ship was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland? The RMS Titanic
  4. What is the name of Ireland’s national holiday that is celebrated on March 17th? St. Patrick’s Day
  5. What is the name of the famous rocky landscape located in County Clare, known for its unique geological formation? The Burren
  6. Which Irish band, formed in Dublin in 1976, is known for songs like “With or Without You” and “Beautiful Day”? U2
  7. What is the highest peak in Ireland? Carrauntoohil
  8. Which river, the longest in Ireland, runs through the city of Limerick? The River Shannon
  9. In which sport would you compete for the Sam Maguire Cup? Gaelic football
  10. What is the name of the ancient Celtic festival that Halloween originates from? Samhain
  11. Which famous Irish author wrote “Ulysses”? James Joyce
  12. What are the three colors of the Irish flag? Green, white, and orange
  13. Ireland is divided into how many counties? 32
  14. What is the traditional Irish language called? Gaelic or Irish Gaelic
  15. Which legendary creature is said to guard a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow according to Irish folklore? The leprechaun

St Patrick’s day trivia games are some of the best St Patrick’s Day activities. These quizzes allow you to have a good time learning a brief history of the Irish holiday through fun facts and other holiday trivia. 

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