50 Fun Questions For Kids To Get Them To List Their Emotions

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We have compiled a list of 50 fun questions for kids to get to them to talk about their feelings. But before that let’s go through what happens in a kid’s mind from toddler to the preteen years.

When your kid was a toddler you would sometime secretly wish he would stop asking you questions. But as they grow up they go through a list of emotions.

That talkative toddler may now seem a little quieter and share less with you. Sometimes you ever wonder what your kids are thinking.

It can get even more frustrating when all their answer is just rounded to “good” when you ask them about their day.

The problem lies not in the lack of interest your child has with sharing with you. But it is about the questions being asked.

Asking the right questions is the most important parenting tool. If we spend some time asking questions rather than telling our kids off we can learn so much about them.

However, saying that some kids can find it hard to express their feelings in words even with the right questions.

Helping them draw out their day, or pick from a list of words or be prompted by the right questions can open up a whole new discussion.

You can check out The Happy Printable Journal made especially for kids to help them express their feelings.

Now here is a list of fun questions for kids to help them express their emotions

I have categorized them so you can ask a different set of questions for different occasions.

  1. Questions to ask about school
  2. Questions to ask after a play date
  3. Questions to ask before giving your child screen time at home
  4. Questions to ask before giving your child a smartphone
  5. Questions to get to know your kids better

Fun questions for kids about school

  1. 3 things you love about your day
  2. The funniest thing that happened today
  3. Who were you kind to today?
  4. Who was kind to you today?
  5. Did anything upset you?
  6. What new fact did you learn today?
  7. The one thing that made you feel like a genius today?
  8. The subject that was boring to you today?
  9. Did anything challenge you today?
  10. If you can be a teacher, how would you run your class?
  11. Did anyone break any rules in class today?
  12. How did you feel about that?
  13. Is there anyone you are not friends with in class?
  14. Which subject was the hardest for you?
  15. Which subject did you enjoy the most?
  16. What would you like to change about your school?
  17. Do you ever feel left out?
  18. Any kids using smartphones in class?
  19. Did anyone show you anything that upset you using their phone?
  20. Did anyone got bullied today?
  21. What is the most popular thing to do during lunch break?
  22. Who is the best teacher?
  23. How would you rate your day using a scale from 1 to 10?

You can use the printables below to help your child deal with any anxiety they may be facing in their daily life or at school. 

Fun questions for kids after a play date

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