250 Easy Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

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Trivia questions and answers are an excellent way to challenge your general knowledge and bring fun into various social settings. Here are some fun and easy trivia questions and answers for kids and adults.

You can use the trivia questions and answers below to immediately start playing with your family.

There are even some super easy trivia questions for very young children in this blog.

Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

  1. What is the capital of France? – Paris
  2. What element is represented by the chemical symbol ‘Na’? – Sodium
  3. Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”? – William Shakespeare
  4. What is the smallest planet in the solar system? – Mercury
  5. Who was the first President of the United States? – George Washington
  6. What is the largest mammal? – Blue Whale
  7. What’s the square root of 121? – 11
  8. In which year did World War II end? – 1945
  9. What is the boiling point of water in degrees Celsius? – 100°C
  10. Who painted the Mona Lisa? – Leonardo da Vinci
  11. How many continents are there? – 7
  12. What is the currency of Japan? – Yen
  13. Who is known as the Father of Physics? – Isaac Newton
  14. What is the largest planet in the solar system? – Jupiter
  15. What is the powerhouse of the cell? – Mitochondria
  16. Who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”? – Harper Lee
  17. What is the main ingredient in traditional Japanese sushi? – Vinegared Rice
  18. How many elements are there in the Periodic Table? – 118 (as of my last update in 2021)
  19. What is the chemical formula for water? – H2O
  20. What is the longest river in the world? – The Nile

Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. What is the tallest mountain in the world before breakfast? – Mount Everest
  2. How many months have 28 days? – All of them
  3. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? – The letter M
  4. What has keys but can’t open locks? – A piano
  5. What has a heart that doesn’t beat? – An artichoke
  6. What has one eye but can’t see? – A needle
  7. What comes down but never goes up? – Rain
  8. What has an endless supply of letters but starts empty? – A post office
  9. What word is spelled incorrectly in every dictionary? – Incorrectly
  10. What belongs to you but other people use it more than you do? – Your name
  11. What gets wetter as it dries? – A towel
  12. What has to be broken before you can use it? – An egg
  13. What has a neck but no head? – A bottle
  14. What begins and has no end? – Time
  15. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? – Short
  16. What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? – A stamp
  17. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? – The egg (according to evolutionary biology)
  18. What has many keys but can’t open a single lock? – A computer keyboard
  19. What can you hold without ever touching it? – A conversation
  20. What has cities but no houses, rivers but no water, and forests but no trees? – A map

Music Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Who is known as the King of Pop? – Michael Jackson
  2. What is Elvis Presley’s middle name? – Aaron
  3. Which Beatles album was released in 1967? – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  4. What is the name of Beyoncé’s debut album? – Dangerously in Love
  5. What instrument did Ludwig van Beethoven play? – Piano
  6. What is the national anthem of the United States? – The Star-Spangled Banner
  7. Who composed the Four Seasons? – Antonio Vivaldi
  8. What genre is Bob Marley associated with? – Reggae
  9. Who sang “Like a Virgin”? – Madonna
  10. What year did Michael Jackson release “Thriller”? – 1982
  11. Who is the lead singer of U2? – Bono
  12. Which rapper starred in the movie “8 Mile”? – Eminem
  13. What was the name of Taylor Swift’s first album? – Taylor Swift
  14. Who sang “I Will Always Love You” first? – Dolly Parton
  15. What does DJ stand for? – Disc Jockey
  16. Which country is ABBA from? – Sweden
  17. How many strings does a standard guitar have? – 6
  18. Who composed the music for “West Side Story”? – Leonard Bernstein
  19. What is Rihanna’s real name? – Robyn Rihanna Fenty
  20. Which rock band was formed in Sydney in 1973? – AC/DC

Football Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Which country won the first World Cup? – Uruguay
  2. How many players are there in a standard football (soccer) team? – 11
  3. Who holds the record for most goals in World Cup history? – Miroslav Klose
  4. What is the nickname of Manchester United? – The Red Devils
  5. Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls? – New England Patriots (as of my last update in 2021)
  6. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2018? – France
  7. Which country has won the most World Cups in football (soccer)? – Brazil
  8. What is the diameter of a standard football (soccer) goal? – 7.32 meters
  9. Who holds the record for the most touchdowns in NFL history? – Jerry Rice (as of my last update in 2021)
  10. What do you call it when a player scores three goals in one game? – Hat-trick
  11. Which English club has won the most Premier League titles? – Manchester United (as of my last update in 2021)
  12. What is the duration of a standard football (soccer) match? – 90 minutes
  13. Who is known as the “Hand of God” in football? – Diego Maradona
  14. What is the highest-scoring Super Bowl to date? – Super Bowl XXIX (as of my last update in 2021)
  15. What do the initials “FIFA” stand for? – Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  16. What is the oldest football (soccer) club in the world? – Sheffield F.C.
  17. Who has the most Premier League goals? – Alan Shearer (as of my last update in 2021)
  18. Who is the most expensive football player? – Neymar (as of my last update in 2021)
  19. Which country has the most Olympic gold medals in football? – Hungary
  20. Who won the first Super Bowl? – Green Bay Packers

Trivia Questions and Answers for 12-Year-Olds

  1. What is the largest planet in our solar system? – Jupiter
  2. Who wrote “Harry Potter”? – J.K. Rowling
  3. What is the capital of Australia? – Canberra
  4. What gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere? – Carbon Dioxide
  5. What is the square root of 144? – 12
  6. Who is the main character in “The Hunger Games”? – Katniss Everdeen
  7. What is the smallest prime number? – 2
  8. What is the chemical symbol for gold? – Au
  9. What is the national bird of the United States? – Bald Eagle
  10. What is the freezing point of water in degrees Celsius? – 0°C
  11. Who invented the telephone? – Alexander Graham Bell
  12. How many bones are in the human body? – 206
  13. What is the currency of China? – Yuan
  14. What is the main ingredient in chocolate? – Cocoa
  15. What is the fifth planet from the sun? – Jupiter
  16. What is the most widely spoken language in Brazil? – Portuguese
  17. What is the largest ocean? – Pacific Ocean
  18. What is the tallest mountain in the world? – Mount Everest
  19. Who was the first man on the moon? – Neil Armstrong
  20. What are the primary colors? – Red, Yellow, Blue

Easy Trivia Questions And Answers for adults:

  1. In what year was the first Wimbledon game held? 1877
  2.  What is the chemical symbol for Mercury? HG
  3.  Microsoft owns which email service? Hotmail
  4.  Which country produces the most amount of coffee? Brazil
  5.  What is the capital city of Spain? Madrid.
  6.  What colors are the Indonesian flag? Red and White
  7.  Where is the highest waterfall in the world located? Venezuela 
  8. What is the first zodiac sign of the year? Capricorn
  9.  Who discovered penicillin? Fleming
  10.  What are the three primary colors? red, yellow and blue
  11.  Where was tea invented? China
  12.  Which color starts first in chess? White
  13.  What is the name of Britney Spears’s first song? baby one more time
  14. What is the name of the virus that kept everyone indoors in 2020? Coronavirus
  15.  What do you call a group of a lion? Prides
  16.  Where is Kodiak Island located? the US
  17.  What is the most expensive home in the world? Buckingham Palace
  18.  How long does it take for an egg to boil? 7 minutes
  19.  What is the nationality of Marco Polo? Venetian
  20.  Who got a Nobel Prize in physics in 1921?  Albert Einstein
  21.  What is the world’s largest ocean?
  22. In the story Peter Pan who swallowed an alarm clock? the crocodile
  23.  Where is the family home located? Vermont
  24.  What is the largest city in Switzerland? Zurich
  25.  What is the hardest rock? Diamond
  26.  How many bones are there in a shark? None
  27.  In which continent is Prague located? Europe
  28. How many hearts does an octopus have? 3 
  29. What is the largest planet in the solar system? Jupiter
  30.  Which planet has the most gravity? Jupiter
  31.  What is the body’s largest organ? the skin
  32.  Which mammal doesn’t have vocal cords? Giraffe
  33.  What is the national dish of Spain? Paella
  34.  Which horoscope sign has a crab? Cancer
  35.  When did the Cold War end? 1989
  36.  Which company owns Porsche? Volkswagen
  37.  Google Chrome Safari and Firefox are different types of? Browser
  38.  How many children does Oprah Winfrey have? 0
  39.  How many weeks are there in a year? 52
  40.  Who was the main actor in the movie The Matrix? Keanu Reeves
  41.  When did South Park first aired? 1997
  42.  What is the largest bone in the human body? Femur
  43.  How many national parks are there in the US? 58
  44.  What is the symbol of potassium? K
  45.  What is the largest desert in the world? Sahara Desert
  46.  Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon 
  47. When was Shakespeare born? April 1564
  48.  What is the largest river in the world? Amazon
  49.  What is the first letter on a keyboard? Q
  50.  Which flower bulbs were exchanged as a form of currency? Tulips
  51.  Who is the most famous painter in Spain? Picasso
  52.  In which year was Walt Disney born? 1901
  53.  Who was known as the voice of God in Hollywood? Morgan Freeman
  54.  Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles? Serena
  55.  What is the other name for the red planet? Mars 
  56. Which country won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930? Uruguay
  57.  Which famous Grand Prix driver has held the most number of winning records? Michael Schumacher
  58.  Which boxer was known as the People’s champion? Muhammad Ali
  59.  When was the first iPhone released? 2007
  60.  What is often seen as the smallest unit of memory? Kilobyte
  61.  Who is known as the father of the computer? Charles Babbage
  62.  What does HTTP stand for? hypertext transfer protocol
  63.  Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? Marie Curie
  64. What is the most widely spoken language in Brazil? Portuguese
  65.  What does a meteorology study? the weather
  66.  Which is the hottest planet in the solar system? Venus
  67.  Where can you find pearls? in the sea on Oysters
  68.  Who made the first car in the world? Karl Benz
  69.  What animal is on on the logo of Porsche? Horse
  70.  What does B&W stand for? Bavarian Motor Works
  71.  What is another name for dried plums? Prunes
  72.  What do you call deer meat? Venison
  73.  What is hummus made of? Chickpeas
  74.  What is the famous alcohol known to be made in Russia? Vodka
  75.  Which country is known to have invented hot dogs? Germany
  76. Pizza is known to come from which country? Italy
  77. Which human organ has 14 chambers? the heart
  78.  What percentage of our body is made of water? 60%
  79.  How many times does the heartbeat per day? more than 100000
  80.  What is the smallest country in the world? Vatican
  81.  Which two countries share the longest border? Canada and the United States
  82.  What is the largest state in America? Alaska
  83.  What is the capital city of New Zealand? Wellington
  84.  Which is the largest continent in the world? Asia
  85.  What is the seven wonders of the world that is located in Egypt? the pyramids
  86.  Where is the Taj Mahal located? Agra
  87.  What do Canadians celebrate on 1st July? Canada Day
  88.  When is Labour Day celebrated in America? September
  89.  What is another name for Thanksgiving Day? turkey day
  90.  Oktoberfest is usually celebrated with what drink? Beer
  91.  When is the Queen’s actual birthday? second Saturday in June
  92.  When is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday 2nd October
  93.  When is Chinese New Year celebrated? 25th January
  94.  Justin Timberlake used to be a part of which music group? NSYNC
  95. Beyonce’s married to which famous singer? Jay-Z
  96.  How many grammy’s does John Legend have? 10
  97.  What is the famous song sang by Daddy Yankee? Despacito
  98.  Who is the most famous female American fashion icon in the 60s? Jacqueline Kennedy
  99.  Who invented LBD? Coco Chanel
  100. How many tongues does a slug have?4
  101.  What is a group of lions called? Pride
  102.  How fast can a roadrunner run? 20 mph
  103.  Where did the Olympic Games originate? Greece
  104.  Which was the first country to use paper money? China
  105.  Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare
  106.  Who sings the song shiny from Moana? Ramatoa
  107.  Who was the first Disney Princess? Snow white
  108. What is the name of Mulan’s dragon? Mushu
  109.  How old was Harry Potter when he got his lightning bolt scar? 15 months old
  110.  How many legs does a spider have?8 
  111.  What is the name of the pirate in Peter and Pen? Captain Hook
  112.  How many rings are there in the Olympic Games symbol? 5
  113.  Who stole Christmas according to the Book Dr. Seuss? the Grinch
  114.  In which continent is Egypt located? Africa
  115.  What is a T-Rex? Dinosaur
  116.  In which cartoon is Eeyore found? Winnie the Pooh
  117.  How many grams are there in a kilogram? 1000
  118.  the town bedrock is from which cartoon? Flinstones
  119. How many holes are there in a round of golf? 18
  120.  from which country are kangaroos? Australia 
  121. What is Charlie’s surname in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Bucket

Easy trivia questions and answersEasy Trivia Questions and answers for kids:

Here are some easy trivia questions and answers for slightly older children. They are not too difficult and would keep children involved in the game.

  1. What colour is ruby? Red
  2.  What do you hit a nail with? Hammer
  3.  Which character has a nose that grow longer every time he lies? Pinocchio
  4.  What happens when you put water in the freezer? It becomes ice
  5.  What did Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch? A pale of water
  6.  What is the house called where the president of the United States live? White House
  7.  How many planets are there in the solar system?8
  8.  Where does kiwi fruit come from? Australia
  9.  Who is the main character in the movie frozen? princess Elsa
  10.  Which animal does Santa ride when giving presents on Christmas Day? Reindeer
  11.  Where does Santa Claus live? North Pole
  12.  What type of fish is Nemo? Clownfish
  13.  How many months are there in a year? 12
  14.  What is the famous activity done on Halloween day? trick or treating
  15.  What is a doe? a female deer
  16.  What color cat is considered bad luck? Black
  17. How many days are there in a year? 365
  18.  How does Aladdin travel? on a magic carpet
  19.  Which famous waterfall crosses America & Canada? Niagara Falls
  20.  What is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe
  21.  What do you call a scientist that studies all about rocks? Geologist
  22.  What do pandas eat? bamboo 
  23. Which famous place is known as the happiest place in the world? Disneyland
  24.  How many continents are there in the world? 7
  25.  What is the closest star to Earth? Sun
  26. What famous gadget did Alexander Graham Bell created? the telephone
  27.  In which city is the Statue of Liberty located? New York
  28.  Where did the Statue of Liberty came from originally? France
  29.  Where can you find the famous Mona Lisa painting? at the Louvre Museum
  30.  Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
  31.  Which famous ocean liner sank that a movie was made out of it ? Titanic
  32.  Which country is Justin Bieber from? Canada
  33.  What is the name of the famous clock in London city? Big Ben
  34.  Which famous cartoon character had a dog called Pluto? Mickey Mouse
  35.  Who is the famous princess in the movie Shrek? Princess Fiona
  36.  What is the largest continent in the world? Asia
  37.  What is the tallest mountain in the world? Mount Everest
  38. Name two mammals that cannot jump? elephant and hippopotamus

    Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

  39.  What do bees make that is really sweet? Honey
  40.  What are the two most common colours phone on a ladybug? red and black
  41.  How many legs do lobsters have? 10
  42.  Which group of animals is known as a tower? Giraffe
  43.  The worker bees tend to be male or female? Female
  44.  What is the name of the first animal that went to space? Laika
  45.  What was the first animal that went to space? a dog
  46.  What do you call a group of stars that makes up an imaginary picture? Constellation
  47.  In what sport can you get a hole in one? Golf
  48.  What is the food that is most ordered by Americans? Chicken
  49.  Captain Hook had his hook on which hand? left hand
  50.  Tinkerbell is a fairy from which cartoon? Peter Pan
  51. What is the longest river in the world? River Nile
  52.  What are the color of the stars in the American flag? White
  53.  Which animal has black and white stripes? Zebra
  54. What is the language spoken in United Kingdom? English 
  55.  In which city was the Titanic launched? Belfast
  56.  What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet? Alpha
  57. What is the name for birds that fly to warmer climates during winter months? Migration

Super easy trivia questions for younger children:

The trivia questions and answers here are for very young children. They are very simple and easy to get them involved in the activity and learn some new facts in the process of it.

  1. What is the opposite of expensive? Cheap
  2.  What is the opposite of big? Small
  3.  Where do you go if you want to see animals?zoo
  4. How many teeth does a grown adult have? 32
  5.  How many fingers does a human have? 10 
  6. What is the typical color of a school bus? Yellow
  7.  how many toes does a human have? 10
  8.  How many hours are there in a day? 24
  9.  How many days are there in a week?7
  10.  How many months are there in a year? 12
  11.  How many days are there in a year? 365
  12.  What do you call a baby goat? A kid
  13. How many sides does a pentagon have? 5
  14.  How many sides are there in a triangle? 3
  15.  How many sides are there in a square? 4
  16.  How many zeros are there in 100?2
  17.  How many zeros are there in 1000?3
  18.  How many zeros are there in 10000?4
  19.  How many zeros are there in 100000?5
  20.  What comes after a billion?  A million

Click here for more Trivia questions for kids : 

Other fun general knowledge trivia questions : 

  1. Who is the current president of the United States he is the 45th president to serve the country? Donald Trump
  2.  Where can you find giant panda? in China
  3.  What are the beautiful colours that comes up after rain storm? Rainbow
  4. Where is the White House located? Washington DC
  5.  How many planets are there in the solar system? 8
  6.  Where is Eiffel Tower located?Paris
  7.  Who was the first African American president in the United States? Barack Obama
  8.  What is another name for independence day? 4th of July holiday
  9.  In which continent is Italy in? Europe
  10.  What is the biggest farm animal? the cow
  11.  What did Thomas Edison invented? light bulb
  12.  In the movie The Flintstones, what is the name of the famous pet dinosaur? Dino
  13.  What is the shape of the stop sign? Octagon
  14.  Besides Portuguese what other language is spoken in South America? Spanish
  15.  Where can you find the Golden Gate Bridge? San Francisco
  16.  What is the biggest bone in the human body? Thighbone
  17.  What is the smallest continent in the world? Australia
  18.  What is the name of the first James Bond movie? Dr No
  19.  What is the fastest muscle in the human body? the eye
  20.  What is the capital city of Canada? Ottawa
  21.  What is the capital of of of Singapore? Singapore
  22.  What is the national sport of Canada? ice hockey
  23.  What is the largest Egyptian pyramid called? the Great Pyramid of Giza
  24. Who is the Noble prize named after? Alfred Nobel 
  25. What is the most popular sport played in Indonesia? badminton

More animal trivia questions:

  1. How many wings do bees have?2
  2. What is a baby kangaroo called? Joey
  3.  What is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe
  4.  What is the slowest animal in the world? Sloth
  5.  For how many years can a snail sleep? 3 years
  6.  Which animal never sleeps? Bullfrog
  7.  What do you call a baby fox? Kit
  8.  Which animal has the longest lifespan? Arctic whale
  9.  Where can the Komodo Island be found? Indonesia
  10. What kind of animals is the komodo dragon? Lizard
  11.  Can an ostrich fly? No
  12. Which bird is a symbol of peace? Dove
  13.  What do you call a group of wolves together? A pack of wolves 
  14. How many eyes does a spider have?  8
  15.  Where is the heart of the shrimp located? in its head
  16.  In which direction do bats fly out of the cave? they turn left
  17.  What is the color of the polar bear’s skin under their white fur? Black
  18.  Do fish have spines? Yes
  19.  Which animal is known to be man’s best friend? Dog
  20.  What is another name for a group of fish? school of fish
  21.  What is the color of Flamingo when it is born? Grey
  22.  What is Kakatua? Parrot
  23.  What do snakes use to smell? the tongue
  24.  What is the color of the reindeer’s eyes during winter months? blue 
  25. What is the color of reindeer eyes during summer months? Gold
  26.  Which is the only bird that can fly backward? Hummingbirds
  27.  Which animal sheds its skin a few times a year? snake

We hope you have enjoyed the easy trivia questions and answers. If you have more questions to be added just comment below.

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