50+ Romantic & Creative Valentines Writing Ideas

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Key Takeways

5 best Valentine’s day writing prompts:

1. A child finds a heart-shaped balloon with a message attached. Who sent it and why?
2. Imagine you got the world’s biggest box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. What would you do with it?
3. Describe what your perfect Valentine’s Day card would look like. What colors would it have? What would you write inside?
4. Some people don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Write a story about a character who starts an Anti-Valentine’s Day club. What do they do instead of traditional celebrations?
5. Imagine planning the perfect Valentine’s Day dance at your school. What would happen? Who would be there? Describe the events of the evening.

February is often regarded as the month of love, largely due to Valentine’s Day falling on the 14th. This celebration is commonly linked with romantic gestures and heartfelt love letters. However, it’s important to remember that love extends beyond just romantic relationships; it encompasses the affection we share with friends and family as well. Therefore, the Valentine’s writing ideas presented here are designed to embrace all forms of love.

These ideas aim to spark creativity in learners at various educational stages. No matter if your child are in middle school or high school, you’ll discover Valentine’s Day writing prompts that are just right for them.

These prompts are thoughtfully tailored to appeal to a wide age range. Older children will find some particularly engaging, while others are more suited to younger students. Enjoy crafting your own unique stories using these diverse and inclusive Valentine’s writing ideas.

Valentine’s day writing prompts for kids

  1. The Secret Admirer: Write a story about a character who receives anonymous Valentine’s Day cards and tries to discover who is sending them.
  2. A Valentine’s Day in Space: Imagine celebrating Valentine’s Day on a space station. What would be different?
  3. The Magic of Friendship: Write about a Valentine’s Day party where a magical event brings everyone closer together.
  4. The Valentine’s Day Pet: Create a story about a child who gets a special pet as a Valentine’s gift, and their adventures together.
  5. The Lost Valentine: A character finds an old Valentine’s card in a book. Who wrote it and who was it for?
  6. Valentine’s Day at the Zoo: Describe a Valentine’s Day celebration where the animals at the zoo send each other messages.
  7. The Heart-Shaped Island: Write a tale about discovering a mysterious island shaped like a heart.
  8. A Time-Traveling Valentine: A child receives a Valentine’s Day card that sends them back in time. Where do they go and what happens?
  9. The Chocolate Mystery: In a town where Valentine’s Day chocolates are famous, something goes wrong. Can the children solve the mystery?
  10. A Valentine’s Day Poem: Write a poem about what love and friendship mean to you.
  11. The Valentine’s Garden: A story about a garden where only heart-shaped fruits and flowers grow.
  12. The Friendship Bracelet: Write about a friendship bracelet that has special powers on Valentine’s Day.
  13. The Valentine’s Day Parade: Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day parade. What floats and characters would be in it?
  14. A Day as Cupid: Imagine spending a day as Cupid. What would you do?
  15. The Valentine’s Day Experiment: A science-loving kid creates a love potion for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t work as expected.
  16. The Heart-Shaped Balloon: A child finds a heart-shaped balloon with a message attached. Who sent it and why?
  17. A Valentine’s Day Mystery Play: Write a script for a play where the characters solve a Valentine’s mystery.
  18. The Love Letter Contest: The school is holding a contest for the best love letter. What does your character write?
  19. Valentine’s Day on a Pirate Ship: Tell a story about pirates celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own unique way.
  20. The Valentine’s Wish: A child makes a special wish on Valentine’s Day. What is it, and does it come true?

Valentine’s day journal prompts

  1. Gratitude for Loved Ones: Write about someone you love and why they are important to you.
  2. Favorite Valentine’s Day Memory: Describe your most memorable Valentine’s Day.
  3. Acts of Kindness: List three acts of kindness you can do for others on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Love in Nature: Write about how love is represented in the natural world.
  5. Poetry of Love: Try to write a short poem about what love means to you.
  6. A Letter to Yourself: Write a love letter to yourself, highlighting your positive qualities.
  7. Dream Date: Describe your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date.
  8. The Color of Love: What color do you associate with love and why?
  9. Fictional Love Story: Create a brief love story set in your favorite book or movie universe.
  10. Valentine’s Day Traditions: Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? If not, what tradition would you like to start?
  11. The Meaning of Love: What does love mean to you? Has your understanding of love changed over time?
  12. Favorite Love Song: Write about your favorite love song and what emotions it evokes in you.
  13. Love Across the World: Research and journal about Valentine’s Day traditions in another country.
  14. The Love of Friendship: Write about a friend you love and what makes that friendship special.
  15. Valentine’s Day Gifts: If you could give any gift to anyone on Valentine’s Day, what would it be and to whom?
  16. Self-Care and Love: List some self-care activities you can do to show love to yourself.
  17. The Language of Love: If love had its own language, what words would be in it?
  18. Love in the Future: Imagine how Valentine’s Day might be celebrated 100 years from now.
  19. An Inspiring Couple: Write about a couple you know or have heard of that inspires you.
  20. A Day of Love: If you could design a whole day dedicated to expressing and celebrating love, what would it look like?

Valentine’s day writing prompts elementary

  1. The Best Valentine’s Day Ever: Write a story about your perfect Valentine’s Day. What would you do, who would you spend it with, and what special things would happen?
  2. Valentine’s Day at the Animal Shelter: Imagine you are helping out at an animal shelter on Valentine’s Day. Write about your day with the animals and how you show them love.
  3. A Valentine’s Day Card Adventure: Your handmade Valentine’s Day card comes to life! What adventures does it have before it reaches its recipient?
  4. The Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Mystery: There’s a bake sale at school for Valentine’s Day, but someone has taken the special heart-shaped cookies. Write a story about how you solve the mystery.
  5. My Favorite Valentine’s Day Memory: Reflect on your favorite Valentine’s Day memory. What made it so special?
  6. A Valentine’s Day Poem for My Family: Write a poem expressing your love and gratitude for your family.
  7. The Day I Met a Cupid: Imagine meeting Cupid on Valentine’s Day. What questions would you ask? Write about your conversation and the adventures you have together.
  8. The Magic Valentine’s Box: You find a mysterious box labeled “Valentine’s Magic.” Write about what’s inside and how it changes your day.
  9. A Valentine’s Day Gift for the Planet: Think about a Valentine’s Day gift that everyone in the world can enjoy. What is it, and why did you choose it?
  10. Creating the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Card: Describe how you would make the ultimate Valentine’s Day card. What materials would you use, and what would the card say?

Valentine’s day writing prompts middle school

  1. The Unusual Valentine: Write a story about a character who receives a Valentine’s Day gift that is very unusual. What is it, and how does it affect their day?
  2. Rewriting a Classic Love Story: Choose a classic love story or fairy tale and rewrite it with a modern twist for Valentine’s Day.
  3. A Valentine’s Day Poem: Write a poem that explores different aspects of love – not just romantic love, but also friendship, family, or self-love.
  4. The Secret Admirer Mystery: Create a story where the main character has a secret admirer. How do they find out who it is? Is it who they expected?
  5. The Valentine’s Day Dance: Imagine planning the perfect Valentine’s Day dance at your school. What would happen? Who would be there? Describe the events of the evening.
  6. The History of Valentine’s Day: Research and write a short essay on the history of Valentine’s Day. How did it start, and how is it different today?
  7. A Valentine’s Day in a Different Culture: Write about how Valentine’s Day might be celebrated in a culture different from your own.
  8. Valentine’s Day from a Pet’s Perspective: Write a story from the perspective of a pet observing Valentine’s Day activities in their household.
  9. The Anti-Valentine’s Day: Some people don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Write a story about a character who starts an Anti-Valentine’s Day club. What do they do instead of traditional celebrations?
  10. A Futuristic Valentine’s Day: Imagine how Valentine’s Day would be celebrated in the future. What new traditions or technologies might be involved?

Valentine’s day writing prompts 1st grade

  1. My Special Valentine: Draw and write about who you would choose as your special Valentine and why.
  2. The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card: Describe what your perfect Valentine’s Day card would look like. What colors would it have? What would you write inside?
  3. A Day with a Heart-Shaped Friend: Imagine you have a friend who is shaped like a heart. Write about the fun adventures you would have together on Valentine’s Day.
  4. The Valentine’s Day Party at School: Write about how you would like your classroom’s Valentine’s Day party to be. What games would you play? What snacks would you eat?
  5. If I Met Cupid: What would you do if you met Cupid? Write a story about your day with Cupid.
  6. The Biggest Valentine’s Day Chocolate: Imagine you got the world’s biggest box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. What would you do with it?
  7. A Valentine for My Pet: If you could give your pet (or a dream pet) a Valentine’s Day gift, what would it be?
  8. My Family on Valentine’s Day: Write about how you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. What special things do you do together?
  9. The Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt: Imagine your teacher sets up a treasure hunt for Valentine’s Day. Write about what you find at the end of the hunt.
  10. Love is…: Finish the sentence “Love is…” with your own ideas. What does love mean to you?

Valentine’s day card writing

  1. For a Friend: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for always being there to share laughs and good times. Your friendship means the world to me.”
  2. For Parents: “Dear Mom and Dad, your love has always been my guiding light. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day as warm and wonderful as the love you’ve given me.”
  3. For a Teacher: “Happy Valentine’s Day to a fantastic teacher! Your guidance and support light up our classroom. Thank you for everything you do.”
  4. For a Sibling: “To my awesome brother/sister on Valentine’s Day – thanks for being my forever friend and the best sibling anyone could ask for. Love you lots!”
  5. For Grandparents: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the best grandparents! Your stories, hugs, and cookies make my world a sweeter place. Sending you all my love today.”
  6. For a Child: “To the sweetest Valentine – you make every day brighter and filled with love. I’m so proud of you and love you to the moon and back!”
  7. For a Significant Other: “On this Valentine’s Day, I just want to say how much you mean to me. Your love is my greatest treasure. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”
  8. For a Best Friend: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend! Here’s to all our adventures and the many more to come. You’re the best part of every day!”
  9. For a Pet: “To my furry Valentine, thanks for being the most loyal and loving companion. Your cuddles make every day special. Here’s to more treats and belly rubs!”
  10. General Valentine’s Wish: “Wishing you a day filled with happiness and love. Happy Valentine’s Day! May your day be as wonderful and special as you are.”

Valentine’s day writing prompts high school

  1. A Valentine’s Day Debate: Write a persuasive essay on whether Valentine’s Day should be celebrated in schools. Present both sides of the argument.
  2. The Valentine’s Day Conspiracy: Create a story about a group of high school friends who discover a Valentine’s Day mystery or conspiracy and decide to investigate it.
  3. Valentine’s Day in a Dystopian World: Imagine a world where Valentine’s Day is banned. Write a story about teenagers who decide to celebrate it secretly.
  4. A Historical Valentine: Research and write a historical fiction story set during Valentine’s Day in a specific era of your choice.
  5. Modern Love Letters: Write a series of text messages or emails between two characters that tell a romantic story leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  6. The Anti-Valentine’s Day Blog: Your character starts an anti-Valentine’s Day blog. What do they write about? How does it impact their school and personal life?
  7. The Valentine’s Day Experiment: Write a story about a social experiment conducted by a student on Valentine’s Day, observing and documenting the behaviors and traditions of their peers.
  8. The Mythology of Love: Explore various myths about love and Valentine’s Day from different cultures and write a modern story inspired by one of these myths.
  9. Valentine’s Day from a New Perspective: Write a story from the perspective of someone who has never experienced Valentine’s Day before (e.g., a foreign exchange student, a character from a different time period, an alien).
  10. The Valentine’s Day Film: Write a script for a short film set on Valentine’s Day, focusing on themes of love, friendship, and the challenges of high school relationships.

Creative Valentines writing ideas

  • Can animals also feel love? Why or why not? Explain your reason.
  • Write a short story about Valentine’s day adventure you would have if you spent a day with cupid. What secrets would you share with them? What would you want them to tell you?  
  • How would you spend the day if you could become your favorite cartoon character on Valentine’s Day? Describe the adventures you would do.
  • Make a list of Valentine’s day gifts you would give your friends and family members and the reasons behind the gifts.
  • “With you my best friend, I have everything I need. I don’t even need a valentine.” Write a brief letter to your best friend appreciating them and tell them why they are better than a Valentine’s date.
  • “This valentine’s day card is my token of appreciaton from me to you for being such a good friend.” What other lovely notes would you write on the card before giving it to your friend?
  • Write an acrostic poem that contains these words: Valentine, Hearts, Love, and Friend.
  • Create a list of ways to make a friend feel your love for them.

Romantic Valentines writing ideas

  • Write about a person you feel attracted to. What are some special things about them?
  • I’m tired of being a secret admirer. Every time I see you, I feel____. Vividly describe what you have been feeling.
  • Write about something special you would go to lengths to give your crush when they date you.
  • Write about who you think the cupid’s arrow hit you on Valentine’s day.
  • You’re tasked with hosting Valentine’s day party at your school. What activities would take place? What makes it worth the time?
  • What is your favorite Valentine’s day memory? Describe it.
  • What would it be like if you could organize a party with a valentine’s day theme at your home? Describe what would be expected for it to be a success.
  • What kinds of personality traits make you feel endeared to someone? List at least five traits.
  • Write a love letter to your Valentine’s date. Let it have a sweet message that will make them feel happy and loved.
  • The doorbell rings, and when you open it, you find your crush standing there with a wrapped gift and a Valentine’s card. Describe how the day goes.
  • Describe different ways you could love using your five senses (Sight, smell, taste, feel, hear).
  • What would be the setting, and what would you serve if given a chance to organize a romantic dinner?
  • Do you have a fantasy destination, either real or fictitious, that you think is romantic? Describe what makes it charming.
  • Can you buy love? Should people use money when trying to win affection? Why do you think it’s right or wrong?
Romantic Valentines writing ideas

Valentines day writing prompts for kindergarten 

You can nurture the writing skills of young writers with helpful prompts that guide their writing activities. Help them come up with cute stories using these Valentines writing ideas. 

  • What do you know about Valentine’s day? Is it a special day for you? Why or why not?
  • Write five sentences about love.
  • Write about three people who mean a lot to you.
  • I like gifts because____
  • What is the best Valentine gift you would give to your best friend?
  • What can you do to make others feel special and loved?
  • How do you feel when someone buys you a present?
  • Write something nice about five students in your class.
  • What are the best gifs you would give your friends on Valentine’s day?
  • Write three extraordinary things about you that you would like others to know.
  • What would happen if more people showed love in the world?
  • I love to show love to others because____
  • The five best gifts I would wish for are____
  • Write a list of 5 things you love and why you would love it if someone gifted them to you.
  • What is love? Make a list of 5 things that define love.
  • A Valentine’s card can be a great way to show someone you care about them. Write three short messages you would write on your Valentine’s day greeting cards.
  • What are the different ways you could show your friends or family members that you love and care about them?
  • Write your family members’ names and something special you would do to show them how you love them.
  • Make a small list of little love messages you would give some of your classmates to make them feel appreciated on Valentine’s day.

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Valentines story ideas

The following set of Valentines writing ideas will help you get your creative juices flowing and come up with creative stories: 

  • You find a cute love letter on your desk signed by an anonymous secret admirer. Write a story about what will happen.
  • Imagine you are creating a newspaper article titled, “Is Valentine still a thing?”
  • Which fictional character would you love to go out with? Dedicate Valentine’s letter to them.
  • Write a love story between your favorite superheroes. How would they meet? Why would they be madly in love with each other?
  • Write a story in which you are the main character in the craziest Valentine’s day story.
  • Give at least two reasons why you think love is the most important thing that could heal the world.
  • Think of a fun valentine’s day activity you would attend if you had any resources needed. Describe the activities you would partake in that would make it worthwhile.
  • What would it be like if you could recreate a romantic scene from your favorite book in a way bound to make the story more interesting? Write a short story.  
  • The history of Valentine is, ironically, a tragic story. Write a story about why you think Valentine’s day became a day associated with love and romance.

Whether you are looking for sentence-writing practice for your younger students or to better the essay-writing skills of the older ones, these Valentines writing ideas are a perfect way to engage them. You can also buy a package of pre-cut paper hearts and teach them to write cute Valentines day messages for their loved ones. 

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