133 Fun trivia questions for kids with answers

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Trivia questions for kids can be absolutely fun. They are not just for adults. When asked the right questions, kids can have a good time together while learning something new.

Trivia questions for kids can also be used during family gatherings.

We have compiled a list of trivia questions for kids into 6 different categories:

  • Nature & Science
  • Maths
  • Around the world
  • Animals
  • Disney & Cartoon
  • Other trivia questions

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Nature & science trivia questions for kids :

  • Name all the solar system: Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus, Venus
  • Do you know what is the biggest ocean on Earth? Pacific
  • How many colors are there in a rainbow? 7 ((Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)
  • What is the name of the person that travels to space? Astronaut
  • What do botanists study? Plants
  • What is the hardest natural substance? Diamond
  • What color is sapphire ?  Blue
  • What color is the emerald stone? Green
  • What is the biggest star called? The Sun
  • What kind of grass provides the staple diet of a panda? Bamboo
  • Which organ pumps blood to the body? The heart
  • Name the 2 longest rivers in the world: Amazon & River Nile
  • Name the line that runs through the middle of the earth? Equator
  • What do doctors use to hear the heartbeat? Stethoscope
  • What do doctors use to check for fever? Thermometer
  • Is the sun a planet or a star? Star
  • What is the center of a hurricane called? The eye
  • Which planet has a ring looking rocks and ice? Saturn
  • . When you mix red and blue paint together, what colour does it make? Purple

Maths Questions For Kids :

  • How many zeros are there in the number one hundred? Two
  • How many sides are there in a hexagon? 6
  • How many sides does an octagon have? 8
  • What instrument is used to measure angles in geometry? Protractor
  • What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet? Alpha
  • How many milligrams in a gram? 1000

Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

Questions about the world :

  • Where is the Pyramid located? Egypt
  • Where is the Statue of Liberty located ? New York
  • Which country created the Olympics? Greece
  • What is the capital city of France? Paris
  • How long is the Great Wall Of China?
  • What is the main language in Brazil? Portuguese
  • Where is the Great Barrier Reef Located? Australia
  • What is the largest continent in the world ? Asia
  • Where is the Taj Mahal Located? India
  • What 2 colours are on the Canadian flag? Red & White
  • Which Australian instrument comes back after being thrown away? Boomerang
  • What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
  • What is the capital of New Zealand? Wellington
  • What is the tallest mountain in the world? Mt Everest
  • How many continents are there? 7
  • How many colors are there in the flag of Italy? 3 ( green, white, red)
  • Where is the Komodo dragon island located? Indonesia
  • On which continent is south pole located? Antarctica
  • How many stars on the Australian flag? 6

Animal Trivia questions for kids :

  • What do caterpillars turn into? Butterflies
  • How many legs does a spider have? 8
  • What is the largest cat in the world? The tiger
  • What do you call a baby dog? Puppy
  • How many bones are there in a shark ? None
  • What is a black mamba? Snake
  • Where do kangaroos originate from? Australia
  • How many hours a day do Koalas sleep? 18 – 22 hours
  • What is a baby sheep called? Lamb
  • What do you call a baby kangaroo? Joey
  • What is the largest mammal in the world? A whale
  • What is a barracuda? A fish
  • What is the fastest land animal in the world? Cheetah
  • What type of whales are renowned for their singing? Humpbacks
  • Bees create what sweet substance? Honey
  • Which bird has the largest wing span? Albatross
  • What bird is the symbol of peace? Dove
  • What do you call animals that eat only plants? Herbivore
  • What do you call a female swan? Pen
  • Which is the largest land animal? Elephant
  • What animal is the komodo? Lizard
  • What do tadpoles turn into ? Frog
  • In what substance do mosquitoes lay their eggs? Water
  • Can ostrich fly? No
  • Name the tallest animal: Giraffe
  • What do you call a baby seal? Pup
  • What is the longest snake in the world? Python
  • What is a labrador? A dog
  • What do you call a baby horse? Foal

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Disney & Cartoon Questions For Kids:

  • The name of Anna’s sister in Frozen? Elsa
  • Does Mickey Mouse have a girlfriend? What is her name? Minnie
  • Who is Peppa’s little brother called? George
  • How many Pups are there in Paw Petrol ? 6 pups
  • Name Harry Potter’s Mom and Dad: James & Lilly
  • Name the seven dwarves in Snow White : Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, and Bashful
  • Which character slept for 100 years? The sleeping beauty
  • What is Mickey Mouse’s dog called? Pluto
  • What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Tinkerbell
  • What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? Hedwig
  • Which superhero can climb up walls and buildings? Spiderman
  • What could make Harry Potter invisible? The Invisibility Cloak
  • Who is Peter Pan’s main enemy? Captain Hook
  • What is the name of Shrek’s wife? Fiona
  • What’s the name of the town where The Flintstones live? Bedrock
  • What is Harry Potter’s middle name? James
  • Who stole Christmas in a Dr. Seuss story? The Grinch
  • The name of the Snowman in the film “Frozen: Olaf
  • In what movie does the character Timon play? The Lion King
  • Which cartoon character flies on a carpet? Aladin
  • In the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, what ran away with the spoon? The dish
  • Who lost her sheep in a nursery rhyme? Little Bo Peep
  • Who saved all the animals at Lion King? Simba
  • In the movie Ice Age, the character Manny is what type of animal? A mammoth
  • What type of animal is the popular TV character, Angelina Ballerina? A mouse

Other Questions :

The trivia questions for kids below are more suitable for primary school students. They are fun and easy.

  • How many weeks are there in a month? 4 weeks
  • How many days are there in a year? 365 days
  • How many kilometers do people run in a full marathon? 42km
  • How many months are there in a year? 12 months
  • What season follows Autumn? Winter
  • How many seasons are there in a year ? 4
  • Which month has only 28 days? February
  • A “747” is a type of what? Plane
  • The first man who walked in the moon? Neil Armstrong
  • When did the 2nd world war end? 1945
  • Every how many years is the world cup played? 4 years
  • Which sports is Ryder cup known for? Golf
  • Which sports is the world cup known for? Football
  • When is Valentine’s day celebrated? 14 February
  • How many months in a year has only 30 days ? 4 months (April, June, Sept & Nov)
  • How many players on a netball team? 7
  • What 3 sports are involved in a Triathlon? Swimming, Cycling & Running
  • Is tomato is a vegetable? No, it is a fruit
  • How many years in a decade? 10 years
  • How many hours are there in a day? 24 hours
  • What do you say when you are having a break in school? Recess
  • Who was the first American president? George Washington
  • What was celebrated for the second time in British history by the Queen in 2012? Diamond Jubilee
  • What is the 10th letter of the alphabet? J
  • What are the 2 months of the year that start with the letter “A”? April & August
  • Which building did Guy Fawkes try to blow up? The house of parliament
  • How many years are there in a millenium ? 1000
  • Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
  • The highest pitch in singing is called? Soprano
  • How many points does a sycamore leaf have? Five
  • The Olympics are held every ___ years ? 4 years
  • Is Australia  a continent? Yes
  • How many rings are there in the Olympics logo? 5
  • The number 40-40 in a tennis game is called? Deuce
  • When is Christmas day celebrated? 25 December

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