10 Free Easter Printables For Kids

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We need printables, now more than ever! Here are some free Easter printables to make Easter weekend fun and entertaining for kids to enjoy at home.

There’s a lot of Easter printables for kids. But I thought of incorporating some stay-at-home slogan to remind children that this time can be a moment of reflection and gratitude.

I also understand that staying at home means a lot of printing activities for children. Hence I tried my best to keep the colors basic to save some printing cost.

Oh yes, I also included a cutting activity, card making idea and some Easter scramble words to make the printables more engaging and fun

You can download all the Easter Printables at the bottom of the page! 

Let’s all stay busy with these awesome 11 Easter Printables!

1. Color the Bunny Easter Printable

This page is suitable for younger children who are just learning to grip the color pencils

2. Color the egg Easter Printable

3. Happy Easter Coloring & Stay At Home


4. Easter Printable Scramble Words

5. More fun Easter Bunny Coloring

6. Color the Easter Basket

7.  Easter Cutting Activity

8. Easter Religious Coloring


9. Easter Gratitude Card


10. More Free Easter Coloring Printables



Happy Easter Everyone! You can download all the Easter Printables Coloring here 


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