Meditation for kids : Techniques, Apps & Guide

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Meditation for kids can be super fun when done correctly. Meditation can help children reflect on their day and helps them calm down after a long day.

There are different techniques you can use to teach your child to meditate. 

In this blog post, we will go through the following : 

  • Why kids need to meditate
  • How to get kids to meditate
  • Meditation Apps for kids

Now let’s go through each of them and make meditation for kids to be super fun. 

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The importance of meditation for kids:

In this crazy high-tech world, kids can get over-stimulated.

Never-ending classes, schedules, and activities keep them on their toes. On top of that devices and gadgets are handed to them to keep them occupied.

They seem to have less time to feel bored or do nothing. When they are in school they are then expected to focus and perform well.

With all that information loaded on our kids, we need to give them the tool to be able to stay calm and cope with everything.

Mindfulness, meditation for kids, and journaling are great ways to stay focused and calm.

It helps children be present in the moment.

The big importance of meditation for kids is that it gives them time chance to reflect on their day and practice gratitude.


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What age should a child start meditating?

You can start as early as possible. My toddler is 2 years old and I have already started meditating with her. 

When starting at a young age, don’t expect your child to sit and meditate for 15 minutes. In fact, make it short and fun. 

I ask my toddler to do a few deep breaths in the morning and evening before bedtime. And this is enough to calm her down. 

As she grows up the plan is to keep expanding the meditation practice.

How to get your child to start meditating?

  1. Start meditating yourself

The best way to get kids to meditate is when you start doing it. 

If you have younger children they will be curious about what you are doing.

It may surprise you but they may sit next to you and imitate your breathing techniques.

My almost 2-year-old daughter just sits next to me when am meditating. She clearly doesn’t know what am doing.

But over time we can have more discussion around meditation and she can hopefully develop an interest in this.

You can check out a book called  “Peaceful Piggy” which gives good illustrations and practical examples on how to meditate with your children.

2. Meditation & relax music for kids

If you Youtube “Kids Meditation Music” you will find plenty of options. My favorite is the secret tree house mediation channel on Youtube.

It is a 15 minute short audio guided meditation which is easy to follow.

Don’t expect your kid to sit and focus for 15 minutes. It is hard for many adults to do this. Start with just a minute or two and keep extending it as you go along.

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3. Explain to your child why they need to meditate

Not many kids like to just sit still and focus on breathing. Hence, they need to be explained about meditation.

You can use a bottle and fill it with a lot of things like sand, water, pebbles, etc. Place the bottle next to your child and tell them that the mind is filled with so many things like the bottle.

Each pebble or thing in the bottle represents a thought, it can be happy, sad, anger etc. Shake the bottle and explain that those thoughts keep swirling in our head.

Put the jar down and let the pebbles settle.

Show them that one of the ways the mind can keep calm is when it is quiet.

Meditation for kids is about taking a moment to be silent and let all the “crazy” thoughts go away.

4. Encourage kids to talk about their emotions

Sometimes children can find it hard to find the right words to express their feelings. Having a daily journal is a great way to understand what they are thinking.

Check out the Happy Printable Journals that have different sections on emotions such as gratitude, worry, anxiety, happiness, mindfulness and many more.

Use the journal as a way to discuss your child’s feelings and emotions. Also, a great way to create a growth mindset in your child.

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5. Make meditation for kids fun

Create an atmosphere that is calming and nice for your kids. For instance, have nice background music, pillows, and soft dim light.

Make this moment to be special for you and your child.

Keep your phone and all devices away. The few minutes that you meditate with your child should be an uninterrupted session.

Use this time to connect with your kids. After the meditation session, have a discussion on their feelings and ask them about how they are doing in general.

This can be a very intimate moment for your family. A great way to build trust and bond with your child.

6. Set a timer

It’s always good to set a timer so there is a clear goal. Depending on the age of your child set realistic time expectations.

Start small, for example, 3 minutes to begin with. Over time increase the time as your child enjoys meditation. Do not force them to meditate longer than they can.

Keep in mind that this exercise is meant to be fun not something done out of force.


Meditation Apps for kids:

Here are some guided app meditation for kids. 

1.Headspace meditation for kids

This is a popular app in the mindfulness and meditation space. Headspace has a dedicated section for kids as well. 

They include breathing exercises and visualization. There are different categories from focus, sleep, calm and wake up. 

It is suitable for children age 3 onwards

Price: $12.99 per month

2. Stop, Breathe & think

This meditation for kids app is designed specifically with children in mind. It focuses on peaceful sleep and emotion processing techniques. 

Using this meditation app for a kid your child will learn about breathing techniques and mindfulness. They get stickers for completing each stage of the categories. 

Price : Free

3. Thrive Global

This is produced by Amazon Echo. All your child need to say is “Alexa, open Thrive” 

Alexa will open meditation and he can start his breathing exercises. 

If your child is having trouble sleeping at night that you can tell Alexa to “Power Down”.

You can download Thrive for free but you will need an Echo to use this app.

4. Smiling Mind

This app is developed by psychologists, that focuses on mindfulness for kids. There are also plenty of breathing exercises on this app.

This app is popular in schools as well for group exercises and mindfulness training in the classroom.

Price : Free

5. Sleep Meditation

This is the perfect app for those who need help with the bedtime routine. There are different bedtime stories included with a guided meditation to promote relaxation before bedtime. 

Price : You can download this app for free


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