50+ 8th-grade writing prompts : Creative & Persuasive

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We all know that students start to mature and see things from a different perspective in their teenage years, which begins with their eighth grade. They get creative and imaginative. They present their own opinions and argue about things. We have compiled a list of creative 8th-grade writing prompts to spark their imagination.

Giving 8th-grade children fun writing prompts is essential because it will help them improve their writing skills.

If students fail to acquire good writing skills, they cannot correctly satisfy the reader, resulting in poor grades. Thus, more effort should be put into students’ writing skills by giving them a variety of topics to write on. Here are some 8th-grade writing prompts that will surely help 8th graders

● Creative writing prompts for 8th grade

● Argumentative writing prompts 8th grade

● Descriptive writing prompts for 8th grade

● Persuasive writing prompts for 8th grade

● Journal writing prompts for 8th grade

● Opinion writing prompts for 8th grade

Creative 8th-grade writing prompts

The eighth-grade teacher must consider creative writing prompts to boost students’ imaginative power and creativity. We are here with some creative writing prompts as follows.

⮚ Write a short story about a princess who fled her palace to live in a forest.

⮚ What would be if you were given the authority to change three things about your city?

⮚ Write about going to your dream place and why you think it is the best place.

⮚ Write a short passage on what you aim to achieve in your future.

⮚ What would it be if you had a chance to change the dress code of eighth graders?

⮚ If you had an opportunity to move to the most beautiful place in the world, but the area had no internet facility, what would you choose to do and why?

⮚ Who would you choose if you could have a trip with any superhero?

⮚ If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

⮚ What would life be like if there were no mobile phones?

⮚ If you could change three things about your life, what would be them?

⮚ If you had a time machine, which era would you choose?

⮚ Write a story on “How a fairy and a witch became friends?”

⮚ How would you live if you were a lion with a clever mind?

⮚ If you were the prime minister of your country for three days, what would you do?

⮚ How would you like your dream bedroom to be?

8th-grade writing prompts

Argumentative 8th-grade writing prompts

Argumentative writing prompts significantly improve students’ writing skills because students get in-depth knowledge about the things they argue by collecting evidence and proper reasoning about the topics. Presenting some argumentative 8th-grade writing prompts below

⮚ Are mobile phones bad for teenagers?

⮚ Should bullying someone on social media be banned?

⮚ Should the current educational system be changed or not?

⮚ Does playing video games distract the students?

⮚ Many people prefer living alone while some prefer to live in a joint family system. What do you think is better?

⮚ Why is your favorite movie better than any other movie?

⮚ Are online classes better or physical classes?

⮚ Is bookish knowledge sufficient to learn or practical work?

⮚ Are abandoned houses haunted, or is it just a myth?

⮚ Are men and women treated equally in your region?

⮚ Are electric vehicles eco-friendly, or is it just a scam?

⮚ Is technology a blessing or a bane?

⮚ Are people of the age group 65-80 more depressed than the young generation?

⮚ Which activities are the best, indoor activities or outdoor activities?

⮚ Do affiliate links pay you, or is it just a fraud?

Descriptive 8th-grade writing prompts

Descriptive writing helps students to enhance their power to describe something. Without descriptive writing skills, students can only become reluctant writers, facing issues every time they write something. Example of the descriptive writing prompts for 8th grade are as follows.

⮚ Describe the good qualities of your best friend

⮚ Describe the personality of a family member who inspires you the most

⮚ Describe how it feels when you are ill.

⮚ How did you spend your last night? Could you describe it?

⮚ Describe the qualities of good friends.

⮚ Describe the best way to get good grades in exams.

⮚ Describe the feeling when you find your favorite thing lost long ago.

⮚ Describe the view from the terrace of your home.

⮚ Describe how it feels when you are alone at your home.

⮚ Describe something you love about your favorite food.

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⮚ Describe the current climate condition of your region.

⮚ Describe the sportsmanship attitude

⮚ Describe the appearance of your pet

⮚ How do you spend your summer vacation? Describe it.

⮚ Describe your favorite season using random words from your collection of vocabulary.

Persuasive prompts for 8th grade.

Persuasive writing is an excellent skill because students learn to convince the reader. Here are some persuasive writing prompts for 8th grade.

⮚ Social media is not a bad thing

⮚ The burden of homework makes the students run away from study

⮚ Aliens do not exist

⮚ Mobile phones must not be allowed in classrooms

⮚ Pets should not be allowed in public transport

⮚ Junk food items must be banned in the canteen of schools

⮚ Dogs are better pets than cats

⮚ Village life is healthier than city life

⮚ Daily exercise improves mental health

⮚ The wooden floor can easily be cleaned as compared to the marble floor

⮚ Eating a lot of bakery items a day can cause skin acne.

⮚ Descriptive writing is more effective than narrative writing.

⮚ If you don’t work hard during adulthood, you’ll spend the rest of your life in a miserable condition.

⮚ Knowing about the central idea of a story is more important than cramming the whole story.

⮚ Students should meet the school counselors in case of any issues.

⮚ Daily Journal writing improves writing skills.

Journal prompts for 8th grade.

Journal writing prompts are the most exciting prompts that help students to share their experiences and explain the situation. Have a look at some thought-provoking journal prompts for 8th grade.

⮚ Write an article about your favorite memory of childhood.

⮚ Share your experience on the first day at school.

⮚ What was your saddest moment?

⮚ Write about a horrible incident that happened to you and your friends

⮚ Write about a typical day in the life of a student in 8th grade

⮚ Write a passage on how did you manage to make a sad person happy?

⮚ How did you rag the juniors on their first day at school?

⮚ Write about the most terrible dream you ever had.

⮚ Write about your biggest fear.

⮚ Write about the most important lessons you would like to give all middle school students.

⮚ Share your thoughts about the last movie you watched.

⮚ Write a note expressing your feelings about someone you always wanted to tell but never get the chance to express.

⮚ Write different questions which you want to ask directly from your favorite celebrity.

⮚ Write about California’s state standards.

8th-grade writing prompts

Opinion writing prompts for 8th grade.

Opinion writing is a great way to polish the writing skills of students. Here are some opinion writing prompts for 8th-grade students.

⮚ What do you say about “love at first sight.”

⮚ Is social media harming relationships?

⮚ According to you, what is the definition of success?

⮚ How can we control the increasing rate of inflation in our country? What steps should be taken?

⮚ When a student participates in extra-curricular activities, does it distract him from his studies, or is it a good practice?

⮚ What do you think is complex, having a job or starting a new business?

⮚ What do you think about an average day of a third-grade student?

⮚ Do you believe that seventh graders be provided with cell phones or not?

⮚ Do you think that acrostic poems must be in the syllabus for older kids or not?

⮚ What do you think is more important, fame or respect?

⮚ Is green tea beneficial for health or not? 

⮚ What do you think about affiliate programs?

⮚ How do you feel being a part of a community that helps the poor?

⮚ Is diary entry a good habit, according to you?

⮚ An old saying is, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” What do you think about it?

⮚ What do you think about bringing the right balance in life? How can it be achieved?

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