30+ Fun & Creative Fairy Tale Writing Prompts for Kids & Adults

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Key Takeaways

5 Best fairy tale writing prompts: 

  • Write about the moral stories one can learn from Hansel and Gretel’s fairy tale.
  • Snow white wants to spend a day with you; how will you spend the time with her, what activities would you two do, and what places would you visit?
  • Share a short story about how the wolf plans and convinces Little Red Riding Hood to go into the forest and swallow her before she is rescued.
  • You enter an enchanted forest to draw water from the well of life. What would have made you undertake such a daring thing? What is your experience there?
  • You encounter an injured dove and nurse it back to good health. And it happens to have magic and can grant you three wishes. Describe what you’ll wish for and why



Fairy tales have been around for as long as we can remember. Over time, fairy stories have been used to captivate fiction story lovers.

Since fairies are imaginary, there is no limit to how you can create them in your storytelling. However, like most famous fairy tales, try to make them lovely and enchanting to your audience.

Fairy tale writing prompts for high school students

Here are a few fairy tale writing prompts that can offer high school students much writing support.

  1. The Forgotten Kingdom: Write a story about a teenager who discovers an ancient map in their attic, leading them to a forgotten kingdom hidden within an enchanted forest. What secrets does the kingdom hold?

  2. The Last Dragon Egg: In a world where dragons are thought to be extinct, your protagonist finds the last dragon egg. How they came to find it and what they decide to do with it sets the stage for an epic adventure.

  3. The Witch’s Apprentice: A young apprentice to a misunderstood witch embarks on a journey to retrieve a rare ingredient for a potion that could change their fate. Along the way, they encounter various magical creatures and learn valuable lessons about friendship and bravery.

  4. The Enchanted Mirror: Write about a high school student who receives an antique mirror as a gift. This mirror shows not only one’s reflection but also glimpses of the future or past. How does this power affect their life and the lives of those around them?

  5. The Quest for the Midnight Rose: The Midnight Rose blooms only once every hundred years and is said to grant eternal love to the one who finds it. A group of friends sets out on a quest to find the rose, facing challenges and uncovering the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

  6. The Guardian of the Forest: Your character is chosen as the new guardian of a magical forest, a role passed down through generations but forgotten in modern times. They must learn the secrets of the forest and protect it from a mysterious threat.

  7. The Secret of the Sunken City: After a storm reveals the tip of a sunken tower off the coast, your protagonist, a teenager with a love for diving, discovers the entrance to a sunken city filled with treasures and dangers. What ancient mysteries will they uncover?

  8. The Spell of Broken Words: A magical mishap causes all spoken words to become jumbled, leading to chaos in the kingdom. Your protagonist, who is immune to the spell, must navigate a world of misunderstood communications to find the cure.

  9. The Tournament of Illusions: Every century, the magical realms hold a tournament to showcase their most talented illusionists. A young, untrained magician from the human world accidentally finds themselves competing. Can they bluff their way to victory?

  10. The Library of Lost Stories: Deep in the heart of the mountains lies a library containing stories that were never told. Your protagonist stumbles upon this hidden library and discovers a story that seems to narrate their life. How will they react to reading about their future?

Fairy tale writing prompts for kids

  1. The Magic Pebble Adventure: Imagine you find a pebble that grants you three wishes when you hold it. What adventures would you go on with your wishes, and what lessons would you learn along the way?

  2. The Secret Garden Door: Behind your house, you discover a door hidden by vines. It leads to a magical garden where the plants can talk! What do the plants tell you, and what mysteries does the garden hide?

  3. The Lost Crown of Moonbeam: The Moonbeam crown has gone missing from the fairy queen’s palace! As a brave explorer, you’re tasked with finding it. Along your journey, you meet talking animals who offer clues. Can you find the crown before the next full moon?

  4. The Day the Colors Vanished: One morning, you wake up to find that all the colors in the world have disappeared! It’s up to you and a mysterious, colorfully feathered bird to restore the world’s colors. How will you bring back the colors, and what will you discover about the importance of diversity and color in the world?

  5. The Friendly Dragon Next Door: A gentle dragon moves into the cave next to your home, but the townsfolk are afraid. How do you help your new dragon friend prove that not all dragons are scary, and what fun adventures will you have together?

  6. The Witch’s Lost Cat: A kind witch has lost her black cat in the enchanted forest. She needs your help to find it. Along the way, you encounter magical creatures and learn spells. Can you find the cat and bring it back to the witch?

  7. The Ice Cream Mountain: You find a map that leads to a mountain made entirely of ice cream! But there’s a twist – the mountain is melting. How do you save the Ice Cream Mountain and share its delights with your friends before it’s too late?

  8. The Night the Stars Fell: One night, the stars start falling from the sky right into your backyard! Each star has a unique power or message. What stories do the stars tell, and how do you help them get back into the sky?

  9. The Pirate’s Forgotten Treasure: You discover an old pirate map in your attic, leading to a treasure buried in your own backyard. What treasures do you find, and what magical surprises are hidden alongside the gold and jewels?

  10. The Enchanted Book: In your local library, you stumble upon a book that pulls you into its stories whenever you read it. Each story is an adventure where you’re the hero! What tales do you find yourself in, and how do you make your way back home after each adventure?

Fairy tale writing prompts for first-grade children

Fairy tales are the best stories for small children as they blossom in the world of imagination. Every kid loves to have an opportunity to create their best magical world. Below are some great fairy tale writing prompts that can help with kids and can be fun writing.

  • Write a story about your favourite fairy tale.
  • Peter Pan is your friend, and he tells you about some evil people who want to steal a magical flower that is guarding his forest. What kind of adventure would you and Peter Pan have?
  • Snow white wants to spend a day with you; how will you spend the time with her, what activities would you two do, and what places would you visit?
  • As a beautiful little princess, you have been visited by a fairy godmother and asked to make five wishes; what will you wish for and why?
  • Write a story about Cinderella. What makes her beautiful and kind? Who are some of her friends?

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Fun & Creative Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

Twisted Fairy tale writing prompts

If you would like a few fairy tale writing prompts with a twist for your next story, here are some tips that you can use that will make you dive deeper into your art of storytelling to have your readers in awe next time.

  • Jack, the prince, is a giant king who happens to reach the land of the giants in the sky after using the magic beans, and you are sent to rescue him. Upon reaching, you realize he is planning to destroy the human world. How will you stop him?
  • Share a short story about how the wolf plans and convinces Little Red Riding Hood to go into the forest and swallow her before she is rescued.
  • Imagine you and your best friends being Hansel and Gretel. Write about the problems you will go through against the evil witch and how you overcome them.
  • A witch uses a portion that makes all the grains in the kingdom poisonous. What could have led her to do this, and how would you convince her to reverse it?

Fairy tale writing prompts

Fairy tale ideas for an English assignment

 Here are some more ideas for your fairy tale writing prompts 

  • What is your favourite fairy tale story and character? Write about the moral lessons you learn from your favourite fairy tales.
  • You encounter an injured dove and nurse it back to good health. And it happens to have magic and can grant you three wishes. Describe what you’ll wish for and why
  • After the kingdom outlaws all practice of dark magic, witches decide to plot against the kingdom. How will you defend a kingdom against witches plotting revenge as a royal guard?
  • You enter an enchanted forest to draw water from the well of life. What would have made you undertake such a daring thing? What is your experience there?
  • You are the gingerbread man for a day; write a story of how you will convince the wolf not to eat you.

Fairy tale ideas for adults

  1. The Forgotten Melody: In a city where music has been banned for decades, you discover an ancient instrument in the attic of your new home. The first note you play releases a magical melody that begins to change the world around you. What power does the melody hold, and how does it reshape the lives of those who hear it?

  2. The Last Library of Dreams: You receive a mysterious invitation to visit the Last Library, a place that exists between reality and dreams. Each book contains not just stories but real dreams of people past and present. As you navigate its endless shelves, what truths do you uncover about yourself and the nature of dreams?

  3. The Weaver of Time: As the newly appointed Weaver of Time, you are responsible for stitching together the fabric of destiny. When you find a frayed thread that leads to your own past, do you dare to pull it and change your own history, knowing the consequences it might have on the future?

  4. The Midnight Market: Every 100 years, the Midnight Market appears, offering goods and services that can fulfill your wildest dreams or your darkest desires. With only one night to explore its wonders and dangers, what do you seek, and at what cost?

  5. The Secret Behind the Mirror: An antique mirror has been in your family for generations, rumored to house a powerful spirit. When the spirit offers you a chance to change a single moment in your past, what moment do you choose, and how does this change reflect in your present?

  6. The Curse of the Golden Touch: In a modern retelling of Midas’ story, you are cursed with the ability to turn everything you touch into gold. While it brings you initial wealth, the isolation and inability to experience simple human touch lead you on a quest to break the curse. What sacrifices must you make to regain your humanity?

  7. The Island of Forgotten Gods: You find yourself shipwrecked on an island where ancient gods live in exile, forgotten by the world. They promise you unimaginable power in return for restoring their worship in the world. How do you navigate the politics of gods, and what does it mean to have power at such a price?

  8. The Garden of Forking Paths: In your backyard, you discover a garden where every path leads to a different reality, each reflecting the choices you might have made in life. As you explore these paths, what do you learn about fate, free will, and the nature of happiness?

  9. The Artisan of Souls: You are an artisan whose creations come to life, imbued with the souls of those who once lived. When a mysterious figure commissions you to create a companion for them, you find yourself entwined in a plot that blurs the line between life and art. What ethical dilemmas do you face, and what is the true cost of creation?

  10. The Shadow That Walked Alone: Every person has a shadow that reflects their essence, but yours walks independently, harboring its own desires and secrets. One night, it whispers a proposition to you: to switch places for a single day. What unfolds during this exchange, and what hidden aspects of yourself are brought to light?

 The above fairy tale writing prompts will help you come up with different fairy tale ideas for great fantasy stories. 

As a tutor, you can adopt picture prompts. This is one of the best ways to initiate some great story elements for your tales. Remember, don’t limit your imagination when writing your fairy tale story.

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