Fun & Creative Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

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Fairy tales have been around for as long as we can remember. Over time, fairy stories have been used to captivate fiction story lovers.

Since fairies are imaginary, there is no limit to how you can create them in your storytelling. However, like in most famous fairy tales, try to make them lovely and enchanting to your audience.

 Even though there have been many fairy tale retellings, the original ideas remain. Like in all the Cinderella adaptations, she still loses her glass slipper.

Learn some fairy tale writing prompts and fairy tale ideas in this article. They will help you come up with the most magical and even science fiction stories.

Here are some fairy tale ideas for your writers’ workshop or writing centers that make a good fairy tale theme. Such story prompts can be a perfect activity for making reluctant writers writing great stories.

  • A happy ending that will have readers smiling
  • Magical world and magical creatures but relatable to real-life situations
  • Main characters, villains, and witches
  • A conflict of interest to bring a plot twist to the story.
Fun & Creative Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

Fairy tale writing prompts for high school students

Fairy tales are not only meant for little kids in lower grades but also high schoolers. Here are a few fairy tales writing prompts that can offer a lot of writing support to high school students.

  • You get dressed for a masquerade ball to get into the castle and warn the prince about a wicked witch. What will you tell the prince? Does he have a magic wand? You have a magic wand; will you help the prince escape danger?
  • Write about the moral stories one can learn from Hansel and Gretel’s fairy tale.
  • Did you believe in the tooth fairy story while growing up? Write a story about what led you to stop believing in them.
  • An evil queen happens to be the jealous stepmother to a handsome prince. She casts a spell on him, turning him into a rat. The spell can only be broken when the prince finds true love and gets a kiss. Describe his daily life in the sewers and tunnels of the castle. How will he meet the beautiful princes that will save him?
  • You have just been saved from a spell cast on you many years ago by a jealous sorcerer. Will you go on a revenge spree against all sorcerers or give them a chance to change their ways? explain your reasons

 Fairy tale writing prompts for first-grade children

 Fairy tales are the best stories for small children as they blossom in the world of imagination. Every kid loves to have an opportunity to create their best magical world. Below are some great fairy tale writing prompts that can help with kids and can be fun writing.

  • Which is your favorite fairy tale? Write a story about it
  •  Peter Pan is your friend, and he tells you about some evil people who want to steal a magical flower that is guarding his forest. What kind of adventure would you and Peter Pan have?
  •  Which fairy tale character would you like to meet? What do you tell them?
  •  Snow white wants to spend a day with you; how will you spend the time with her, what activities would you two do, and what places would you visit?
  •  As a beautiful little princess, you have been visited by a fairy godmother and asked to make five wishes, what will you wish for and why
  •  Write a story about Cinderella. What makes her beautiful and kind? Who are some of her friends?

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Twisted Fairy tale writing prompts

If you would like a few fairy tales writing prompts with a twist for your next story, here are some tips that you can use that will make you dive deeper into your art of storytelling to have your readers in awe next time.

  • Jack, the prince, happens to reach the land of the giants in the sky after using the magic beans, and you are sent to rescue him, upon reaching you realize that he is the giant king himself, disguised as a human to spy on how they will devour and destroy the human world. Write a story on how you will escape and save the human race from his evil plan.
  • Share a short story about how the wolf plans and convinces little red riding hood to go into the forest and swallow her before she is rescued.
  • Imagine you and your best friends being Hansel and Gretel. Write about the kind of problems you will go through against the evil witch and how you overcome them.
  •  A witch uses a portion that makes all the grains in the kingdom poisonous. What could have led her to do this, and how would you convince her to reverse it?
  •  An evil witch took you and made you her handyman. Write a story of your daily life with her.


Fairy tale writing prompts

Fairy tale ideas for an English assignment

 Here are some more ideas for your fairy tale writing prompts 

  • What is your favorite fairy tale story and character? Write about the moral lessons you learn from your favorite fairy tales.
  •  You come across an injured dove and nurse it back to good health, and it happens to have magic and can grant you three wishes. Describe what you’ll wish for and why
  •  After the kingdom outlaws all practice of all dark magic, witches decide to plot against the kingdom. As a royal guard, your task is to defend the realm, and narrate your quest to find a mighty sword that will protect the kingdom.
  • You enter an enchanted forest to draw water from the well of life. What would have made you undertake such a daring thing? What is your experience there?
  • As a teacher of magic, what are your favorite spells? Which ones do the students love most? 
  • You are the gingerbread man for a day, write a story of how you will convince the wolf not to eat you

 Don’t get stuck figuring out what you will write about fairy tales anymore. The above fairy tale writing prompts will help you come up with different fairy tale ideas for great fantasy stories. 

 As a tutor, you can adopt picture prompts. This is one of the best ways to initiate some great story elements for own tales. Remember, don’t limit your imagination when writing your fairy tale story.

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