100+ Creative Writing Prompts for Middle School

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Are you looking for writing prompts for middle school children?

Or maybe just looking for writing prompts to get children interested in creative writing?

We have created these writing prompts for middle schoolers ( aged 11 – 15 years old).

However, younger children can try them out as well.

Before we dive straight into the writing prompts, let’s first understand why writing prompts are important for this age group.

The importance of writing prompts for middle school:

Many students in this age group have the ability to write on complex issues.

However, most students, they will need inspiration on how to start writing. Hence, writing prompts for middle school kids like this can help tap into their imagination.

It is also crucial to build writing skills at this age to reinforce a positive writing habit.

Using prompts like these, middle schoolers might be encouraged to even start journaling.

Journal writing can be a creative outlet for children to express their feelings and needs. The best part of journaling is that is flexible and easy to implement. 

There is plenty of evidence explaining the advantages of journaling, including improving writing and reading skills.

As children start writing they will learn how to put their thoughts into paper and explain ideas through words.

Let’s tap into middle schoolers’ imagination using fun writing prompts to get them to enjoy writing.

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Here are fun writing prompts for middle school:

1.If you found a treasure on the beach, what would you most likely discover?

2. Imagine you wake up tomorrow in a different country with a new family.What happens next?

3. What would it be if you could create your own game? Are they any rules for the game?

4. If you can have one wish to turn older, how old would you want to be? Why

5. Imagine being invisible for one day. What did you do that day?

6. If you could go anywhere, where would you? Who would you travel with?

7. If you could end one problem in the world, what would you end?

8. Imagine if all humans turned into robots. What do you think the world would look like?

9. Write about your dream holiday

10. What do you think independence means?

11. If you could be a character in a storybook, who would you be? How will you rewrite that character?

12. If you could appear as a guest on TV, which show would you appear at? Why?

13. Imagine if you can create your TV show. What would it be about?

14. Write three words your best friend will use to describe you.

15. If you could change something about your community or neighborhood, what would it be?

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16. If you had to choose just one person you can talk to for the rest of your life, who would it be? Why?

17. Write a poem about your family

18. Imagine you woke up one day inside a video game. What happens?

19. If you have the option to know one thing about your future, what would you like to know about?

20. Write a note to your future self. What would you say to him/her?

21. If you could change the one-holiday tradition, which would it be? Why?

22. If you can live on Mars and just take two other people with you, who would you take? Why?

23. Imagine you are the leader of your country. How will you change things? What new laws will you impose?

24. How would the world look like 50 years from now?

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Technology writing prompts for middle school children:

25. What is the one thing you want to change about the internet?

26. Imagine a world without Google. What would it look like?

27. What would it look like if you could create your own social media platform?

28. What is society’s biggest problem, giving out too much personal information or fake news?

29. How will you make the internet a safer place for everyone?

middle school writing prompts

30. If you could be Tim Cook, how would you change the iPhone?

31. How do you think cyberbullies should be punished?

32. What does a safe internet look like to you?

33. If you can become a social media influencer, what kind of influencer would you like to become? What would you post about?

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Daily writing prompts for middle school:

34. Was someone kind to you today?

35. How did you help someone today? How did it make you feel?

36. The one thing you are proud of today?

37. What made you feel happy today?

38. Someone you are happy to see today?

39. What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

40. What new skill would you like to learn this month? Why?

41. How did you help your parents at home today? Did you do any house chores?

42. The one thing you would like to change about today?

43. If you could spend the weekend building something, what would you build? Take a piece of paper and draw it.

Fun middle school writing prompts

44. If you could travel back in time, what’s the one thing you would change?

45. If you had superpowers, what would they be and why?

46. Who is your favorite superhero? What do you like about them?

47. Would you like to travel to the past or the future? Why?

48. If you could visit any of the planets, which would it be and why?

49. What is your favorite dinosaur? Why?

50. If you were an adult for a day, how would you spend your time?

51. If you could be transported into a comic book or a cartoon, which would you pick and why?

52. What’s your favorite video game? What do you like about it?

53. What is your favorite show? What do you like about it?

54. What fantasy creature would you want to have as a pet and why?

55. Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter?

56. Do you like to travel by car, plane, or train? Why?

57. What could you talk about for hours without any preparation?

58. Would you like to live in the arctic or in the desert? Why?

59. Do you think aliens exist? Why?

60. Which do you think is scarier, outer space or the deep blue sea?

61. If animals could speak, what do you think they would tell us?

62. Do you and your band of friends think you can stop the robot uprising?

63. What is your favorite movie, and why do you love it?

64. If aliens arrived, do you think they would be friendly or hostile and why?

65. What is a world record you think you can break if you put your mind to it? 

66. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? What are they like? 

67. What would you create if you had unlimited help and resources?

68. What ideal gift would you get for each of your friends?

Reflective middle school writing prompts

69. When were you happiest?

70. What was your favorite Christmas gift? What did you like about it?

71. What was your favorite Halloween costume? How did you put it together?

72. How did you and your best friend meet?

73. What has been your favorite summer to date?

74. Was there a time you messed up bad? How did it go?

75. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your grandparents?

76. Last time you were stressed, what did you do to relax?

77. The last time you had a conflict with a friend, how did you resolve it?

78. What happened in school that made you stand up for yourself?

79. Have you ever forgotten your homework? What happened?

80. Has your school ever made a time capsule? What were the contents?

writing prompts for middle school

81. Do you have friends from other schools in other countries that you write to often? What do you talk about?

82. Write about the best day you’ve ever had in school. 

83. What would your school look like if students were responsible for decorating the whole place?

84. In what ways do you think society has gotten better in the past five years?

85. What is your favorite thing you have done in school? How did you put it together?

86. What is the weirdest place in your school and why?

87. What is the best spot in your school and why? 

88. Have you ever helped someone with their homework? How did they do?

89. Have you ever missed out on a field trip? How did you handle it? What did you do instead?

90. When are you most bored in school?

91. When are you most excited or stimulated in school?

92. Has a famous person ever visited your school? What did they talk about?

93. What piece of advice have you held on to the longest?

5 minutes writing prompts

94. Write about your pet and why you love them. 

95. Write about your favorite color and why you like it. 

96. Do you prefer sneakers or sandals? Why?

97. What is your favorite theme park ride?

98. What is your favorite snack and why?

99. Do you love camping? Why?

100. In no more than five lines, tell us about yourself. 

101. Do you prefer to go to the beach or the mall? Why?

102. Tell us about your hidden talent. 

103. Do you have any siblings? Write a bit about them. 

104. Who encourages you the most in life?

105. Who is your favorite author, and why?

106. What do you like about your favorite book? 

107. What is your favorite joke?

108. If you were stranded on an island, what would you have to have with you?

109. What is your dream vacation destination? 

110. What is your favorite discovery you’ve made in a library?

111. What is your favorite animal to visit at the zoo and why? 

112. What would it be and why if you could learn another language instantly?

113. Who would you pick if you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead?

114. Do you prefer eBooks or paper books?

115. What is your favorite chore to help out with and why?

116. What is your least favorite chore to help out with and why?

117. What is the number one thing that needs to happen for everyone to be nicer?

118. Tell us about a time you went out of your way to do the right thing. 

Persuasive writing prompts for middle schoolers.

119. What’s the number one way you use your leisure time?

120. What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?

121. What happened the last time you were out of your comfort zone?

122. Do you like to organize your time, or do you want to go with the flow?

123. Where did you grow up? How did it shape you?

124. What is your favorite place you like to be alone?

125. Write a letter to someone who has inspired you without being aware. 

126. What is your biggest ever regret? How did you move on?

127. What is your biggest fear?

128. Does your current age meet your expectations of what you thought it would be?

129. What snack do you fantasize about most often?

130. What do you consider an essential life skill everyone must learn?

131. How do you react when things don’t go your way?

132. What are you dying to say that you haven’t been asked before?

133. What birthday are you looking forward to the most and why?

134. If you could pick, would you live in the city or the countryside?

writing prompts for middle school

135. What profession do you respect the most and why?

136. What do you like most about your favorite season?

137. What is your number one guilty pleasure?

138. If your parents asked you for advice, what would you tell them?

139. If you could be any animal for a day, what would you pick and why?

140. What would you tell yourself from three years ago?

141. What would you tell a 15-year-old you?

142. What does the perfect day for you look like?

143. Would you rather travel around the world or straight through it?

Grade school writing prompts

144. Write about your favorite field trip

145. What do you like the most about your favorite teacher?

146. What type of homework do you hate doing? Why?

147. What type of homework do you love doing? Why?

148. What was your favorite school science project?

149. What do you love about your favorite school subject?

150. What workout do you like the most in gym class?

151. What musical instrument do you love the most and why?

152. What excites you about moving on to the next grade?

153. What changes would you make if you became class president?

154. What is the most unfair change that has been made so far?

155. What are your academic goals for the next term?

156. Who is the best teacher you have ever had? Why do you like them?

157. How does your last school compare to the present one?

158. What was your favorite summer school experience?

159. Where would you ideally like to go to college?

160. What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

161. What would you add to your school cafeteria menu if you had the chance?

162. Do you think you have what it takes to tutor kids beneath your grade? Why?

163. If you could give more money to any department in the school, which would you pick and why?

164. If you could give your teacher homework, what would you pick and why?

165. Do you think students should be allowed to have smartphones and other electronic devices in school?

166. If you could wear a costume to school for one day, what would it be? 

167. If you could pick one movie to show at school, what would it be?

168. Has your school nurse ever helped you out? What happened?

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