What does active now mean on Messenger? Quick guide

Recently updated on October 31st, 2023 at 02:55 pm

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Since its release in 2011, the Facebook Messenger App has become one of the most popular mobile apps on all mobile devices. Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users tend to use it. It’s quite a helpful app for chatting with your friends in real-time. But even regular users often wonder, “what does active now on Messenger mean?”

Well, as with many other social media platforms, things about it could be clearer. The active now message is one of them. This article delves into all that and more, breaking down this status feature. Keep reading to find out what it means and how to turn it off. 

active now on messenger

What does active now mean on Messenger?

The “active now” status on Messenger means that the individual is online. You will also see a green light next to their name. Like the “active now” status message, this green dot means they are online. And so, they will be able to see your messages instantly. Many other apps use a similar system. 

How does the active status work on Messenger? 

The active online status shows other users in your friends list that are online. The moment you come online, a green dot appears next to your name. This is the same on the Facebook App and Facebook Website as on the Messenger app. 

What does it mean when it says active 10 minutes ago on Messenger?

Sometimes, on Messenger, you don’t see “active now”. Sometimes, you see a timestamp instead. This timestamp is what is known as your last active status. When it appears, it lets your friends know how long has passed since you were online. 

So, if you see “active ten minutes ago”, that only means that the individual was last online ten minutes ago. The same logic applies if the message reads “active eight hours ago.” Note that this feature does not show specific times or half hours though—only whole hours.

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green dot on messenger

How to turn off ‘active now’ on Messenger?

All Facebook accounts have this online status messaging on by default. The “active now feature,” and the “last active feature” are essential tools that help your friends know what is happening to you. They are incredibly useful to active Facebook users. Video chatters and video callers also find a great use for these tools. 

Good as these tools are, they can sometimes be a hindrance. Particularly when you do not want to signal to your Facebook friends that you were online or were online moments ago. In that case, can you turn it off? The answer is yes, so keep reading to learn how to toggle this privacy setting. 

To remove yourself from the “active now list” even when you are online, follow the below steps:

Using a web browser:

  1. Go to Facebook.com and log in. 
  2. Locate the Facebook chat window on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on the three ellipses at the top right corner of the chat window, above your online friend’s list
  4. From the drop-down menu, click on active status
  5. This toggles Facebook activity from on to off
active now on messenger
  1. You will no longer be visible to your online friends though you yourself are online. You will be free to have secret conversations if you wish

Using the Facebook App:

  1. On your phone, open the Facebook App
  2. Open the menu tab at the bottom-right corner of the screen
  3. Select the settings option
  4. Scroll down to the “Audience and Visibility” subheading
  5. Select the “active status” option and toggle the switch
  6. Now, your online visibility will be no more and you will display as offline. 

Using Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger
  2. Click on your circular profile icon to open up your profile page. 
  3. Tap on “Active Status”
  4. Next, toggle the switch close to “show when you are active.”
  5. Now, neither your online status nor your last seen status will display. 

If we are active on Facebook, will it show active on Messenger?

Yes, this is because Facebook and Messenger are owned by the same company (META) and are actively linked. Messenger was initially developed as a mobile instant messaging app for Facebook, although it has evolved into so much more. 

And so, if you are active on Facebook, you will be visible on Messenger. And if you are active on Messenger, you will be visible on Facebook. Facebook Messenger Lite, which is also a different app, also shares the same functionality. Though they are separate apps, they are closely linked. 

I can see someone active on Messenger but not replying to my message. What does that mean?

In that case, it could mean a variety of things:

For one, a network issue could prevent Facebook servers from updating the person’s status correctly. So they could be offline, yet they still display as online. In that case, you can try refreshing the page. This often works as a fix, but there are some exceptions. 

Another issue could be that they are online, and there’s nothing wrong with their internet connection. However, they are “away from their keyboard” or “AFK”. So this means that their computer is on and running perfectly, but they are just away and have not seen your message nor had the opportunity to reply. 

The third option is that they have seen the message and read it yet have yet to reply. Maybe it’s not a good time for them. Perhaps they are indisposed or waiting on more information. Or maybe they are busy conversing with someone else and have not checked if they have any new messages. 

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