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Netflix Kids Shows That Are Educational

There is more to Netflix than House of Cards. If used correctly it can be an educational tool.

If you go to the children section on Netflix there are shows that teach maths, science, music, and art to children of all ages.

Over the years I have become addicted to documentaries. Whether they are about food, music, the internet, and even science.

I want my kid to grow up liking documentaries more than “Games of Thrones”.

However, I find it hard to find documentaries that are age-appropriate. Many of them are just way too adult. So I made it my mission to find documentaries on Netflix, that we can all watch as a family.

Here is a list of documentaries on Netflix to watch as a family:


This is a National Geographic show about the human brain. Kids lvoe this because it is actually interactive. If you want to watch this with them you must be a science lover yourself.


This is an Emmy Award-Winning doc-serious, where it takes viewers to Shangri-La, Tiver and China’s exotic places.

There is 6 part to the series and is co-produced by BBC Natural History Unit. It is rated as G, which means the whole family can enjoy each episode.


If you are into golf or want your kids to love the game then this watch is a MUST. If you want to watch a 7-year-old golfer make a Hole-In-One then this is the show for your family.

This is a sports documentary produced by actress Jessica Biel. It focuses on young golfers and their hardship, journey in entering the World Championships of Junior Golf.


This is my favorite show. It is the best way to help my kids be more interested in the planet and the world that we live in.

Before a trip to sea world, this is a must-watch show. It is all about majestic creatures in the deep blue sea.

It is a BBC documentary created by the same production team of Planet Earth. My toddler is always fascinated when we have this show on.

Don’t forget to check out this journal made for kids focusing on managing anxiety and feeling happier

If you are looking for a show for your kids to watch on their own then check out some of the series below.

Below are educational shows your 8-13 years old would enjoy :

1.The Dragon Prince

It is an animated fantasy about two people who come together to prevent a war that is dividing their kingdom. The story has unpredictable actions which is appealing to all ages.

❌ There are some form of violence and weapons used during the battle scenes but it is not very graphic and violent.

Educational point:  This series addresses issues such as revenge, honesty and integrity. It shows how good intentions can lead us to the wrong decisions and how people are not necessarily evil. The characters come from different ethnicities and the general communicates in a sign language due to his disability.

Age suitability : 10+

2. Dogs


It is a 6 episode documentary about the way humans and dogs are connected with each other. Each episode is one hour long and has a different tone to it. For instance, one episode is about a group of rescue workers trying to safe medically challenged dogs while another episode is about the life of dogs in Syria and being surrounded by bombs and gunshots.

Some of the episodes can make your kids a little sad but it is not graphic or extreme.

Netflix reassures its viewers no dogs die in the series. It is best to watch this show with your kids so you can explain some of the situation to them and let them know that none of the dogs die.

Educational point : Teaches children empathy towards animals and being kind to others. Helps children understand the animals should be treated fairly and a fun way to introduce the different dog breeds to the kids.

Age suitability : 9+


3. The big family cooking show

This is a British cooking competition show. Family members cook together and present it to professional judges. The show emphasis on family togetherness, creativity and diversity by cooking different meals.

The series focuses on cooking as a family activity to be a lot of fun. Tensions can be be high as the contestants progresses to the next round.

Overall this is a fun show to watch together as a family. It shows how mistakes can be made and to never let disappointments burn a person’s spirit.

Educational point : Introduces children to a variety of food from different cultures. Also, teaches them how fun it can be to cook together as a family. A great way to get children to help parents in the kitchen.

Age suitability : 9+

4. Wild Kratts

The show is about two zoologists adventure on exploring the wild throughout the world to learn about different animal special.  Plenty of humor in the show which makes it fun for children to watch while they learn about animal endangerment.

Educational point: It helps builds excitement in science and introduces children to a variety of animal species and teaches them about science. After the show talk to them about current environmental issues.

Age suitability : 8+

Looking for other educational ways to entertain your children?  Check out the following apps :

Storyball interactive smart ball where kids get to complete a number of activities such as quizzes and challenges while being outdoor

Fisher price Code a pillar teaches kids to code without a screen

Harry potter coding kit enables your child can build their own wand using a connected app on Apple or Android device. Amazing way to teach kids how to code especially if they are already a Harry Potter Fan.

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