How many people blocked me on Twitter?

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Twitter gives users the option to send direct messages to other users among many other features to make its platform user-friendly. There is also a block button on Twitter that stops unwanted people to contact you. If you are wondering how many blocked me on Twitter then we will help you answer that question in this blog.

We will also look into the difference between muting and blocking on Twitter.

How many people blocked me on Twitter

What is the difference between blocking and muting on Twitter?

By muting someone, you would be able to chat with the specific person, but you will stop seeing the tweets and retweets of that person.

That particular user will never know you have muted him as he can see the tweets and the retweets that you will make.

Unlike muting, in blocking, you are no longer connected with the person. Both users won’t be able to see each other’s tweets.

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It is often better to mute someone in general than to block them to prevent offending the user. But the choice depends on the individual and his requirements.

What does blocking mean on Twitter?

Blocking is an important feature when you no longer want any updates or be contacted by a particular user.

The person you have blocked on Twitter can no longer connect with you in any way and not able to send you messages, look at your tweets, retweets, and activities.

What happens when someone blocks you on Twitter?

If you are blocked on Twitter by someone then, there are the following things that happen.

Firstly, you are no longer connected with the person in concern.

Next, you can’t send and receive any message from the person.

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Moreover, the tweets done by him won’t be visible for you, and your tweets won’t be visible for him.

Twitter also deletes the message history immediately upon blocking the person for the safety of the individual.

However, this does not mean that your messages are not screenshotted by the other user. Hence, always be careful when chatting to someone on Twitter.

Can you mass block on Twitter?

Mass blocking refers to blocking or removing your followers in bulk.

For example, if you want to remove all your followers then, mass blocking helps in removing the follower’s list in a single step.

Mass blocking saves a lot of time when you need to block a lot of people, rather than blocking each individual accounts.

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However, unfortunately, Twitter does not provide the option for mass blocking.

The best way to do this is to go through the list of the people you want to block and do it individually.


How do you know if someone deleted their Twitter account or has blocked you?

There is a slight difference when we talk about deleting an account and blocking someone.

The key difference is simple, blocking means that the person is still active on Twitter but does not want to be connected by you.

On the other hand, deleting means that the person is no longer active on Twitter.

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The first thing you can do if someone is still active on Twitter is to look for the person’s username on the search box.

Then check the search results that come up. If nothing shows up then you can log out of your Twitter account.

Then do a Google search on the person’s username and see if the profile of the person shows up on Google.

If it shows up on Google along with their Twitter account that means the person is still active on Twitter and most likely has blocked you.

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How to view a blocked Twitter account?

Twitter does not give users the option to view a blocked Twitter account.

Do I get notified if someone blocked me on Twitter?

Twitter does not inform users when they have been blocked by a particular user.

Now, if you are wondering how many people blocked me on Twitter, we will help you answer the question below.

How many people blocked me on Twitter?

There is no direct way to know how many people blocked me on Twitter. The process to find this out can be time-consuming but not impossible.

Follow the steps below to know how many people blocked me on Twitter.

1. Open web browser or the Twitter application on your smartphone.

2. Open your account in the app and make a list of the persons whom you think might block you on Twitter.

3. Search their names from your account. If the account of that person appears, then you aren’t blocked. Otherwise, search the same account on the browser without login, and if the profile of an account is still visible in the browser and not in your account, then you are blocked by that person.

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Another way to do check who blocked me on Twitter is to create a dummy account.

Using the dummy account, try to search for the person’s username and see if their profile shows up. If it does means the person has blocked you on Twitter.

You can also check your mutual friend’s profile and see if the person shows up as a mutual friend.

Will you know if an account has blocked you on Twitter?

As mentioned earlier there is no direct way of knowing this on Twitter.

There are third-party apps that claim to provide such features, however, they may not be accurate.

In fact, the majority of social media companies do not provide this feature to users. This is part of their term of service to protect the privacy of each user. 

In fact, the majority of social media companies do not provide this feature to users. This is part of their term of service to protect the privacy of each user. 

How do see how many people you have blocked on Twitter?

There is statistical data provided by Twitter to help manage your block lists.

 Follow the steps below :

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. From the side navigation menu, click More.
How many people blocked me on Twitter
How to view who blocked me on twitter

Click Privacy and Safety.

how to view who blocked me on Twitter

Under Safety, click Blocked accounts.

At the top of your block list, you’ll see the option to click All or Imported.

Click All to see every account you are currently blocking.

Choose Imported to see the accounts you blocked after previously importing another account’s list.

To unblock an account, click the Blocked button next to the account you’d like to unblock (the button will read Unblocked)

If you block someone on Twitter, do they know?

In simple words, no.

When you block someone, that person can’t know that you have done so. This is because there is no such notification sent to him regarding blocking.

But, there is also a fact that if the person suspects and tries to search your profile, then he will see a pop-up message saying, ‘you are blocked’ and he will not be able to access your profile and no longer send messages to you.

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Famous people blocked by Twitter.

Twitter has strict terms of service to keep the platform safe for all users.

While Twitter encourages free speech, it does not allow for users to spread false messages, bullying, and hate speech.

You can share your own opinions on Twitter and other social platforms, however, you can be banned by Twitter if you violate the community guidelines.

President Donald Trump is one of the well-known world leaders to get blocked have this Twitter account temporarily suspended due to involvement in various controversies. Later on, the account was permanently blocked, violating the rules of conduct.

There are other politicians and celebrities who have their account suspended by Twitter such as:

Alex Jones

Kangana Raunat (Bollywood Celebritity)

Rocker Courtney Love

Rapper Azealia Banks

Milo Yiannopoulos 

Steve Bannon


Blocking is an important feature of all social media platforms. It helps keep users safe on the platform.

We hope you now know all about the blocking on Twitter and how to find out how many people blocked me on Twitter.

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