Fun & creative bullet journal ideas for students

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Before going deeper into different bullet journal ideas for students and how a bullet journal can help organize their busy lifestyle, let’s first discuss what bullet journal actually is?

Bullet journal basically combines elements of a day planner, diary, and written meditation to create a simplified technique that helps you be more creative and achieve your personal and professional objectives.

Your personal bullet journal is tailored to your lifestyle, with areas for daily to-dos, monthly calendars, notes, long-term goals, and more.

Bullet journal ideas for students

Is bullet journal useful for high school students?

Students find it hard to keep track of their assignments, to-dos, deadlines, and other personal life endeavours.

All of this, if it goes unagonized, can create a lot of confusion for the students.

So, in this case, is keeping a bullet journal for students helpful? Absolutely Yes! The bullet journal makes it easier for students to take notes by putting everything in one location.

There will be no more sticky notes, planners, digital tasks, or Evernotes – everything will be in one notebook.

Apart from this, your bullet journal will also help you learn time management and prioritize essential things in life by having a daily log of all things that need to be done.

The great thing about a bullet journal is that it acts as a study tracker and help students create a study schedule that also incorporates important deadlines.

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This will help students develop good habits during the school year by helping them be on top of things.

Encourage students to create a bullet journal as soon as school starts. It can also act as a creative outlet for students to create a weekly schedule in a fun way.

Bullet journal trackers can also help students log their school life. It is a good way to remind them of the good thing that happened during their day.

What should be included in a bullet journal spread for students?

Although bullet journal varies in terms of style almost every bullet journal spreads for students has the following key features in it:

·     Important dates

·     Contract details and information of your mentor and teachers.

·     Class timetable

·     Grade tracker for each semester/ subject

·     Assignment progress

·     Assignment deadlines/ due dates

·     Attendance tracker

·     Next day to-do

·     A simple To do list.

·     Monthly performance

·     Your personal budget.

·     Exam schedule/ calendar

·     School calendar

·     New vocabulary list

·     Motivational quotes

·     Expenditure/budget tracker

·     Tracking study time

·     Brain dump

·     Monthly log

·     Semester overview

·     Weely layout

·     Daily tasks to complete.

·     Study plan

Exam schedule

Study page

Class time

School work

A simple monthly assignment tracer, deadline, and to-do list-

Bullet journal ideas for busy students

The idea of a bullet journal for students is to help students keep track of all the things that they have going on in their life.

Especially during the start of a new semester students can find it challenging to juggle their social life and studies.

There is no one particular bullet journal method. Students should be encouraged to try out different bullet journal layouts until they find a style that suits them.

A great starting point is to have a bullet journal notebook prepared at the start of the new year.

Below are some bullet journal ideas for students and, in particular, busy college students:

Class schedule bullet journal:

For college students, there’s nothing more important than keeping track of their class schedule.

Once you have a bullet journal, you will have a clear idea of your timetable and class schedule.

Assignments & semester overview:

With a semester overview, you will know your performance throughout the semester.

You can then evaluate it effectively at the end of each semester so that you can plan efficiently for the next semester.

Weekly layout or monthly spread study log:

With weekly spreads, you can keep track of what subject you have studied in a week and what you will need to study for next week.

You can also track the total hours you spent on a particular subject.

Grade tracker:

There is nothing more important for college students than achieving good grades and keeping track of their semester grades.

With a grade tracker bullet journal, you can not only track your grade but improve your performance as well.

Exam tracker:

With an exam tracker bullet journal, you can keep track of your important exam dates. This is a must-have element in your bullet journal for students.

Budget tracker:

A budget tracker will help you keep track of your spending.

A beautiful grade tracker spread by b.studies

Habit tracker

As a student it is important to track your habits and mood. It is always a good idea to keep in check how you are feeling and if anything is bothering you.

Attendance tracker

It is a good habit to track your attendance for each lesson. This will ensure that you do not fall behind on any classes.

You can use stickers or different pen colors to mark if you were absent for a particular class.

For all the classes you attended on time, fill it in with nice stickers. This will keep you motivated to attend each class on time.

Bullet journal Ideas for elementary students

For elementary students, the purpose of having a bullet journal is the same as it is with college, high school, and university students; being organized is crucial for a successful life.

Having a bullet journal will help you feel organized and be more productive.

Organization is something we need to instill in our kids from a young age. That is where a bullet journal for students comes in.

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We have listed some excellent bullet journal ideas for elementary students:

·     Timetable

·     Overview: Here, record your assignments, tests, quizzes, midterms and final term exam for all of the entire duration of your class.

·     Goals

·     Weekly planner: record important dates and tasks to be done in a week.

·     Budget planner

·     Extracurricular activities

·     Class schedule/planner

·     Grade tracker.

·     Monthly log

·     Assignment due dates.

·     Weekly to do list.

·     A weekly spread

What does a grade tracker bullet journal look like?

For college students keeping track of their grades and achieving good grades is very important.

You can dedicate an entire section of your notebook to a grade tracker. Here are some student bullet journal ideas that incorporates a grade tracker.

·     Assignment name.

·     The points you achieved in each assignment.

·     The subsequent grade for each assignment

·     Each quiz.

·     Points earned in each quiz.

·     The subsequent grade for each quiz.

·     Then, of course, you will have to enlist your major project for the semester.

·     And finally, include your exam schedule. You can label it either an exam one or write the actual name of the exam.

Minimalist bullet journal ideas for students

If you consider yourself a minimalist or want to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle, we have some tremendous minimalist student bucket journal ideas for you that will go according to your taste.

Instead of being overdecorated with washi tape and colorful markers, minimalistic bullet journals are simple, elegant, and very easy to use.

Most of the things will be written in a bullet point which makes it easy to keep track of. And in our opinion, they are a great way to start journaling if you are a newbie.

The most significant advantage of using a minimalistic bullet journal is that you can easily focus your thoughts and start your journaling straight away without any hassle but with just a pen!

Here are some things to include in a minimalist bullet journal ideas for students:

·     A weekly bullet journal spread.

·     A simple daily to-do bullet journal spread.

·     A simple calendar.

·     A simple event tracker.

·     A weekly self-care tracker.

·     A semester progress tracker.

·     Healthy eating tracker.

·     Simple budget tracker.

·     Simple monthly log

·     habit tracker.

How to take notes in a bullet journal?

Taking notes in a bullet journal is not difficult.

Keep in mind that you are using a bullet journal for your own peace of mind and for organizing your lifestyle. So do whatever makes you feel comfortable and productive.

It is your own bullet journal at the end of the day. Hence, it needs to feel right for you.

However, we have shared some easy tips for newbies on how to take down notes on a bullet journal.

Whether you are using a bullet journal for students or a study journal, taking notes is similar. A study journal for students may be more precise and comprehensive, but there is no limit to what you can do with both of them.

Below are some tips for you:

·     Start with the date and day.

·     Add your subject title.

·     Then you can add a sub-header. It will help you identify the exact topic title of the subject your taking notes on. For example, if it’s statistics, you can add the chapter title as a sub-header.

·     Then you can pretty much start any way you like. We recommend writing all the question numbers you have to complete if it is a study note you’re making.

·     Use a different marker or coloured pens for highlighting important points.

·     If there is a website or a link you need to see, write it with a different coloured marker. Then, make a circle around it to highlight its importance.

·     Use a red colour pencil to correct any mistake or revisions.

·     Another great technique to take lecture notes is to use arrows. As you may not have much time while your teacher gives you lecture instead of writing everything. Make bullet points or pointers of the basic ideas.

·     Add any page number beside your note if you have to consult your textbook later.

 For more information on how to take notes in a bullet journal, see this video.

What is an academic bullet journal?

 An academic bullet journal system is not much different from a study journal or regular bullet journal for students.

Academic bullet journaling has proven to be a very beneficial tool in keeping research and personal life on track for academic professionals.

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It follows the same structure as a student bullet journal where the person can write “to-dos”, draft weekly and daily planners, track their performance, list items as “done”, etc.

For academic professionals, keeping track of tier research, page numbers, citations, references is significant. An academic bullet journal makes everything more organised.

Here is a fantastic video to help you understand the basics of academic bullet journaling.


The main reason for having a bullet journal is to create better habits in organizing your lifestyle.

Best bullet journal ideas for students come from you trying different layouts until you find a style that suits you. You do not need much money to start a bullet journal. An empty notebook and a pen are sufficient.

Also, whether you are in middle school or freshman year of college it is never too late to start a bullet journal. Start creating positive study habits from the beginning of your academic year.

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