70+ Classic, fun and easy car trivia questions

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Are you a car-lover? Do you have a friend who is one? These car trivia questions will help you start a conversation with any car lover.

After scouring the internet, we came up with this list of exciting car trivia that anyone passionate about automobiles would be thrilled to learn.

Classic Car trivia questions

· What percentage of all Rolls-Royce automobiles that have been produced are still in use today? – Roughly sixty-five percent

· What is the most comprehensive online marketplace for classic and collector cars, muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, and vintage trucks – ClassicCars.com

· When was the Chevrolet Camaro first sold? – In 1967.

· Who entered the rapidly growing market for pony cars? – The Lincoln-Mercury company entered the market by introducing the first mercury cougar for the 1967 model year.

· What does Mercedes-Benz specialize in? – Mercedes-Benz, also known simply as Mercedes and occasionally referred to as Benz, is a German automotive brand founded in 1926 and specializes in producing luxury and commercial vehicles. 

· What is the best-selling electric car? – Tesla Roadster.

70+ Classic, fun and easy car trivia questions

· Which company Introduced the First Petrol Car to the World? – Mercedes-Benz

· What is the most significant innovation of Henry Ford? – Henry Ford was the first to install a moving assembly line in 1913. Because of this innovative process, the price of the automobile dropped from $850 in 1908 to $300 in 1925.

· What was Aston Martin named after? – The very first Aston Martin was given its name after a common appliance from the decade of the 1990s.

· Who conceptualized the Ford Thunderbird? – Two men, George Walker and Louis D. Mays are credited with conceptualizing the Ford Thunderbird.

· Which is the most expensive car in the World? – The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the official winner of the title of the most expensive automobile in the World. The one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire is now officially the most expensive new car ever sold due to its price tag of $18.7 million after taxes.

· When was Ferruccio Lamborghini born? – On April 28, 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was brought into the World by his parents, Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini.

· What is the name of the sport hybrid coupe? – The name of the sport hybrid coupe is Honda CR-Z. 

· Who is the best French race car driver? – Alain Prost is one of the best french race car drivers. 

· Who developed cruise control? – Ralph Teetor was a prolific inventor best known for developing cruise control. He was born on August 17, 1890, and died on February 15, 1982.

· Which car has the fastest acceleration time? – According to Tesla, it will accelerate from 0 – 60 miles per hour (or 0 to 97 kilometers per hour) in 1.9 seconds. If true, this would make it faster than any street-legal production car available at the time of the announcement in 2017.

· Which is the most sold car on the planet? – The Toyota Corolla has broken records for sales more times than any other car in history. Since its introduction in 1966, more than 43 million customers have purchased the Toyota Corolla. It makes Toyota the best car company in the World. 

· What is the engine type of the Ford Model T? – The Ford Model T was a self-starting car with a steering wheel mounted on the left side of the car. It also featured an enclosed 4-cylinder engine with a detachable cylinder head and a one-piece block. It was released on October 1, 1908.

· What is the fastest sports car? – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest sports speedster ever produced.

· What is the primary difference between a muscle car & a pony car? – Due to the strong relationship between pony cars and muscle cars, even automotive fans frequently get the two types of vehicles confused with one another. To oversimplify, pony cars are automobiles that feature a powerplant, either a smaller version of a V8 engine or a V6. In contrast, muscle vehicles are characterized by their large, potent, and boisterous V8 engines, which are largely responsible for their status as cult classics.

· What type of commute needs the highest amount of fuel? – Road trips are very different and much more fuel-consuming than any other type of travel.

· What is the first-ever Japanese car? – The first Japanese Car was crafted by Komanosuke Uchiyama in the year 1902 using an American-origin gasoline engine. This engine had been brought back from the United States. In 1907, he manufactured the first Car in Japan that was made entirely of Japanese parts. The first bus to be manufactured in Japan was constructed by Torao Yamaha in 1904 and included seating for ten people.

· Where can I find information on the best car subscriptions? – On the internet, you will find the Best Car Subscription Service for 2022. 

· What is four by four? – The term “4-by-4,” or a “four-wheel drive, which can also be abbreviated to “4WD” or “4×4”, refers to a system in which an automobile’s engine provides equal and balanced propulsion to all four of the vehicle’s wheels.

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· Who broke the record for the top land speed? – According to Guinness World Records, Andy Green broke the land speed record while driving the Thrust SSC. This vehicle was the first automobile to be able to travel faster than the speed of sound.

· Why was NASCAR established? – As a result of the prohibition, NASCAR was established. When moonshine bootleggers required a way to transport their goods quickly and without raising too much suspicion, stock automobiles were created. This development paved the way for the racing that we see today.

· What are the dukes of Hazzard? – The Dukes of Hazzard is a popular American television series that debuted on CBS on January 26, 1979, and ran until February 8, 1985. The show is classified as an action comedy.

· Where is Rolls-Royce PLC based? – A major British manufacturer of aircraft engines, marine propulsion systems, and power-generation systems, Rolls-Royce PLC is based in the United Kingdom.

· Who came up with the concept of the Volkswagen Beetle? – After receiving a contract from Hitler in 1934 for prototypes, Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche came up with the idea for the famous Volkswagen Beetle and went on to create it.

· Which is the first military vehicle? – The Jeep was the first military vehicle to have four wheels and was produced by the United States military in the year 1940.

· How many components are there in a typical car? – The typical automobile has 30,000 components, and approximately 80 percent of a vehicle can be recycled.

· Did the Second World War, also known as World War II, have any impact on the automobile industry? – Yes, it did. Instead of working on luxury designs and automotive innovations, automakers were building tanks, trucks, airplanes, Jeeps, torpedoes, and even helmets.

· How many patents does Henry Ford have? – Henry Ford, who was awarded 161 patents, not only brought about a revolution in the production and manufacturing processes of industrial goods, but he also continued to develop and build upon his earlier ideas and investigate emerging areas of automotive technology.

· How many reality tv-shows are there on the TV on cars? – There are hundreds of reality tv-shows about cars.

· How many fun car quizzes are there online? – There are many fun car quizzes online. 

· What color option did the 1953 Corvette have? – There was only one color option for the 1953 Corvette, and that was Polo White.

· Which is the first standardized key-start system? – The 1949 Chryslers were the first to use a standardized production key-start system.

· Which is the first ever convertible car? – The 1904 Thomas Flyer was the first automobile to be marketed as a convertible. It featured a removable hard top and was sold in the United States.

· What is the Ford Motor Company? – The Ford Motor Company is a multinational American automobile manufacturer with its headquarters located in Dearborn, Michigan, in the United States.

· Do seat belts lower the risk of accidents? – Seat belts cut the risk of fatal injury by 45% and the risk of serious injury by 50% among drivers and front-seat passengers. Additionally, the risk of death is cut by 45%.

· What is Montgomery? – Montgomery “Lightning” McQueen is a fictional anthropomorphic stock automobile that is the protagonist of the animated Pixar franchise Cars, including Cars, Cars 2, & Cars 3.

· What is the first practical modern automobile? – The Benz Patent-Motorwagen (“patent motorcar”), built-in 1885 by the German Carl Benz, is widely known as the World’s first practical modern automobile, a self-propelled vehicle for carrying people and the first car put into series production.

· When was the 1970 Gremlin first distributed? – It is said that the 1970 Gremlin (AMC) was designed on the back of a Northwest Airlines air sickness bag and that it was first distributed on April Fool’s Day in 1970.

· How does a two-wheel car work? – In a vehicle equipped with two-wheel drive, the engine only transfers torque to two of the vehicle’s wheels, freeing the other pair of wheels to rotate independently.

· Which car has the first-ever radio antennas? – The radio antenna of the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix was the first of its kind to be installed in the windshield of a vehicle.

· When was the Honda Civic built? – The Honda Civic has been built and sold since 1972.

· What is a Fighter Plane? – Fighter plane is any fighter aircraft, aircraft designed mainly to secure control of essential airspace by destroying enemy aircraft in combat.

· Which car holds the record for the fastest-going car on the road? – SSC Tuatara holds the record for the fastest road-going car. 

· Does GE has any subsidiaries? – There is no subsidiary of general motors. 

· Which car model does the Emperor of Japan use? – The Toyota Century Royal is the official state automobile currently used by the Emperor of Japan. 

· Who is Karl Benz? – Carl Friedrich Benz, sometimes also Karl Benz, was a German engine designer and automotive engineer.

· When was the very first auto insurance issued? – The very first auto insurance policy is issued to Gilbert J. Loomis of Dayton, Ohio. Loomis’ policy was purchased for $1,000. 

· What did the first ever Dodge Charger first premiere? – The Dodge Charger first premiered with the 1966 models.

car trivia

· What is the average Formula q pit stop?- Here is a fun auto-racing fact for you – “The average Formula 1 pit stop is less than three seconds.”

· What is an ICE? – Internal combustion engines (ICE) are the most common form of heat engines, as they are used in vehicles, boats, ships, airplanes, and trains.

· How many automobile categories are there? – Based on the fuel used, there are multiple automotive-related categories. 

· When was the first accident involving automobiles taken place? – In 1891, Ohio City, Ohio, was the location of the first accident involving a motor vehicle.

· What is the Pontiac Firebird? – The Pontiac Firebird is a classic American ‘pony’ car, a sporty ‘compact’ car with an exotic look and lots of power.

· Which country has the highest number of automotive enthusiasts? – In the USA, every teenager is a pretty big automotive enthusiast. 

We hope you liked the above-listed Car trivia.

Easy Car trivia questions

· What kind of animal is depicted in the Lamborghini mascot, the lion? – A bull.

· Who worked for Alpha Romeo as a driver before starting their own company? – Enzo Ferrari.

· Which electric vehicle has broken the all-time sales record the most? – The Tesla Model 3, if you will.

· What is Mr. Chevrolet’s first name? – Louis Chevrolet

· Which vehicle holds the record for the most units ever sold across the globe? – Toyota Corolla.

· What kind of automobile does the hapless character Mr. Bean, which Rowan Atkinson portrays, drive? – A MINI.

· Which venerable manufacturer of automobiles also produced aircraft engines? – Rolls Royce is the brand.

· Which racing vehicle is commonly referred to as the widow maker? – Porsche 917.

· Who acquired Rolls-Royce in the year 1998? – BMW.

· What is the total number of rings in the Audi logo? – Four.

· Who is the automaker that produces the Nissan Altima? – Nissan.

· What is the name of Honda’s sport hybrid coupe, production of which started in the year 2010? – CR-Z.

Fun Car trivia questions

· Which vehicle holds the record for the most lifetime sales? – Toyota Corolla

· Which nation goes through the most gas on an annual basis? – The United States of America.

· When do historians typically mark the beginning of the age of the modern automobile? – 1886

· What is the name of the van that appears in the long-running animated series “Scooby-Doo?” – The Mysterious Mechanical Device

· When was the very first ticket for speeding issued in the United States of America? – 1902

· When was the first electric traffic light introduced? in what year? – 1912

· Who was the first to develop the intermittent windshield wiper that is standard vehicle equipment even today? – Robert Kearns

· Before the turn signal was invented, how did drivers let other drivers know when they wanted to make a turn? – Hand signals

· In the movie “Back to the Future,” released in 1985, what kind of car does Marty McFly drive? – It was a DeLorean.

· What year is generally accepted as marking the beginning of documented use of the steering wheel? – 1894

· Where did the sports car originate from? – Europe

· Who was the first automaker to offer seatbelts in their vehicles as an optional safety feature? – The Nash Motors Corporation

· Which road in the United States of America is the longest one? – United States Route 20

· Which vehicle was the most commonly reported stolen in the United States in 2022? – Ford pickup vehicle

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Luxury Car trivia questions

Below are some luxury car trivia questions. Let’s how many questions you can get right.

· What fluid substance was first developed in 1926 and is utilized in the cooling system of automobiles? – Antifreeze.

· What is the colloquial term for attaching tire chains to a truck? – Start heating up the iron.

· Which automaker markets its products with the slogan “The ultimate driving machine”? – BMW.

· Which of the following General Motors subsidiaries began operations in 1985 and ceased operations in 2010? – Saturn.

· What is Jaguar’s first all-electric car model called? – I-Pace.

· Who is the automaker that produces the Nissan Altima? – The correct answer is Nissan.

· What is the name of Honda’s sport hybrid coupe, production of which started in the year 2010? – CR-Z.

· Who was the person who was responsible for the launch of the Ford Mustang in 1964? – Lee Iacocca.

· Which model was the first automobile manufactured in Japan to be sold in the United States? – The Honda Accord was the first Japanese automobile sold in the American market.

· When did the diesel engine initially debut in the automotive industry? – 1890.

· Which automobile was the first to use active aerodynamics, and when did it debut? – Porsche’s efforts in the Group B rally category.

· Which vehicle was the first to go faster than the speed of sound? – The first vehicle to go faster than the speed of sound was the Thrust SSC.

We hope you enjoyed the car trivia questions above. If you have any more questions that should be added to the list above, do drop a comment in the box below.

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