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Key Takeaways
  • Diverse Categories: The sports trivia questions cover various categories, including funny, easy, challenging, obscure, and even questions suitable for kids. This diversity ensures that there’s something for everyone, catering to different levels of sports knowledge and interests.
  • Famous Athletes and Teams: The trivia includes questions about well-known athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams and teams like the Chicago Cubs and New York Jets. This appeals to fans who follow famous sports figures and groups across various disciplines.
  • Historical Significance: Several questions delve into sports history, such as the first Wimbledon tournament in 1877, the first African country to qualify for the soccer World Cup, and the oldest team in the NFL (Green Bay Packers). This adds a historical context to the trivia, appealing to those interested in the evolution of sports.
  • Interactive and Fun: Including funny and easy questions, as well as those suitable for kids, add an element of fun and interactivity to the trivia. It encourages engagement among a diverse audience, making it an entertaining way to test and expand one’s sports knowledge.

Every one of us has a favorite sport or a favorite sportsperson. Whether it is hockey, cricket, basketball, or football, we enjoy watching our heroes on the field. But not many of us have the in-depth knowledge and history of the sport we like. Here is a list of exciting sports trivia questions to test your knowledge.

There are questions along with answers to boost your sports knowledge. The sports trivia questions are divided into various categories, including funny, easy, and challenging questions. 

Additionally, there are questions and answers related to basketball, tennis, baseball, football, etc.

If you are a sports geek, then let’s get started and test your sports knowledge.

Sports trivia questions
                                                                                                                 Sports trivia questions


Question 1. In his entire NBA career, Michael Jordan wore only three numbers. What are they?

Answer: 12, 45 and 23

Question 2. Lang Tree Park- a rugby league stadium, is now renamed as?

Answer: Wicked Stadium

Question 3. What is the nickname of the name of the basketball team (men) of New Zealand?

Answer: The Tall Black

Question 4. In basketball, the record for most fouls is associated with whom?

Answer: Kareem Abdul.

Question 5. Mark Twain described the sport as “a good walk spoiled.” Name that sport.

Answer: Golf

Question 6. A player of the Chicago Cubs took time off because of his brutal sneeze. Who is he?

Answer: Sammy Sosa

Question 7. Name a sport with rules like Stableford, Skins and Bingo, Bango Bongo.

Answer: Golf

Question 8. In Harry Potter films and novels, an imaginary game is played. What is it?

Answer: Quidditch

Question 9. The average golf contains how many dimples?

Answer: 336

Question 10. Name the sport that the Pittsburgh Penguins enjoy playing.

Answer: Ice Hockey

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Question 11. At the time of winning masters, what was the age of Tiger Woods?

Answer: 21

Question 12. What is the motto of the Olympics?      

Answer: Higher, stronger, faster.

Question 13. Who is known as “The Golden Bear”?

Answer: Jack Nicklaus

Question 14. Which player invented a modern sand wedge?

Answer: Gene Sarazen

Question 15. Which sports are terms like “Mule Park” and “obsolete fish” used in?

Answer: Snowboard 

Question 16. Tell me the number of sports included in the Summer Olympics 2008.

Answer: 28

Question 17. Which year did the women enter the modern Olympics, and in which sport?

Answer: 1900, Tennis

Question 18. At the major league baseball game, who threw a ceremonial speech?

Answer: William Howard Taft

Question 19. Which NFL Team was the title of ‘New York Titans’?

Answer: The New York Jets

Question 20. How fast did Venus Williams’ ball go in the 1998 European Indoor Championships, Zurich?

Answer: 127.4 miles/hour.

Question 21. In the NBA, name the youngest player scoring 10,000 points.

Answer: Lebron James

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Question 22. Which sports is Bela Karolyi the coach of?

Answer: Women’s Gymnastics

Question 23. Name the first baseball player who appeared in the Wheaties box.

Answer: Lou Gehrig

Question 24. A football team has lightning on their player’s helmet. Which NFL team is it?

Answer: Los Angeles charger

Easy Sports Trivia Questions And Answers

Question 25. In football, what is the color of goalposts?

Answer: Yellow

Question 26. Name a sport similar to softball.

Answer: Baseball

Question 27. What is the complete form of the NBA?

Answer: National Basketball Association

Question 28. How many players comprise a baseball team?

Answer: Nine

Question 29. How many points does a touchdown in football have?

Answer: Six points.

Question 30. In tennis, which equipment hits the ball?

Answer: Tennis bat

Question 31. What do the riders ride in Tour De France?

Answer: A bicycle

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Question 32. In motorsports, which flag indicates which winner?

Answer: Checkered flag

Question 33. How long is a marathon race?

Answer: 42. 195 Kilometres (26 miles 385yards)

Question 34. After how many years have the Olympics been held?

Answer: After four years

Question 35. Name the country that won the first world championship for women.

Answer: The United States

Question 36. Name the country with the maximum time in the Summer Olympics and still without winning any medal.

Answer: Liechtenstein

Miscellaneous Sports Trivia

Question 37. What is the size of a baseball?

Answer: 9 or 9 ¼ inches (in circumference)

Question 38. Name the first woman from the United States to bag a gold medal at the world championship in gymnastics.

Answer: Marcia Frederick

Question 39. In which year did the first Wimbledon tournament take place?

Answer: In the year 1877 

Question 40. ‘Home run’ was earlier used in some other sports before being permanently used in baseball. Name the sport.

Answer: Cricket

Question 41. In the history of the NBA, which team has the longest winning streak?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers

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Question 42. Name the country that boycotted the Summer Olympics in 1980.

Answer: The United States

Question 43. Which country bags the maximum NBA titles?

Answer: Boston Celtics

Question 44. In hockey, one NHL player is named the ‘Goat.’ Who is the player?

Answer: Wayne Gretzky

Question 45. Peyton Manning won his first Super Bowl against whom?

Answer: He won against the Chicago Bears, leading the Colts to a 29-17 victory.

Question 46. What do the San Francisco 49ers stand for?

Answer: It is an American football franchise in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Question 47. What is the Rose Bowl Game?

Answer: it is an annual American football game for college boys. It is frequently called the Rose Bowl. It is played on New Year’s Day (1st January) in Rose Ball Stadium, California.

Question 48: What is the most famous golf tournament in the USA?

Answer: It is known as the Grand Slam, which consists of 4 tournaments: The US Open, The Master Tournament, The Open Championship, and the PGA

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Question 49. Which country played maximum time in the Summer Olympics but has failed to bag a single gold medal?

Answer: Philippines

Question 50. For a horse, three races are required to win The Triple Crown Prize. What are those races? 

Answer: Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, and Preakness Stakes

Question 51. Who among Serena Williams and Venus Williams has won numerous Grand Slam Titles?

Answer: Serena Williams

Question 52. Name the boxer who defeated Mohammad Ali.

Answer: Joe Frazier

Question 53. Name the national sport of Canada.

Answer: Lacrosse

Question 54. What is the size of the Olympic swimming pool in meters?

Answer: Length-50 meters and Breadth-25 meters

Question 55. Name the first African country that qualified for the World Cup for soccer.

Answer: Egypt

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Question 56. Michael Jordan won how many NBA championships against the Chicago Bulls?

Answer: Six

Question 57. In the Stanley Cup finals, a coach himself came and played for his team. Name the coach.

Answer: Lester Patrick

Question 58. Tell the number of Grand Slams that Roger Federer won in 2006.

Answer: Three

Question 59. Name the two NFL teams to win maximum Super Bowls.

Answer: New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers

Question 60. A female pitcher knocked out Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. Who was she?

Answer: Jackie Mitchell

Sports Questions For Kids

Question 61. Muhammad Ali was famous for which sport?

Answer: Boxing

Question 62. In tennis, zero scores are termed as?

Answer: Love

Question 63. What sport is called the ‘King of sports’?

Answer: Soccer

Question 64. Answer: 

Question 65. What number of rings does an Olympic flag have?

Answer: Five

Question 66. What part of the body is a ball forbidden to touch in football?

Answer: Hands

Question 67. Which city hosted the Olympics two times?

Answer: Paris

Question 68. Are rings in the Olympics a representation of?

Answer: Continents of the world

Question 69. Which sport do a net, shuttlecock, and racket represent?

Answer: Badminton

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Question 70. What is a football field called?

Answer: Pitch

Question 71. In darts or archery, what is the center of the target called?

Answer: Bullseye

Question 72. Tell the diameter (in inches) of a basketball hoop.

Answer: Eighteen inches

Question: 73. How many players does a football team have?

Answer: Eleven

Question 74. On Memorial Day, name the sporting event held.

Answer: Indianapolis 500

Question 75 Who holds the 15th place in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) as the greatest player in the sport of tennis?

  AnswerRoger Federer

Question 76: Who is nicknamed “the Great One” in the National Hockey League?

Answer:  Wayne Gretzky

Question 77 Who was honored as one of the 50 Greatest Players in the history of the National Basketball Association in 1996?

Answer:      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Question 78: Who was honored as the Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament three times and became the first-ever Naismith College Player of the Year in 1969?

Answer:        Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Question 79 Who is the five-time holder of the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award?

Answer:       Roger Federer

Question 80: Who is nicknamed “the Great One” in the National Hockey League?

Answer       Wayne Gretzky

Question 81: Who was known as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time?

Answer:       Muhammad Ali

Question 82: What is the name of Serena William’s sister name?

Answer: Venus William

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Easy trivia questions and answers
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Question 82. An American football team in 1972 was unbeatable during the entire season, including the Super Bowl. Name the team.

Answer: The Miami Dolphins

Question 83. What is the weight of an NFL football?

Answer: One Pound

Question 84. Name the first player to complete 1000 yards in a single season.

Answer: Beattie Feathers

Question 85. Name the first-ever gay player to be included in an NFL team.

Answer: Michael Sam

Question 86. Name the oldest team in the NFL.

Answer: Green Bay Packers

Question 87. In the 1990s, which team had the honor of winning three Super Bowls?

Answer: Dallas

Question 88. Which NFL player is well known as “Sweetness”?

Answer: Walter Payton

Question 89. Name the country that played in every single football World Cup.

Answer: Brazil

Question 90. Name the only team in the NFL that neither hosted nor played in the Super Bowl.

Answer: Cleveland Browns

Question 91. In 1969, a player kicked a punt against the Denver Broncos, breaking all the records. Who was the player?

Answer: Steve O’ Neal

We hope you enjoyed the sports trivia questions above.

With so many questions in your hands, take a quiz yourself, test the knowledge of your friends and family, and find out who knows their favorite sports the best. This quiz is fun for all sports geeks.

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