100+ Funny writing prompts for children & adults

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Key Takeways

Best Funny Writing Prompts:

1.What if you woke up one day and you were as tiny as an ant? Describe your day.

2. Describe a day where everything you draw becomes real.

3. Write a 2 step instruction on how to use a microwave

4.An alien felt so ticklish when landed on the grass. Finish the story.

5.Write a story about a nanny that kept falling asleep

Looking for a burst of laughter in your writing? Dive into these funny writing prompts, perfect for sparking creativity and giggles. Whether it’s a science experiment gone hilariously awry or a superhero principal, these prompts are sure to bring joy and imagination to your writing!

Funny writing prompts for middle school 

  1. Alien Teacher: Your new math teacher is an alien. Describe their first day teaching your class.
  2. Supermarket Shenanigans: Write a story about a chaotic trip to the supermarket where everything goes hilariously wrong.
  3. Homework Eater: Imagine a mythical creature that eats homework. What happens when you bring it to school?
  4. Invisible for a Day: You wake up invisible! What funny situations do you encounter throughout the day?
  5. Funky Food Fusion: Invent a new food by combining two things that should never go together. Describe its taste and the reaction of your family or friends.
  6. Mischievous Magic Wand: You find a magic wand, but it only works in silly ways. What do you do with it?
  7. Backwards Day: Everything happens in reverse for a day. How does this turn your school and home life upside down?
  8. Talking Pets: Your pets suddenly start talking one day. What funny secrets do they reveal?
  9. Disastrous School Play: Describe a school play where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong – in the funniest way possible.
  10. The Great Escape: Write a story about a class field trip to a museum where the exhibits come to life and the students must navigate through history to find their way back.

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Funny writing for kids

  1. What if you woke up one day and you were as tiny as an ant? Describe your day.
  2. Write a story about a cat and a dog running for president of the animal kingdom.
  3. Imagine your school is taken over by clowns for a day. What happens?
  4. Describe the funniest thing that could happen if animals could suddenly talk.
  5. What if you found a magic remote that could pause, rewind, or fast-forward time?
  6. Write a story where your favorite food comes to life and becomes your best friend.
  7. Imagine a world where everyone has a silly walk, like in a comedy sketch. How do you walk?
  8. Describe a day where everything you draw becomes real.
  9. Write about a family trip to the moon gone hilariously wrong.
  10. What if you had a pet dinosaur that was afraid of mice? Describe a day with it.
  11. Imagine your house is a giant cake. How do you live in it without eating it all?
  12. Write a funny story about a school where the students are teachers and the teachers are students.
  13. What if you could switch places with your favorite cartoon character for a day?
  14. Imagine you invent a new holiday. What is it and how do people celebrate it?
  15. Write a story about a talking car that gives you driving lessons.
  16. What if you found out your grandmother was a secret agent?
  17. Describe the weirdest, most unusual sport that could ever exist.
  18. What if your shadow had a personality and could talk to you?
  19. Write a story where you discover your pet dog writes a popular internet blog.
  20. Imagine a world where instead of speaking, people sing everything like in a musical.
  21. Write a story about a nanny that kept falling asleep
  22. The nanny forgets to close the door and the baby sneaked out while the nanny fell asleep. Describe what happens next
  23. The teacher did not believe that the dog ate my homework. Finish the story
  24. An alien felt so ticklish when landed on the grass. Finish the story.
  25. The mouse stole my wallet and ate my dollars. Describe what happens next.
  26. The cat jumped over the moon and the dish ran away with the spoon. Create a story out of that sentence.
  27. My family forgot that they left me at the airport. They boarded the plane while I was waiting in the boarding area. Describe what happens next
  28. A mother is obsessed with getting followers on Instagram. Describe what she did.
  29. Write a story about a genius who fell over his own intelligence.
  30. Describe a world that is ruled by animals
  31. Describe a story where the Uber driver does not know how to drive properly
  32. Write a story about a teacher who couldn’t stop sneezing
  33. Write a 2 step instruction on how to use a microwave
  34. Write a story with the word that sounds like “track”
  35. Pretend you are living in the 70s. How would you be dressing up?
  36. You discovered a new planet. 20 years from now, people will be living on this planet. What would you name this new planet? Write a story about the magical things about this planet.
  37. Would you rather spend the rest of your life in a library, museum or zoo?
  38. Imagine creating your own report card, in which subjects would you get an A?
  39. Create a new game that only you and your friends can understand.
  40. Imagine you had a pause button in your life. To which moment in your life would you hit that button?
  41. Create new rules for your school. What would it be?
  42. Pretend like you are living in the 80s and write a story about how spoil kids are these days.
  43. Write the most annoying commercial you have ever seen.
  44. Write a poem about yourself in the form of an animal

Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

Funny writing prompts with pictures

  1. Your new math teacher is an alien. What hilarious situations occur as they try to teach fractions using their home planet’s examples?

2. Imagine if the food in your school cafeteria came to life! Write a story about the chaos and fun that ensues when sandwiches dance and jello jumps around during lunchtime.

3. Imagine if the food in your school cafeteria came to life! Write a story about the chaos and fun that ensues when sandwiches dance and jello jumps around during lunchtime

funny writing prompts 3

4. Imagine discovering that your school principal is actually a famous superhero! Write about the students’ reactions and the funny situations that occur as the principal tries to keep their superhero identity under wraps while maintaining order in the school.

funny writing prompts

5. Write a story about a science class experiment that goes humorously wrong, creating a mini weather storm inside the classroom

Creative and funny writing prompts:

Write a story on the prompts below. 

  1. You woke up one day, and everyone around you started telling the truth.
  2. You found a hole in your back garden that can transport you to a different universe.
  3. The priest said the wrong prayers.
  4. A girl suffers from a disease that maker her blush every time she is shy
  5. People suddenly realize they were all robots
  6. Romeo and Juliet realized their relationship was a mistake
  7. A marriage counselor had an unsuccessful marriage for 3 times. Would you trust him?
  8. Cupid got struck by a lightning.
  9. Comedians decided to run as presidential candidates.
  10. A prince decided to give away his throne for love.
  11. A child who is scared of his own shadow.
  12. A scientist manages to bring back Mummies to live from the tomb. However, they did not realize that now all the Mummies have come back to haunt them.
  13. A woman accidentally dialed a phone number that told her that she is now a millionaire.
  14. A man won an award to be the best stand-up comedian. He is now being hired by a rich man to teach him how to tell jokes.
  15. Take a piece of paper and just write down the words that come into your mind.
  16. An author wrote the wrong autobiography. Now he is stuck with a  story that is so much more engaging to read for his readers.
  17. A bored employee hacked the social media profile of his company and started posting about them.
  18. Write a story about an Easter bunny who was eating everyone’s eggs.
  19. I stepped on someone else’s shoes and I was suddenly living the life of that person.
  20. Google is no longer algorithm. It has become a real person. Every time you search for something, a person will be talking back at you.
  21. You get a set of minions for the week. What will you do with them?

Funny writing promptsFinish the sentence prompts:

  1. My cereal bowl had gold c0ins in it………
  2. I laughed so hard that…..
  3. I never thought that my dog could laugh…….
  4. I sneezed and……
  5. The cat ate the mouse and……..
  6. I am sure this science experiment will not explode us……
  7. I was told that I would be spending time at home for 3 months……….
  8. I adopted 10 dogs without telling my mom…….
  9. The grass at my home was so green that my neighbors……
  10. My name is actually……..
  11. I accidentally dialled 911….
  12. My teacher is not in school, I think she is at the…..

Reflective humor prompts:

  1. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
  2. Who is the funniest person that you know?
  3. Would you ever want to be a stand-up comedian?
  4. Describe an inside joke that only your friends and family know about.
  5. Rewrite the current news story using the word “but” after every 5 words
  6. What is the funniest TV show you have ever watched?
  7. What is the funniest book you have ever read?
  8. How do you think people can be funny?
  9. Do you think stand-up comedian practice their act beforehand?
  10. Write the funniest holiday you have ever been on.
  11. Write the funniest incident you have ever experienced.
  12. Write a story about the funniest moments you had with your family.

We hope you have enjoyed the funny writing prompts. If you do, please share it with your friends and family.

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