50+ Fun Fallout Shelter trivia questions and answers

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Are you into simulation games? If yes, then you would love Fallout Shelter trivia questions below. Bethesda Game Studios developed this video game. It is available on many devices, starting with iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Here is a fun fact about Fallout Shelter. Each player in this game gets their vault, a type of fallout shelter. Did you know that it is also available on Tesla?

One primary revenue stream for Fallout Shelter is in-app microtransactions. Back in 2015, when this game was first launched, it generated over $5.1 million in revenues.

Now, lets see how many Fallout Shelter trivia questions can you answer.

Fallout Shelter trivia

Fun Fallout Shelter trivia

Let’s look at some common Fallout Shelter trivia questions and their correct answers. Before we proceed, spoiler warning.

The trivia sections contain answers to places, characters, and events in the Fallout Shelter that you might be yet to unlock.

If you have already finished Fallout Shelter, try guessing the correct answers to the following questions.

  1. Question: In the game Fallout Shelter, what event is said to mark the final ending of the Cold War?

Answer: The dispersion of the Soviet Union.

2. Question: What is the minimum disk space required to play Fallout Shelter?

Answer: 5 GB.

3. Question: Is the Fallout series a PC game?

Answer: No.

4. Question: On what platforms can you play Fallout shelter?

Answer: iOS, Android, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

5. Question: What is the cost of playing this game?

Answer: It is free to play.

6. Question: The railroad association created the Synths? True or False

Answer: False.

7. Question: Abraham Lincoln is the head of the Capital Wasteland? True or Fale

Answer: False.

8. Question: What is the age restriction to play this game?

Answer: There is none. You can play this game if you are 12 or above.

9. Question: Is there a Washington Monument in the game?

Answer: No.

10. Question: Is Fallout shelter available in the language Polish?

Answer: Currently, no.

11. Question: How long does it take to end Fallout Shelter?

Answer: It depends on the pace of the Fallout player.

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12. Question: Thomas Jefferson is the head of the Capital Wasteland? True or False

Answer: False.

13. Question: What is DiMA in Fallout Shelter?

Answer: Synth.

14. Question: In what state is the Far Harbor located?

Answer: Maine.

15. Question: Why does Nakano elope to Acadia in the game?

Answer: Because she starts to believe that she is a synth.

16. Question: What was the name of the leader of the Republic Dave Island?

Answer: Dave.

17. Question: Can you tell me what was the name of the Children of Atom base located in Far Island?

Answer: Nucleus.

18. Question: What did people remember Rivet City for before the war?

Answer: Aircraft carrier.

19. Question: In what group does Sarah Lyons belong?

Answer: He belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel.

20. Question: Name the most famous reporter from Diamon City?

Answer: Piper Wright.

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21. Question: What was the name of the sheriff of Megaton?

Answer: Lucas Simms.

22. Question: A boy named Quentin got trapped inside the fridge in Commonwealth’s kitchen? True or False

Answer: False.

23. Question: What creature lurks in the depths of the Salem Museum of Witchcraft?

Answer: Death claw.

Easy Fallout shelter questions and answers

24. Question: What book did Moira write?

Answer: Wasteland Survival Guide.

25. Question: Goon Swarm is the name of the military mercenary found inside the Capital Wasteland. True or False

Answer: False

26. Question: What is the name of the DJ from Galaxy News Radio?

Answer: Three Dogs. (Species of small furry animals)

27. Question: What is the last name of Moira?

Answer: Brown.

28. Question: From which store does Lone Wandered collect food for Moira?

Answer: Nuka Cola Plant.

29. Question: In which transport did the Brotherhood of Steel arrive at Commonwealth?

Answer: Airship.

30. Question: The crazy mechanic in the railroad is Tinker Ted? True or False

Answer: False.

Fallout Shelter trivia

31. Question: Which members of the Brotherhood of Steel took refuge inside the Cambridge Police Station?

Answer: Paladin Danse and Scribe Haylen.

32. Question: Name one advanced technology & weaponry owned by the Brotherhood of Steel.

Answer: Power Armor

33. Question: Why did the Brotherhood of Steel travel to the Mass Fusion HQ?

Answer: Beryllium Agitator

34. Question: What is the name of the old psychic from Minutemen?

Answer: Mama Murphy.

35. Question: By which group was Project Purity taken over being launched?

Answer: The Enclave.

36. Question: What is the name of the mechanic from the Railroad?

Answer: Tinker Tom.

37. Question: What body created the Synths?

Answer: The Institute.

38. Question: Band of Super Mutants took over Project Purity before it was launched. True or False

Answer: False.

39. Question: What is the name of the military mercenaries from the Capital Wasteland.

Answer: The Talon Company.

40. Question: Which monument did Hannibal Hamlin want to restore?

Answer: Lincoln Memorial.

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41. Question: What was the name of the little boy who got trapped inside the fridge of the Commonwealth Office’s kitchen?

Answer: Billy.

42. Question: Name the Super Mutant Behemoth hiding inside the Common Pond.

Answer: Swan.

43. Question: Sturges is the physic in the Minutemen?

Answer: No.

44. Question: There is a sanctuary near Vault 111. Can you name it?

Answer: Sanctuary.

45. Question: Name the group which worships Glow.

Answer: Children of Atom.

46. Question: Who is responsible for trimming the bushes in the Sanctuary?

Answer: Codsworth.

47. Question: Which holiday preceded the Great War?

Answer: Halloween.

48. Question: Who do you find lurking near the Red Rocket sanctuary?

Answer: Dogmeat.

49. Question: In which area of the Commonwealth do the children of Atom live?

Answer: Near the glowing sea.

50. Question: Do the members of the Brotherhood of Steel have Armored donkeys?

Answer: No.

51. Question: What do the Hubologists want?

Answer: A Spaceship.

52. Question: Which ingredient was used to create Super Mutants.

Answer: Forced Evolutionary Virus.

53. Question: How long does it take for the Brotherhood of Steel to arrive in the Commonwealth?

Answer: 20 Hours.

54. Question: Do the members of the Brotherhood of Steel have Gauss Rifles?

Answer: No

55. Question: Atom’s Children worship the Glow. True or False

Answer: False.

Fallout Shelter trivia

56. Question: The Far Harbor Island is located in Rhode Island. True or False

Answer: False.

57. Question: DiMA is the name of a computer.

Answer: No.

58. Question: Lexington is the closest settlement to Vault 111? True or False

Answer: False.

59. Question: Is Marcy Long is responsible for trimming the bushes in the Sanctuary?

Answer: No, Codsworth is.

60. Question: Red Rover hangs around the Sanctuary?

Answer: No, Dogmeat does.

61. Question: The Great War started right after Labor Day.True or False

Answer: False. It began after Halloween.

62. Question: The headquarter for Kelloggs is located near Fort Lynn? True or False

Answer: False. It is located near Fort Hagen.

63. Question: What is the name of the Raider Gang in Nuka-World?

Answer: Disciples

Hard Fallout Shelter trivia

Many of you think that Harbor Hotel is a real place in the world of Commonwealth in Fallout Shelter? But in reality, there is no such place as Harbor Hotel.

If you play Fallout Shelter, know that the most effective weapon for defeating Ryker is a Squirt Gun. A squirt gun is another powerful weapon.

Nuka Cola is a popular beverage in Fallout Shelter. Sadly, it is only available in Nuka Fresh flavor.

Fun facts about the Fallout shelter game

Each player in Fallout shelter has their SPECIAL stat, which stands for perception, luck, agility, strength, charisma, endurance, & intelligence. When assigning particular players to particular rooms, you should always look at their SPECIAL stats dashboard.

Always keep all the dwellers employed. If you want to filter all the Fallout Shelter players, you can use any criteria listed in the vault dwellers table.

If you don’t, they will be consuming your food and water while bringing in nothing to the vault in return.

You can find weapons. Lone Wanderers are the ones who are solely responsible for curating weapons for you.

Instead of keeping the weapons in the inventory, you should assign them to every elderly dweller in your shelter. Vault construction is also another important aspect for the effective playing of the Fallout shelter.

Do not expect much from the rusty pistols and shotguns. Also, always store some weapons in every room in your shelter. This will help the dwellers fend off raiders and fight back infestation.

Your vault will be raided by enemies very frequently. As a rule of thumb, you are safe by posting two lone wanderers equipped with two heavy weapons right outside your vault.

Like any other video game, you can change the outfit of your dwellers in Fallout Shelter too. Depending on the outfit you are using, your dwellers will get a boost to their SPECIAL stat.

You can find exclusive outfits from weekly quests, playing random quests, and playing weekly challenges. Good Luck!

We hope you enjoyed the Fallout Shelter trivia questions above.

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