22 fun video game trivia questions

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We have a list of easy video game trivia questions and challenging questions.

If you can answer most of the questions here, you can call yourself a gamer with supreme knowledge who knows what has been happening in the gaming world over the last three to four decades. 

You can try to make the trivia more exciting by asking your best friend to join the quiz.

Call your group of gamer friends who you know will have fun answering all these questions and test their gaming knowledge. Video game expert? This one is for you. 

We have an exciting list of 15 questions spanning three decades, from the latest games like Resident Evil to Super Mario Brothers to The Legend of Zelda. We have all the questions covered below. Now, let’s test your knowledge of video games.

Video Game Trivia Questions From The 1990s

  1. What was the video game in which Mario came into existence as a character?

Answer: Donkey Kong

Fact: This is a game where the main character has to go about a construction site. This character was initially unnamed but later became known as The Jumpman.

He has to rescue a lady who is stuck with the villain. The main character’s name was later called Mario. 

2. Which famous video game has the main character as Solid Snake?

Answer: The Metal Gear

Fact: A fictional character from The Metal Gear series, he is a highly skilled soldier specializing in stealth missions and espionage.

He has a twin brother called Liquid Snake. He is supposed to be the second product of Les Infants Terribles – a secret project that the government runs to create soldier clones. 

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3. What did Nintendo start its journey with?

Answer – Selling playing cards

Fact: Nintendo was founded as Nintendo Karuta to produce and sell traditional Japanese playing cards.

There was a massive increase in the popularity of these playing cards, which led to the first-ever expansion of the company in that segment, introducing a lot of Nintendo characters.

Only in the early 1970s did the company venture into electronics and video game consoles, launching its first Nintendo console. 

4. What type of video game is Astro Boy?

Answer: An action video game/Arcade game.

Fact: This series game is set in the future. Here, robots co-exist with human beings. This game follows the adventures of Astro Boy across various missions. 

video game trivia questions
video game trivia questions

5. What is the highest-grossing game ever?

A: Pokémon

Fact: Pokémon has been so successful over the ages that it is hard to imagine any other game coming close. It has been a favorite of kids and adults alike.

The game has also constantly evolved to integrate newer Pokémon into it.  

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Video Game Trivia Questions From 2020

6. Which year saw the release of the first game of Call of Duty?

Answer: 2003

Fact: Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game that Activision launched.

Starting with World War 2, it branched into other forms of arenas like the Cold War, outer space, and futuristic spaces.

The most recent of all, Black Ops, was released in 2020. 

7. The football club Rangers manager Alex McLeish was made aware of a player through his ability ratings on Football Manager. Who was that player?

Answer: Lionel Messi

Fact: The manager’s son, Jon, nags him to sign his first character, Messi.

Since Messi, for the apparent reason, could not stop scoring, he wanted to have that player on the team his dad was managing in international football.

However, the Rangers did not try to sign him as it would have been an extremely costly deal for them. 

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8. When was Super Smash Bros released?

Answer: 2014

Fact: One of the most famous crossovers in fighting games developed by two studios.

This game features superstars from various action games who use their powers and geographical locations to inflict danger and war on the other players.

This video game series has launched many other versions since its launch. 

9. How long did it take Markus Perrson to make the first version of Minecraft?

Answer: One week

Fact: Markus Perrson, the famous game developer, also known as Notch in the gaming circles, founded Minecraft.

He took about a week to create the first version of the game.

It was launched into the market in 2011. He said it was the best time and best place to tackle this.

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10. Who is the voiceover in the movie – Pokémon Detective Pikachu?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

Fact: Ryan Reynolds delivered his voiceover to the whole movie, which became an instant success across various generations.

11. Which company invented the first video game console?

Answer: Atari in 1972

12. What is the hedgehog’s original name?

Answer: Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog

13. How long did it take to create the game Mortal Kombat?

Answer: 10 months

14. Which game holds the Guinness world record for the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game?

Answer: World of Warcraft

15. On which console can you play Crash Bandicoot?

Answer: Sony play station console

16. In League of Legends, which character was named after the design director?

Answer: Zilean

17. In which year was Pac-Man Invented?

Answer: 1980

2023 Video Game Trivia

18. Who features on the FIFA 2023 cover?

Answer: Kylian Mbappe

Fact: With his extraordinary performances over the last year, it is no surprise that the Frenchman is on the prestigious cover of FIFA 2023

19. Which popular game was purchased for more than 1 billion dollars by Microsoft?

Answer Minecraft

Fact: The sales were high. Users’ retention was also increased. There were all the reasons in blue for Microsoft to go forward and make a huge offer to buy Minecraft. 

20. Which athlete was featured on the cover of NHL 21′?

Answer Alex Ovechkin

Fact: He scored 48 goals and won his ninth Rocket Richard trophy last season. It was a prominent statement that he would be the magazine’s cover star.

21. How many versions of Grand Theft Auto have been released so far?

Answer: Fifteen

Fact: Many versions of Grand Theft Auto have been released over the last decade.

Out of all, the most famous ones are San Andreas and Vice City since they were probably launched when gaming started to pick up immensely among the youth.

22. How many levels are available in Modern Warfare 2?

Answer: 70

Fact: With its extensive demographics and intricate character designs, Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most played games in the world.

There are about 70 levels that a player has to pass to stand as the champion.


We hope you enjoyed answering the video game trivia quiz above. If you have any other video game trivia questions to be added to the list above,  comment below.

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