50+ Fun and interesting flower trivia questions

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There are over 300,000 known flowering plants, some more popular than others. But even among the widespread species, how well do you know these? The following flower trivia quiz has been designed to test exactly that. Get to know just how much you are an expert on flowers.  

By answering the following flower quiz questions, you will learn a lot of fun facts and interesting facts about flowers. The correct answers have also been provided, so you can use this flower trivia in competitive situations at home, in the classroom or during your outings with friends and family. 

50+ Fun and interesting flower trivia questions

Easy flower trivia questions

Most ladies in a romantic movie are clamoring to receive a bouquet. Some flowers for sure dominate pop culture more than others. This flower trivia quiz tests how well you know the most basic flower facts. Good luck!

  1. What popular carnivorous plant—native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina—consumes insects and arachnids primarily? The Venus Flytrap
  2. What is the scientific name of the red rose? Rosa rubiginosa.
  3. Which country has the cherry blossom as its natural flower? Japan
  4. What type of flower has a head that moves throughout the day from east to west? Sunflower
  5. What is the common name of the largest flower in the world? The Stinking Corpse Lily or Rafflesia arnoldii
  6. What flower is regarded as the national flower of Scotland? The Wild Thistle
  7. What is the national flower of the United States of America? The Rose
  8. What sticks to insects and other small animals when they eat flowers? Pollen
  9. This flower is toxic to cats and must be kept away from them. Lily
  10. What flower is considered a very sacred flower in the Buddhist religion? The Lotus
  11. In Japan, the art of flower arrangement is known as? Ikebana
  12. People who work in flower shops and specialize in growing and arranging flowers are known as? Florists
  13. In the United States, when you are sick, what flower is most commonly sent to you as a get-well-soon message? Chrysanthemums
  14. The Poppy is used as the symbol for the remembrance of which historical event? World War I
  15. If a flower manages to bloom more than once in a year, what name is used to classify it? Perennial flower

Spring flower trivia questions

Different types of flowers bloom at different times of the year. However, spring is one of the best times for the most beautiful flowers. How well do you know these flowers? With the following flower trivia quiz, you can quickly put your knowledge to the test. 

  1. Which white flower, part of the lily family, represents apology and forgiveness? Tulips
  2. Which flower, also known as the narcissus flower, got its name from a self-centered man from Greek Mythology? Daffodils
  3. Which flower is said to be immortal since the color of its petals never fades, even after being cut? The curry plant
  4. Which Japanese and Thai flower is known as a symbol of resurrection? The Easter Lily
  5. What plant uses nectar from its flowers to lure small animals into its conical, modified leaves for consumption? The pitcher plant
  6. Rose flowers bear fruit known as? Rose hips
  7. What white flower is known to drive away evil spirits, especially as it is burned? The white sage
  8. What flower, also known as Nymphaeaceae, grows in the soil beneath bodies of water? Water lilies
  9. This flower represents youth, renewal, and optimism and is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring—the primrose day flower
  10. What flower can be used in place of onions when cooking? The tulip bulb

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Summer flower trivia questions

Some flowers forgo spring and decide to bloom in the summer. They are still as beautiful and fragrant as their spring counterparts. Are you an expert in summertime flowers? Then make sure you challenge your knowledge with this summer flower trivia. 

  1. To what height can the corpse flower, known as the Titan arum or Amorphophallus titanum, grow too? 10 feet tall
  2. What was sacred flower very important to ancient Egyptians and their customs? The lotus flower
  3. Which flower, also known as the stargazer, represents eternal life? Oriental lilies
  4. What flower is so poisonous that prolonged contact with it will cause skin and eye irritation? Nerium oleander
  5. What flower, also known as the day’s eye, has positive medicinal properties on the digestive system when consumed? The Daisy
  6. What flower was nicknamed after a woman who was famously murdered in 1947? The Black Dahlia
  7. What flower has bell-shaped or trumpet-shaped flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds? The Tobacco flower
  8. What South African flower, named after a large carnivore, has yellow petals with red spotting at the center? The tiger flower.  
  9. This flower looks similar to sunflowers, with thin, yellow, radial petals surrounding a black core. Black-eyed Susan
  10. This lily, with red petals, is sometimes used as a source of starch for human and animal consumption. The Canna Lily

Common flower quiz questions

We see some flowers so often that we take them for granted. And there are some flower facts that we have always known. But do you truly understand these things just as well as you think? Well, if that is the case, this ordinary flower trivia should be no match for you, and you have nothing to worry about. 

  1. How many different types of flowering plants are there in the world? 400,000.
  2. Which perennial yellow flower, native to Mexico, is sometimes called Tagetes? The Marigold
  3. Which flower provides the most expensive spice in the world? The Spice Saffron Flower
  4. Which flower shares the same name as the colored part of the human eye? The Iris flower
  5. What kind of flower is the longest blooming flower in the world? Anthurium
  6. What flower is used to make a bath of yarrow tea? The yarrow blossom
  7. What flower, found in the Salt Lake valley, is the state flower of Utah? The Sego Lily
  8. Which ornamental night-blooming flower is also known as the moonflower? The tropical white morning glory.
  9. What flower, also known as the crane flower, is pollinated mostly by sunbirds? The bird of paradise flower
  10. What flowers were used to ward off the offensive smell of the bubonic plague? Lavender, roses, and carnations
flower trivia

Fun facts about flowers

Believe it or not, flowers are some of the most exciting things on the entire planet. Between how they bloom, their colors, how they pollinate, their medicinal properties, and their cultural significance, there’s a lot about a flower that may surprise you. Curious? Then try your hands with this flower trivia quiz. 

  1. Is it true that different flowers have different meanings depending on their color? Yes
  2. Are tulip flower bulbs edible? Yes
  3. What is the scientific name for the flower, now extinct, which is considered the eve of all flowers? Archaefructus sinensis.
  4. Prickly pear cactus is not a flowering plant, yes or no? No
  5. Lavender flowers are edible and rich in vitamin C, true or false? True
  6. What is the world’s oldest flower? Montsechia vidalii.
  7. What is the smallest flower in the world? The Wolffia flower, or Water Meal. These tiny flowers help them pollinate quicker. 
  8. What flower’s name refers to bright, luminous, gaseous celestial bodies? The Aster Flower
  9. What clump-forming perennial plant grows upright and blooms pink and white flowers? The Gas Plant
  10. What is the most expensive flower that was ever sold? The man-made Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, for 165,000 dollars in 2005. 
  11. Flowers bloom only on mature plants, true or false? True
  12. Succulent plants always need flowers for pollination, true or false? False
  13. Borage is one of the best flowers to place in your vegetable garden, true or false? True
  14. Standard bike flowers are an acceptable staple of rose gardens, true or false? True
  15. What parts of a flower are involved in pollination? The anther and the stigma
  16. Why do some flowers have very vibrant colors on their petals? To attract animals for pollination or to attract prey
  17. Lack of nutrients can sometimes be a reason why flowers take a long time to grow, true or false? True
  18. Some flowers are capable of eating their own food, true or false. False
  19. What country has about 9,000 species of orchids? The Philippines
  20. What Rose has the rarest color in the world? The blue rose
  21. In Germany, white flowers are reserved for what events? Funerals
  22. How much money do Americans spend each year on cut flowers? 6.2 Billion Dollars
  23. When the Vikings invaded Scotland, this flower got in their way. The Thistle
  24. What name is given to the study of flowering plants? Botany
  25. How many roses does it take to produce one gram of rose oil? 2,000 roses

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