30+ Fun guitar trivia questions and facts

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Over the years, there has been an enduring appeal of the guitar as a musical instrument. People either play guitars or enjoy songs performed with guitars. But how well do you know this popular instrument? Well, this guitar trivia seeks to test that. 

This ultimate guitar quiz contains many general knowledge questions about the stringed instrument. Try your hands at these quiz questions and see how well you do!

30+ Fun guitar trivia questions and facts

Electric guitar trivia

Here are some fun electric guitar trivia questions. Let’s see how many you can answer.

  1. When was the first complete electric guitar made? 1940
  2. When was the first electric guitar used with an amplifier discovered? 1931
  3. What device do electric guitars need to be adequately heard? Amplifiers
  4. The electric guitar was originally created to be the amplified version of which instrument? The acoustic guitar
  5. What was the name of the person who invented the electric guitar? Paul H. Tutmarc.
  6. What is the main difference, in terms of look, between the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar? Size; the electric guitar is smaller
  7. What is the body of the electric guitar made of? Metal, instead of wood
  8. Who was the first major artist to adopt the electric guitar and make it mainstream? B.B. King
  9. What are the five electric guitar types? Solid-body, chambered bodies, Semi-acoustic, Full hollow-body, and Electric Acoustic
  10. What was the Hawaiian-style electric guitar archetype named? The Frying Pan. 

Classical guitar trivia quiz

  1. What name is given to the classical music guitar? The Spanish Guitar
  2. Which instrument is the ancestral father of the guitar? The Lute
  3. Is a classical guitar’s tuning different from an electric guitar? No
  4. Why do classical guitars have wider necks than other types of guitars? To give a left hand more room for finger placement
  5. What fearsome French general was also an accomplished classical guitarist? Napoleon
  6. How many years ago was the first guitar recognized? About 4000 years ago
  7. What made guitars more popular than pianos? They were cheaper and more portable
  8. Is the guitar the world’s most popular instrument? No, it’s the piano
  9. How many individuals worldwide use the guitar? 50 million people
  10. What was the name of the singer who was buried with a three-string chordophone 3500 years ago? Har-Mose

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Guitar history quiz

  1. In what country was the oldest surviving guitar-like instrument found? Egypt
  2. What famous guitarist married his guitar? Chris Black
  3. Why is Les Paul famous? He invented the solid-body electric guitar, the Gibson Les Paul.
  4. What was the signature guitar of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones? The Fender Telecaster, also known as The Human Riff
  5. Where does the English word “guitar” come from? The Spanish word “Guitarra” refers to a type of lute
  6. What shape is a guitar supposed to resemble? A woman’s body
  7. Which artist that died at 27 is commonly regarded as the most influential guitarist of all time? Jimi Hendrix
  8. Who holds the guitar solo world record, and how long did it last? David Browne of Ireland played for 114 hours, 6 minutes 30 seconds in 2011
  9. What class does the double guitar fall under? Multi-neck guitars
  10. What is a touch guitar? A guitar that is meant to be touched or tapped, not strummed

Ten interesting facts about guitars

  1. What was the first guitar that Mark Knopfler lusted after? A fiesta red fender Stratocaster
  2. What makes the acoustic steel guitar so special? It has steel strings, giving it a distinct sound
  3. What is the lap steel guitar also known as? The Hawaiian guitar
  4. Hawaiian music employs a guitar-like instrument known as…? The Ukulele
  5. Which institution made the world’s smallest guitar? Cornell University, and it is 10 micrometers long
  6. What device converts the vibrations of a guitar string to an electrical signal? The single-coil pickup
  7. What does a guitar capo do? It clamps down the strings of the guitar on the fretboard, making the playing area shorter and raising the pitch of the guitar
  8. What hand is used to strum the guitar? The dominant hand
  9. What was the first guitar-based rhythm game? GuitarFreaks
  10. How much money does the most valuable guitar in the world cost? 2,000,000 dollars
guitar trivia

Guitar trivia for beginners

  1. How many strings does a standard guitar have? Six
  2. What is the name of the small, flat instrument that is used to strum a guitar? A plectrum
  3. What name is given to an artisan who makes guitars? A luthier
  4. What type of musical instrument is a guitar? The String Family
  5. What are the different types of guitars? Classical, Acoustic, and Electric
  6. What parts of the guitar functionally act as the microphones? The Pickups
  7. What name is given to the steel pieces that separate note changes on the guitar? The Frets
  8. What function do the knobs at the top of a guitar serve? They help in tuning the guitar or changing the pitch
  9. Do guitars work better with Opera music or with Rock and Roll? Rock and Roll
  10. What other name is given to the guitar plectrum? Guitar Pick

Guitar theory quiz

  1. What does the tempo refer to? The speed of the music
  2. What does a minor chord consist of? A root note, a minor third, and a fifth.
  3. What order do the strings of a guitar occur in? E – A – D – G – B – E
  4. What is the tremolo effect? The very rapid repeated playing of one note
  5. What is the most common chord progression that guitar songs utilize? 1-5-6-4. C, G, Am, F.
  6. What is the position between the first and the second frets called? The Second Fret
  7. What is a guitar scale? An organizes sequence of notes arranged in ascending order or descending order that helps build your dexterity and improve your reflexes
  8. What is a guitar interval? The distance between any two pitches
  9. What is a guitar chord? Three or more notes sounded simultaneously
  10. What does it mean to modulate your playing? It means to change keys within a given piece of music

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