Fun & Easy Handprint Flower Craft For Kids

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The handprint flower craft for kids is a delightful and creative activity that allows children to express their creativity.

Here is an easy and fun handprint flower craft that all kids will enjoy

Handprint flower craft

  1. Use a colored construction paper and trace your child’s hands on it using a pencil

2. Take another piece of construction paper for the pot. You can choose any colored pot that you like. I have used a brown construction paper and created the outline of a pot on the paper.

3. Use an ice cream stick or even a straw to put together the handprint and pot. Use a double sided tape or glue to stick the pot and flower on a stick

4. Enjoy decorating the pot. Fee free to use stickers, glitters, write your name or even a poem or message on it.

handprint flower craft for kids

Tips when creating handprint flower craft with children:

Creating an adorable handprint flower pot craft with construction paper is a delightful and easy craft activity perfect for kids of all ages.

This project can turn into a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or a special keepsake for any occasion.

Here are refined tips considering the use of construction paper instead of actual pots:

1.Gather Your Materials:

You will need construction paper in various colors (including green for leaves and your choice of colors for the flowers) white cardstock for a more durable backing if desired, glue, scissors, and an optional ink pad for fingerprint flowers.

2. Safety First: Ensure all materials, especially paints and ink pads, are non-toxic and safe for young children.

This craft is not only fun but also suitable for kids involved in occupational therapy, promoting fine motor skills through cutting, painting, and gluing.

3. Creating the Flower Pot: Cut a pot shape out of brown or terracotta-colored construction paper. This will serve as the base of your craft.

You can use a cute template of a flower pot for uniformity, especially if crafting with a group.

4. Handprint Flowers: Press your child’s hand on a piece of paper and draw an outline of their hands.

You can also use washable paint especially if your kids like messy hands to create their handprint. 

handprint flower craft for kids

5. Assemble the Craft: Glue the handprint flowers to the top of the flower pot, arranging them to mimic a bouquet.

Add stems and leaves cut from green paper or drawn with a green paint pen. You can also create fingerprint flowers for added decoration by using an ink pad or paint.

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6. Personalize Your Craft: Use a paint pen or a black sharpie to add details such as the date, child’s name, or a sweet message.

Including a personalized handprint craft makes for a more meaningful gift.

7. Include a Poem or Message: Writing a heartfelt message or a poem on the pot or on a separate piece of cardstock adds a special touch.

This could be a Mother’s Day poem, a thank you note, or a simple message expressing love and appreciation.

8. Making it Educational: This craft offers a fun way to engage in cultural activities, learn about different family structures in social studies, or even delve into the visual arts by discussing color theory and design principles.

9. Presenting the Gift: Once your handprint flower pot craft is complete, consider pairing it with a gift card or placing it in a decorative envelope.

If it’s for Mother’s Day or another special occasion, presenting it alongside breakfast in bed or at a family gathering makes for a memorable moment.

10. Promote Creativity and Independence

 Encourage your child to make design decisions, choose colors, and even write their own message. This not only fosters independence but also boosts their confidence in their creative abilities.

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