30+ Fun Memorial Day Trivia & Facts

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Dive into our collection of Memorial Day trivia, fun facts, and quiz! Discover the traditions and history behind this important day as we honor those who have given their lives in military service to the United States

Fun Memorial Day Trivia

  1. When was the first widely publicized observance of Memorial Day?
    Answer: May 30, 1868.
  2. What was the original name for Memorial Day?
    Answer: Decoration Day.
  3. Which president officially declared Memorial Day a national holiday?
    Answer: President Richard Nixon in 1971.
  4. Where is the official birthplace of Memorial Day?
    Answer: Waterloo, New York.
  5. What time is the National Moment of Remembrance held on Memorial Day?
    Answer: 3:00 PM local time.
  6. Who first suggested the idea of a national day to honor fallen soldiers?
    Answer: General John A. Logan.
  7. What significant event does Memorial Day share its date with in 1868?
    Answer: The decoration of Union soldiers’ graves.
  8. How many states officially recognize Memorial Day as a federal holiday?
    Answer: All 50 states.
  9. In which cemetery does the president or vice-president traditionally lay a wreath on Memorial Day?
    Answer: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery.
  10. What does the red poppy symbolize on Memorial Day?
    Answer: Remembrance of the military personnel who have died in wars.
  11. Which major sporting event is traditionally held on Memorial Day Weekend?
    Answer: The Indianapolis 500.
  12. What specific action is suggested for Americans to do at 3 PM on Memorial Day?
    Answer: Pause for a National Moment of Remembrance.
  13. Which U.S. city claims to have the longest-running consecutive Memorial Day parade?
    Answer: Ironton, Ohio.
  14. What year was Memorial Day shifted from May 30 to the last Monday in May?
    Answer: The change was made in 1971.
  15. Which act passed by Congress helped to ensure a three-day weekend for federal holidays including Memorial Day?
    Answer: The Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Fun Facts About Memorial Day

  1. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, a term first used to describe the practice of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers.
  2. The first large observance was held at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. in 1868.
  3. The holiday was established to honor those who died in the Civil War, but over time, it has extended to honor all Americans who have died in military service.
  4. Many people wear red poppies on Memorial Day to honor those who have died serving the nation during war.
  5. Memorial Day is considered the best time to visit the graves of deceased loved ones, whether they served in the military or not.
  6. The National Moment of Remembrance, established by Congress, asks Americans to pause for a moment of silence at 3:00 PM local time on Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation.
  7. New York was the first state to designate Memorial Day as a legal holiday in 1873.
  8. The U.S. flag is quickly raised to the top of the staff, then solemnly lowered to the half-staff position, where it remains until noon. It is then raised to full-staff for the rest of the day.
  9. Memorial Day is traditionally seen as the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, leading to various seasonal openings and summer activities starting around this date.
  10. Several towns across the United States claim to be the origin of Memorial Day, though in 1966, Congress and President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York, the “birthplace” of Memorial Day.

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Memorial Day Trivia Multiple Choice

  1. Which event led to the creation of Memorial Day?
    A) Declaration of Independence
    B) End of the Civil War
    C) Start of the Revolutionary War
    Answer: B) The end of the Civil War

2. What symbol is commonly associated with Memorial Day?
A) The eagle
B) The American flag
C) Red poppies
Answer: C) Red poppies

3. What is traditionally done to the American flag on Memorial Day?
A) Flown at full staff all day
B) Flown at half-staff until noon, then raised to full staff
C) Not displayed
Answer: B) Flown at half-staff until noon, then raised to full staff

4. Why was Memorial Day moved from May 30 to the last Monday of May?
A) A three-day weekend
B) Better weather for parades
C) Compliance with international standards
Answer: A) A three-day weekend

5. What is a common Memorial Day activity?
A) Skiing
B) Barbecuing
C) Pumpkin carving
Answer: B) Barbecuing

True or False Memorial Day

1Memorial Day is for honoring both those who died in service and veterans who have passed away.
Answer: False. Memorial Day specifically honors those who died in military service.

2, It’s customary to fly the American flag at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day.
Answer: True

3. Memorial Day always falls on the last Sunday of May.
Answer: False. It is observed on the last Monday of May.

4. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are observed in the same month.
Answer: False. Memorial Day is in May, while Veterans Day is in November.

5. Visiting cemeteries to place flags or flowers on graves is a way to observe Memorial Day.
Answer: True

6. Memorial Day was originally celebrated on April 30th.
Answer: False. Memorial Day was originally observed on May 30th.

7. Every Memorial Day, the President of the United States gives a speech at the National Memorial Day Concert.
Answer: False. The President traditionally participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but the concert often features different speakers and performers.

8. Congress passed the National Moment of Remembrance Act in 2000 to encourage the people of the United States to give something back to their country.
Answer: True. The act was established to encourage people to pause for a moment of silence at 3:00 PM local time on Memorial Day.

9. Memorial Day is also a popular day for people to fly the flag of their state at their homes.
Answer: False. While individuals may choose to display their state flags, Memorial Day is primarily focused on the American flag to honor national military sacrifices.

10. There is a Memorial Day tradition that involves riding motorcycles to raise awareness for prisoners of war and those missing in action.
Answer: True. This event is known as “Rolling Thunder,” a motorcycle rally held in Washington, D.C.

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