75 Best Indoor activities for youth groups

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If you spend a lot of time inside, adults can get bored. We’ve compiled a list of enjoyable indoor activities for youth groups, some of which are calming and some that offer or demand extra energy. 

1. Take a podcast to heart.

Everybody has a subject they want to learn more about. Find a few podcasts to listen to increase your understanding.

2. Clean the garage.

Garages typically end up being storage areas for items. Rearrange tools, bikes, and boxes, and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 12 months.

3. Do a workout at home.

Purchase or borrow a DVD from storage, or join an online club and work out.

4. Play board games.

You can never run out of board games to choose from. Pick the one you and your friends will enjoy the most. Our best advice is Monopoly gets everyone excited.

5. Unclutter a space.

A single room may be decluttered far more quickly than the entire House. Start modestly by focusing on the laundry room or a single room. It is a new game. It is one of the most fun youth group games.

6. Bake something 

Get your baking supplies out and select something delicious to bake, or try your hand at making bread. It is a great game for sure. Fun fact, there is no time limit to how frequently you can bake. 

indoor activities for youth groups

7. Plan and carry out a project

You can begin modestly. What about adding more shelves to the pantry or washing and renewing the kitchen cabinet doors?

8. Scouting second hand things

Just be sure to decide how much you want to spend in advance.

9. Write.

Everyone, it is said, has a book inside of them; write yours. It could be a guide, a book, or a memory journal. How about writing on the topic of adult leaders? This activity will help you with building relationships.

10. Make a photo album.

Everybody has photos in their drawers that need to be organized. Create a themed album or one with school pictures arranged chronologically for one of your kids.

11. Creating a smoothie

Blend your favorite fruits or vegetables with some ice, juice, and milk to make a calming and healthy beverage.

12.Mindful Colour.

Take your coloring book, print coloring sheets from the web, or draw something from scratch. Pick different colors for different objects. You can also do a photo scavenger hunt before you start coloring. 

13. Peruse a book.

Grabbing a book, a big cup, or glass of your preferred beverage is enjoyable, getting into a comfortable chair and reading for hours. If you are more comfortable reading blog posts, you can do that. Pick a topic that you genuinely find interesting. It can also be a fun group game. If you are not at peace, you can try reading bible verses. 

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14. Indoor picnic

Lunch should be enjoyed with friends. Make sandwiches, gather chips and canned Coke, and spread a blanket on the floor.

15. Get a manicure and pedicure for yourself.

Soak in soapy water, pat dry, trim nails, then apply your preferred polish to complete.

16. Self-pampering

Many face mask recipes on the Internet include fruits, vegetables, eggs, and other readily available materials. Find one that works for your skin type and experiment with it.

17. Binge-watch a show.

Watch an old favorite entirely because those “thirty-minute” episodes are considerably shorter without ads.

18. Creatively make crafts.

Look up craft projects online that use recycled materials.

19. Play a video game.

Even if you don’t play video games often, it can be enjoyable to do so when you’re alone yourself, with a child, or with a partner. You can also engage in card games. 

Continue reading if you are looking for more indoor activities for youth groups. We have many more activities that you can plan for your next meetup session.

Fun indoor activities for youth girls

Below is a list of fun indoor activities for youth groups that are girls. Although many of the activities can be enjoyed by boys too, it is still catered more towards girls.

20. To the elderly in nursing homes, send letters.

One of the most significant things you can do for your neighborhood while at home maybe this. Write letters to the elderly and those confined to nursing facilities who cannot see their relatives or loved ones because of the virus with your teen(s). The elderly will enjoy this, and it will help them feel less alone. 

21. Board games

Never before has family game night been so crucial. Bring out the Monopoly or Scrabble boards, or play Uno or another card game. Remember, in board games; the first players always have the lowest probability of winning. 

22. Establish a book club.

Pick a book you can buy on iBook or Kindle, and decide how many chapters you’ll read each day. Next, group discussion about the daily chapter picks while sitting down.

indoor activities for youth groups

23. Issue of the Day

Encourage everyone in the family to come up with a question for the day and then have fun answering it at meals.

24. Visit or visit a virtual location.

The Internet and Google Earth are fantastic resources for global exploration! Choose a remote location, log on to the Internet, and take a shared virtual vacation. There are countless options. Virtual field trips are also valid!

25. Get moving

While binge-watching movies and TV series, get up and move about. Try to exercise as a family inside (jumping jacks, jogging in place, lifting small weights, etc.)

26. Disney Plus and Unwind

Along with a variety of other movies and shows that will enthrall your oldest and youngest children, Frozen 2 is now available on Disney +. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are great options, too!

27. Storytime

Take turns creating a narrative. You can begin it, then have your teen and other family members finish the description. Observing how the upcoming “scene” or chapter plays out might be entertaining.

28. Family members by email

Establish a family email address, and encourage your teen to send regular electronic greetings to other family members.

29. Book of Colorings

Adult coloring books can reduce tension and anxiety. Buy some coloring books online for you and your teen, and spend time coloring daily.

30. Live now

Engage in some enjoyable social interaction by going live on Facebook or Instagram. Show them what life is like in a cage.

You have it now! A Quarantine: 36 Indoor Activities for Teens. Hunker down, but make sure to make the most out of it.

31. Family background

Why not share family history while talking about the family tree?

32. Kit for indoor gardening

Modern indoor gardening kits allow you to grow flowers, herbs, and even certain vegetables in the comfort of your own home. It’s a terrific method to introduce your teen to homesteading and teaching them how to cultivate their food.

indoor activities for youth groups

34. Household newsletter

Want to update your more prominent family on how you and your family are doing? Make a family newsletter, and give your teen the responsibility of editing it. Have them make it using Canva, then email it to their loved ones.

35. Craft

Speaking of painting, how about coming up with team-based crafts that you and your adolescent students can work on together?

36. Cook jointly

Cooking with your teen will involve them in the daily food preparation. It is one of the easy games you can play with your best friends. They’re excellent as sous cooks! Click 8 Kid Friendly Meal Ideas for When Stuck in the House for recipes and meal ideas suitable for children. 

37. Dancing Event

Do you remember growing up in the disco era? Why not shake your groove thing with your teen and prove that you can do it just as well as they can? This fun activity can help nurture friendly competition with your friends. 

Fun indoor activities for youth boys

We hope you enjoyed the list of indoor activities for youth groups so far. If you are looking for activities specifically for boys, check out the list below.

38. Orange War

An orange was placed on a spoon by Orange War Players. They must then remove the orange off their opponent’s spoon without touching them and while attempting to retain their orange on the spoon. It is a creative game. 

A player is eliminated if they misplace their orange. The winner is the person who maintains their orange on the spoon through.

39. Bunny Chubby

The game’s object is to see as many marshmallows competitors can consume while still uttering the phrase “chubby bunny.”

The winner is the one who can still communicate while cramming the most marshmallows into their mouth in one minute! Make sure to prepare a lot of marshmallows for your children to eat. It is one of the best games. It is one of the most popular camp games. 

40. Bowling inside

Make your home into a bowling alley. All you need is a level surface (passage or kitchen usually works well). Ten empty bottles should be arranged in a triangle; a tennis ball should be used to topple them. Pro tip – using a soccer ball will reduce your chances of winning. 

You might consider gifting your tween an indoor kid’s bowling set if they enjoy toppling the bottle pins. It is one of the most popular youth ministry games. 

41. Treasure Seeking

Teenagers and preteens adore a good scavenger or treasure hunt. Teenagers may claim that this game is inappropriate for them, but if the treasure is some chocolate goodies, they will eagerly search for it.

Most teenagers still enjoy getting an Easter basket and hunting for buried eggs regardless of age. They will get closer to discovering the treasure with each new hint.

 Each clue should be written out and then hidden somewhere in the House.

42. Indoor Archery

Online shoppers have access to some excellent selections, such as this complete archery equipment from Franklin Sports. Additionally, this is a fantastic birthday present for teenage lads. Place it so that they can retreat a step or two.

Since most doors can readily accommodate this aim, a passageway typically works well. And rest assured that these are fake arrows. Darts have secure velcro tips.

They will learn hand-eye coordination, strength and endurance, spatial awareness, patience, and accuracy, in addition to a terrific introduction to the sport.

43. Snowball Fights

Snowball Battles Snowball fights are creative and entertaining games that youngsters will love playing. Construct some forts in the space to protect yourself from snowballs.

After that, form paper scraps into snowballs. Teenagers enjoy hurling the “snowballs” at one another and dodging blows by hiding behind forts.

You can get these 50 soft “snowballs” set for a more realistic alternative. It is one of the most popular youth group activities.

44. Residence of Cards

To create a house of cards, gather a deck of cards and carefully lay the cards on top of one another. Build your House by adding a card each turn.

Your House of cards becomes increasingly unstable as you build higher.

45. Chopstick Contest

We occasionally make our preteens play this game when they ask for a snack during a playdate.

It turns a mundane task into an enjoyable game. Ask others to transfer as many cereal pieces as possible from one bowl to their own within a set period using a pair of chopsticks.

The individual with the most cereal bits in their bowl wins when the timer goes off, and they each get to consume their prize.

Fun indoor activities for youth groups

46. Dress up.

Your kids already have a dress-up box of clothes they enjoy digging through and trying on, so why not sweep everything clean while you’re at it?

The garments you decide to give can get a brief life as playthings before you bag them up if you go through your closet with your kids. In some of your previous club attire, your child will look funny!

47. Game Date

Make some phone calls to other mommy pals and attempt a Zoom virtual playdate/tea party. While the adults get an opportunity to catch up, chat, and perhaps even enjoy a cheeky glass or two of wine, the kids will keep each other occupied.

48. Paint Your Face

To have a good time with face paints, you don’t need special equipment; your old makeup will suffice as long as it’s gentle enough for young skin and is simple to remove. Challenge others to make you over instead if you’re up for a laugh, and make sure to take lots of pictures!

49. Experiments in science

Search the Internet for some easy kitchen science experiments that mix learning and entertainment if you struggle with school vacation activities to keep restless kids occupied.

Simple experiments like adding vinegar and food coloring to baking soda provide youngsters lots of chances to predict outcomes, witness reactions, and discuss them with others—all crucial early science skills. It is one of the most fun indoor games. 

50. Make a Few Real Friends

Tell your youngster to carefully lay down on the construction paper roll as you trace around their body. They will have a life-size “buddy” to color, cut out, and play with when they stand up.

You could construct a group of them in various outfits and tape them around the home, or set them up as an audience and ask the kids to perform a puppet or music show for them. You can play this game with your indoor youth group. 

51. Races in airplanes

Before having paper aircraft races, make a fleet of paper airplanes and urge your kids to decorate them. The game’s goal is to make your plane go as far as possible. People can take turns and wait while the rest of the group cheers for their team. 

52. Obstacle Course Indoors

It is better to set up this game after the kids have gone to bed. Squeals of joy when they discover their indoor playground in the living room will likely awaken you.

Gather some inexpensive hula hoops, bean bags, little balls, containers of various sizes, some big blankets, kid-sized chairs, and even some old clothes. It is a good game. 

53. Build a Fort

One of the oldest indoor activities is creating a blanket tent inside; you and your mother undoubtedly did so on rainy days when you were a child.

To make tiny hidden caves, use some sturdy chairs or a clothes horse and drape sheets or blankets over the top. Join a handful of them to make a universe, then enter it with a torch, a book, and a tray of cookies to make some comforting memories.

Indoor activities for young adults

54. Observe The Leader

A vibrant, imaginative game with fluid movements. All players in this game create a circle, and someone will organize that. The initiator is the one who will gradually implement the modifications of his own free will.

The entire group must follow the initiator as he directs them on what to do and when to do it.

The object of the game Follow The Leader is for an outsider to identify the group’s initiator or organizer based on his movements. It is a perfect game for building youth group leaders.

55. Construct a bridge

Depending on the number of players available, it is best to separate everyone into multiple groups for this game. Each team, including the first team, should make an effort to construct a sturdy bridge.

For the bridge to carry a respectable amount of weight after construction, it must be substantial. A bridge’s strength should be tested until it collapses under force. It is a great icebreaker game. 

It is one of the most fun indoor group games. The winning team is the one that can effectively accommodate for a more extended period and support the same weight as the weak bridge.

You may utilize the following resources: (glue, paper clips, Ice cream sticks, etc.). 

56. The Communicator

Do you like to have fun while making any team more relaxed? So start playing this game right away! With your mouth full of biscuits, you must decipher what a player is trying to say in this game.

Try to speak while consuming a respectable amount of cookies. If recognized, you have to chew more biscuits until no one understands what you’re trying to say and make it a bit complex to decipher this info. It is a popular critical thinking game. 

57. Armed guard

Are you searching for a fun and engaging game? The Bodyguard game is a good choice in that case. It’s a ball activity that also calls for a lot of movements.

The bodyguard is defending the target from being struck by the ball when they are both in the circle’s center.

Both of them will be destroyed when you run the target. It is as fun as those outdoor games. You can use tennis balls if necessary. 

58. Game of Four Corners

Any grading level can play this game because of how simple it is. There aren’t many materials or needs needed. You will receive a room and note the corners (1–4). One person will be blindfolded and circle the room, attempting to grab the other people by the edges.

He’ll have to walk around the space for a while, mentioning which side he is now on. If true, the individual in that corner gets eliminated. Play the Four Corners Game, and you’ll never forget it. It is a simple game, yet a fun one. 

indoor activities for youth groups

59. Lay Egg

This game can be organized with a few eggs, some players, and basic supplies. The challenge’s goal is to run while holding the egg on your fingertip or a piece of paper while protecting it.

In Drop Egg, defense is essential to ensure that the egg doesn’t slip from the bearer’s grasp; the team that manages to save the egg wins.

60. Order by Group

Any team can benefit from this game’s improved communication and supportive environment. In this game, the team must arrange according to predetermined standards established by the organizer.

Participants in the larger groups can set themselves according to birthdays, shoe sizes, heights, hair colors, etc.

61. The location

You can play this game if you have any readily available items. For a few minutes, while a person hides the ball, a chosen person will have to leave the room.

The person’s initial task is to locate the hidden thing when he returns. Understanding the purpose is the main task. However, signs can be employed to provide a hint when you’re looking for the object. It is one of the most fun games. 

Fun activities for teens

62. All-Stars

Write his name on a sheet that will be given to each participant. You will then be required to draw a portrait in the first phase. Each player will pass around a picture in the second round of the game without excellent quality or encouragement.

Everyone is meant to feel inspired and like a success resulting from it.

This fun activity is ideal for smaller groups. It is an indoor fun activity. You do not need a big play area for this activity. The larger the group of people, the more fun you will have. 

63. Contacting things

You’ll need to gather objects in a box that are all different sizes to build up this game. Select the team member who will wear the blindfold. After being blindfolded, he will remove any object from the table and must adequately identify it. You’ll assign a score for each reason that is accurately named. 

64. Game of Human Knots

You must form a circle with your hands clasped together for this game. Your body’s right and left sides can reach out to the center and grab someone else’s hand.

Each player enters the center of the circle at the beginning of the game, crosses their hands, and forms a knot with many hands. In the Human Knot Game, players must cooperate to connect each unique node without letting go of their hands. It is very popular among young people. 

65. Two Truths and a Lie

A game that ought to be planned for when friends or other groups of people are first met. You can learn more about the players by playing Two Truths and Lie Ideas.

Each participant must provide two accurate and one incorrect statement about themselves. Then, it is up to others to determine what is true and what is false. It is a fun team-building game. 

indoor activities for youth groups

66. Who Are You?

This classic game is well-liked. Each person will be given a piece of paper containing various names of people, places, things, etc.

You should provide the character’s name and a small image, but crop out the faces (for actors and human traits) so that the players won’t recognize the faces.

You will inquire about the objects or names printed on the cardboard using the yes/no method. Such as: Is this an A? Does this exist in this nation? Is this something? Etc.

Others respond with a yes or a no. They have no right to provide any further cues. Now that you know more about the Who Am I Game, feel free to arrange it.

Indoor party games for youths

67. Obstacle course with blindfolds

A sizable area and a few available household items are all required to set up this game. Two teams may be formed if there are more than five competitors. You blindfold one from either side. The group members must lead their teammates over a distance while dodging hazards (table, chair, bag, etc.).

This can be timed so that the team completes its task more rapidly. To avoid obstacles and elimination, the player with the blindfold must follow his teammates’ instructions.

Next players can take lessons from the players that go before them. 

68. The jar of candy

We know that kids and teenagers of all ages are drawn to the Candy Jar. Prepare a small pot with some medium-sized candies in it.

You’ll need to be able to count the sweets in the container precisely. Each participant receives the candy jar and has to calculate how many candies are inside.

The one who is most accurate or provides the precise amount will be awarded all of the sweets. It is perfect for small groups. 

69. Game of Concentration

Anyone who wishes to assess their focus, observation, and recall level can benefit from playing this game. If teams have more players, you can play one at a time. It’s ideal for a small gathering, though.

Two participants should stand facing one another and try to observe all of their physical characteristics. That can require a minute or longer. Then they return together, each working to share what they kept about the outside with the other.

The one who expresses it best You can make it more complex and thrilling by having one of the two people modify the outward appearance while the other person is required to explain the change.

70. Protect the gate.

Everyone should first form a circle. The individual should stand with their shoulders level and their legs extended laterally. Additionally, neighbors must join hands.

Let’s say that everyone has a gate and that the object of the game Defend is to use one’s hands to protect one’s entrance.

Choose a player to start, then have them aim for the other player’s legs. The player will only use one hand to defend if the ball goes between the legs. You can eliminate a player if they successfully catch the ball twice. This game is ideal for physical activity. 

71. Roleplay

Give each team member a unique part to play, and enjoy a fun-filled evening. Ask your youngest daughter to pretend to be the father, and observe your kids’ reactions. Your relationship with your children can be significantly strengthened due to this quick exercise.

How about playing youth leaders? You might need a large room to play this game. It is one of the most common games played in youth camps worldwide. It is most fun when played in a big group. Try acting out famous people or your favorite celebrity.

72. Launch a Garden

A garden is labor-intensive and needs frequent upkeep, but if you involve your entire family, everyone will feel responsible for keeping it up. You can enlist the help of your family members to plant the crops they want and then care for them.

Your garden can include a wide variety of plants in this way. There is nothing better than eating food that is still on the vine with your friends and family. A lush green garden gives your home a beautiful appearance.

73. Go to a BBQ.

BBQ gatherings are a lot of fun and have their unique charm that everyone seems to appreciate. A handmade hamburger is the epitome of America.

Invite your friends around for lunch or dinner and some hot hamburgers on the grass with some wine to make BBQ nights more enjoyable.

74. Karaoke Evening

Who said that karaoke should only be performed on special occasions? Why wait until Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving dinner to get out the microphone stand and belt out some tunes? While having a good time with your relatives at family gatherings is perfectly acceptable, you may also have a good time with your immediate family on any given night of the week.

Together, look for music you can sing as a family. You will create priceless memories thanks to your engaging performances that you will treasure for years. It is ideal for large groups.

It’s a wrap 

We hope you have found some fun indoor activities for youth groups for your next meetup. Let us know which is the most popular activity in your group in the comment box below

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