Kids Youtube Videos That Teaches Kindness, Creativity & is Educational

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Believe it or not, YouTube can be a great source of learning. There are YouTube kids videos that teach kindness, motivation, and mindfulness.

Here are some Youtube Kids Videos that are fun and educational

1.Class Dojo :  Help teachers build a great classroom community

2.SciShow Kids: Get your kids to conduct experiments, research new things, or even talk to experts. Plenty of things to explore with SciShow Kids

3Tricia Hodges: Encourages kids to become little artist. Appropriate for all age level

4Crash Course Kids : Learn all about science, from space, habitats, engineering and more

5.Mathematics: Make fun maths for kids using this channel

6.Free School: Expose your kids to arts, classical music, literature and science using this channel

7.Cosmic Kids Yoga : Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids.

8.Monty Bear : Help kids develop emotional skills. Teach them how to express themselves.

9.Sesame Street : Most of us would have grown up watching this show. Your kids can learn plenty of educational things from alphabets, counting, science, kindness and many more

10.ScienceBob : If you have a slime obsessed kids or a child who likes to watch things explode then this is the channel for them.

11.The Artful Parent : Family arts and crafts activities

12.Dr. Binocs Digestive System: This is a cartoon character, Dr. Binocs, that shows the digestive tract using a fun and interactive video. It is very easy to follow and there are also sone interesting facts at the end of the video that is exciting to learn.

13.The digestive system song : This video has a nice tune to help children remember some of the terms in the digestive tract. The video quality is not very great but the song itself is nice. It is worth trying to sing along with your kids to get them interested in the topic.

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Here are some videos on Youtube you can watch as a family :

1, Ted-Ed :  TED-Ed’s commitment consists of 15 minutes of short videos that explore a particular subject. Ted-ed speakers come from a variety of background. It is possible to find any topic that is discussed in Ted-Ed.

2.Sprouts : This channel has a variety of videos on education and science. It gets the family to think critically about the topics shown.

3.SmarterEveryday : Want to explore the world using science? Then subscribe to this channel

4.The Bucket List Family : This is my favorite channel.  It is about a family who sold everything they had and traveled the world. Follow their adventures, difficulties and how they cope as a family.

5.Special Books by Special Kids  : Interviews with individuals with a diagnosis from across the world with the hope of spreading acceptance.

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Before, you go don’t forget to check out how you can keep your kids safe on Youtube

Also, there are safety concerns with Youtube recommending inappropriate videos to kids. Learn more about those concerns and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

Don’t forget to never leave your kids watching YouTube alone. Plenty of ads and other recommended videos that might not be appropriate for their age.


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