Manifesting writing methods to get what you want in life

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Did you know that you can get anything you want through the power of your thoughts? Yes, you can; it is all through the law of attraction. You might have heard of the various manifesting writing methods by people like Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Hicks, or even people on TikTok claiming they got what they desired using manifestation methods.

There are different manifestation techniques, but all seek to accomplish one goal – a positive change in your life. The point is to have a specific goal you desire to achieve to better your current situation through manifestation power.

Does manifestation work? We will give you the best manifestation techniques that others have used and claim results so you can choose what works for you.

Manifesting writing methods

What is manifestation?

Manifesting is when you use your thoughts and beliefs to attract the things you want or desire in your own life. Manifestation is believing the law of attraction works in life. With positive thoughts and beliefs, your willpower is strong enough to attract your dream life. 

How do you start manifesting?

Have clarity on your goals

It is essential to clearly define your dreams to turn them into goals that you can manifest. You are the sole bearer of your dreams, so it is important to define them clearly. 

Ask yourself what it is that you really want. Is it a better job? A house? What type of car or how do your want your relationship to be like? 

Your first step is to be clear and specific with your goals or dreams. Create a detailed mental picture of the thing that you want in the life of your dreams.  

Write your goals 

Manifesting writing methods

After knowing what you want, write it down. One of the easiest ways to keep track of your goals, thoughts, and emotions is by writing them. 

You can create images to accompany the words and make a vision board. Place it somewhere you’ll see it to remind you of the goals and give you the strength to keep at it.

With your goals clear and in place, ask the universe to provide what you desire. This can be done in different ways, such as prayer, visualization, meditation, or speaking affirmations to the vision board or future box (a box with photos of what you want to manifest).

Work towards achieving your goals

Manifestation is not just wishful thinking. In fact, being clear about what you want is just half the journey. The next step is taking action and working towards what you want to achieve. Without effort, then it is just a waste of time.

Create your plan, which is in connection with your dreams and goals. Be specific, no matter how hard it might seem, and set your mind to it. Once your thoughts are firmly set on the journey, your actions also need to agree with what you want to gain.

Reframe your mind so you reason how you would when you achieve the life you want. In essence, start living as if you have reached your dreams. According to Angelina Lombardo, author of Spiritual Entrepreneur, if you live as if you already have what you desire, you become that person you wish.

Practice positive thinking

Manifesting writing methods

Manifesting is mainly dependent on your mindset. It is hard to find the law of attraction in your life without a positive mindset. Practice positivity by having positive thoughts. Believe in your dreams, visions, and goals. Whatever you set out to do, believe you will achieve positive outcomes.

It is by possessing positive beliefs that you manifest dreams into reality. When you release positive energy, you receive positive energy. Your mind becomes the magnet of good things in life. That does not mean living in denial of life’s downs; of course, there are ups and downs in life. 

However, a positive attitude is accepting that negative experiences happen but choosing to focus on the brighter side of things. It is taking failures as a lesson and moving on to seek the positive things in life instead of staying down and wallowing.

Be mindful of what you receive and have gratitude.

Another critical aspect of manifestation practice is gratitude. Things might not work in the order or speed you anticipated, but the key is learning to give thanks for what you receive, no matter how big or small. 

Spend some time daily reflecting on the steps you took that brought you closer to your goals, and be grateful for each of them. Gratitude journaling will help you remember what you are thankful for.

You can write down a gratitude list or say them in prayer or meditation or how you say thanks.

The most incredible faith you can have is giving thanks for even things you haven’t yet received. To practice the art of gratitude at a deeper level, do not only show appreciation for what you have received but also for what you anticipate. For example, if you are seeking a new job and have sent an application, write a gratitude journal as if you have already received a positive reply.

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Say positive affirmations

One of the easiest yet most powerful ways of attracting great things in your life is by saying positive things about yourself out loud. It might sound too simple to work, but positive affirmations speak to the mind and help battle negative subconscious beliefs and self-esteem issues.

Affirming positive things to yourself daily can help train your thought patterns to be positive. This way, you are more likely to improve how you view yourself, which can help improve self-esteem. It is also a powerful manifestation tool when you say things you can do daily.   

Drop your limiting beliefs

Part of adjusting your mindset and shifting to a positive attitude is dropping your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Even if you say positive affirmations and believe that you can’t achieve your dreams because of this or that reason, it will reduce your chances of achieving them. 

Many people struggle with the nagging thought that they don’t deserve the good things because they are not worthy or good enough. 

You must drop those negative thoughts and believe in yourself to manifest incredible things in your life. After saying affirmations, brush aside any voice that tells you you can’t do it. Avoid people who tell you negative things about yourself or are pessimistic about everything. 

Chances are they will make you doubt your strengths and keep you from manifesting goodness in your life.

The best way to drop your limiting beliefs is to reverse them and have a change in attitude. Instead of saying you can’t do it, say, ‘I can do anything”. Instead of saying, “I am not worthy,” say “I am worthy” instead of feeling like you don’t deserve it, say, ‘I deserve all the goodness of life.”

To make it easier on yourself, counter the thoughts by pausing and thinking about why you are the best and how you deserve these good things.

Manifestation writing methods

These are the different manifesting writing methods you can use and gain from the power of manifestation.

369 manifestation technique

This is a manifestation process that relies on numerology. If you are a TikToker, you might have come across it as it is one of the popular manifestation methods there. But its idea started way earlier than TikTok.

Inventor Nikola Tesla was a numerologist and believed the numbers 3, 6, and 9 held keys to unlocking the universe’s secrets because they were divine.

It is a simple manifestation technique; all you have to do is write what you want to manifest 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day, and 9 times in the evening and night for either 33 or 45 days. The key to manifesting writing methods is consistency.

This process might seem simple but writing your dreams this way for consecutive days is a powerful tool as it keeps you grounded in your purpose and direction. It is reminding yourself every single day what your main goal is.  

55 x 5 manifestation technique

One of the simple manifesting writing methods is the 55 x 5 method. Just like the 369 method, this is also a numerology method where you deliberate on what you want to manifest, turn it into affirmations, and repeat the affirmations.

To do it, write down the affirmations 55 times daily for 5 consecutive days. That’s it. However, for it to work, you must train your mind to always be in the present and focus only on your intended outcome – what you want to manifest.

The secret behind these two manifesting writing methods is that when you train your subconscious mind to accept your desires as realities, you can create and turn them into realities. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can imagine.  

More examples of manifestation methods

There are different effective manifestation techniques you can try out and attract the good things you desire in your life. Here’s a look at some of the best manifestation methods:

Two cup manifestation technique    

The two-cup method is a manifestation practice that is slightly more spiritual, but if you want to try it, you will need two cups.

Fill in the first one and put a label on it. Write what you are currently experiencing and the situation you are in. e.g., broke, single, you get the drift.

Put a label on the second empty cup with details on what you want to manifest. E.g rich, in a relationship, e.t.c.

Now, in a quiet place and having both cups labeled, think of the situation you currently are in and where your future self would like to be. Visualize how you would feel after manifesting and having your desired outcome.

When you have positive feelings, pour the water from the cup containing your current issues into the cup representing your desired life. 

Drink all the water and throw away the label from the cup that has your current situation label. Keep the label with your desired life and believe that from now you will attract the things leading to the manifestation of what you want. 

Pillow manifestation method

Manifesting writing methods

In the pillow method, you write your manifestation list on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow before going to sleep. The thought behind it is that you are carrying your dreams into your sleep.

In reality, your last thoughts before going to sleep shape your subconscious mind gradually and in a powerful way. Many thought leaders have been known to write their goals and dreams before sleep.

This bedtime ritual can help you stay focused on the path to achieving your goals. It helps even your unconscious mind be aware of the things you want. This way, you are more likely to have a positive mindset toward your dreams.  


This is one of the oldest and most practiced techniques. 

To manifest your desired future life, visualize and meditate on the life you want during your meditation. This way, you send powerful signals to the universe or higher power of the kind of life you want. 

Meditation is an excellent way of training your subconscious mind for the thoughts you want. So, done correctly, your mind will drop all your limiting beliefs and remain the positive ones that will help you achieve your desired outcome. 

Suppose you don’t know how to meditate. In that case, you can check out the countless how-to videos on Youtube or look for meditation apps and focus your mind on what you want to manifest.

Written manifestation technique for love

The great thing about manifestation is that it’s not just about wealth and money. Still, you can also manifest a romantic relationship in your life. So, if you want to use the law of attraction to help you get someone in your life, here’s manifesting writing methods for love.

1. Describe and write the behavior and traits of the person you want to attract. You can use the manifesting writing methods. To put in enough energy, it is good to be clear on the kind of traits that the person you want to manifest in your life should possess.

2. Be straightforward and summarize your intention in a way that you can easily repeat so that you can write it down daily or say it aloud daily. You can write and put it under your pillow as you go to sleep.

Be specific with your intention and write something like, “My love and I are soulmates and we enjoy our time together.”

3. Be positive when describing the person you want to fall in love with. Instead of “I don’t want a cheater,” write something like, “I want a faithful person.” 

This is to ensure that you don’t send out the wrong signals. Positivity will help you send positive vibrations when manifesting.

4. Connect with your emotions when thinking about your ideal partner. Let the feelings of emotions be honest, as if you were already with the person. Positive emotions increase the vibrations and create more energy for positive outcomes.

How would you feel with your love? Excited? Happy? Loved? Be in touch with those emotions when manifesting love.


5. Write about the love between you and your partner in the present tense as if it is already happening. Put it in your notebook or manifestation journal in detail how you imagine the day with your love has been like. 

Include things like, “Today we walked at the park holding hands. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s movie that we’ll watch together.” 

When you live like your dream has already happened, you increase your manifestation’s energy.

6. Visualize being in a relationship with your love. Picture what it is like to be with them. Imagine being on a date with them, spending time with them, and even how your feelings are when you are with them. Experts say that visualization is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques.

Making the vision to be clear will help strengthen your manifestation. You can even go ahead and create a vision board for your love.

7. Practice gratitude. Being thankful increases your energy vibrations so that you can achieve your manifestation. Make a gratitude list for the things happening in your life that make it possible for love in your life. This can be everything, like a job, your personality, meeting new people, e.t.c.

In your list, add the things you want that you haven’t already received. The kind of person you want to fall in love with should be on your gratitude list.  

8. Practice positive affirmations to fight off any limiting beliefs within you. Even when manifesting love, positive affirmations will speak a lot to your subconscious mind and the universe about why you deserve love. 

Saying positive things about yourself will also make you more positive, remove negative energy, and take the proper steps towards a love-filled future. Make the affirmation list that you will use when negative thoughts challenge you. You could right things such as:

  • I am a lovable person.
  • I am attractive and worthy of love.
  • I deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship.
Affirmations for self-love

9. Be in love with yourself. Loving yourself is attractive to others and will help you in your quest for love. A person who loves who they are unconditionally is strong and confident. 

By loving yourself, you also communicate to the universe that you can love others. Of course, you have heard that like attracts like. Increase your love for the traits that make you love yourself.

Saying positive statements about yourself can help you be more confident, and in love with the person you are. You don’t want to attract someone who thinks you are too needy for love. You would like them to know that you are content with who you are so that they can love you for you.

10. Work towards the love you are manifesting. It will not work like magic, so unless you ‘get in there, you might fail in your quest for love. To manifest love will mean that you start being open to meeting new people, being friendly, dressing the part, flirting, and the works.

This is your part as you trust the person to sweep you off your feet will manifest. While at it, don’t forget your goal to avoid those who don’t match what you want. Don’t be too picky that you miss out on love. 

11. Trust that what you want to manifest will come to pass. Having faith brings more energy to your manifestation and makes the universe work for you. Believing is part of the more important process of making your manifestation yield positive results. 

If you genuinely believe that you will fall in love with the right person, then eventually have a successful manifestation. Just believe and be patient.   

The phases of manifestation

Here are some other tips to consider before looking at manifesting writing methods.

According to Abraham Hicks, this is the order in which you know a manifestation has occurred.

  • Emotion: When manifestation occurs, the first sign will be improved emotion. This is largely influenced by the positive emotions and feelings channeled towards the manifestation.
  • Thoughts: Your thoughts have improved, and you now have new ideas you never thought of. This is because of the energy shift in the manifestation process. Your mind becomes a store of all these new ideas.
  • Becoming aligned with nature: In the next step, you will start seeing things that seem coincidental with nature. Like, you may look at a digital clock and see all matching numbers, like 2:22, or looking outside to catch a flock of birds taking off at the exact time.
  • Experiencing helpful situations/people: Things start falling in place, and you begin receiving help from random people, or situations start falling in your favor. This is when the higher power/universe aligns things in your favor.
  • Physical manifestation: Finally, your manifestation appears. Whether it’s money in your bank account or the things you manifested, they become a reality.

We hope you find the above manifesting writing methods useful and you can start your journey in achieving what you want in your life.

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