46 Growth mindset questions for self-improvement

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The best way to teach children about growth mindset is to ask them growth mindset questions on a daily basis.

Many times we ask children ” how was your day?”, we get a general answer like “it was ok”. We don’t get a clear picture of what they are feeling or how their day actually went.

The problem lies in asking children the wrong questions. Instead, we should be asking them growth mindset questions to get an understanding of any struggle they might be facing, their feelings, or even knowing what are their aspirations.

You can incorporate the growth mindset questions into their daily journal.

You can also spend a few minutes every night before bed time to ask them the growth mindset questions below.

26 daily growth mindset questions :

  1. Did you do anything challenging today?
  2. Did you ask for help today? Who helped you? How did it make you feel?
  3. Did you do something that made you think hard?
  4. Is there someone you would like to say thank you to today?
  5. Is there someone you would like to say sorry to today?
  6. Did you achieve all of your goals?
  7. Can you think of anything that could have been done better today?
  8. Did you show kindness to anyone today?
  9. Write down 3 things you loved about your day.
  10. What can you do to improve yourself?
  11. What can you do tomorrow to make you come closer to your goals?
  12. List some of the things you can’t do yet? What can you do to start learning them?
  13. What is the hardest thing you had to do today?
  14. Did you make any mistake recently? What have you learned from that experience?
  15. Name the people that lift you up whenever you are feeling down?
  16. List 10 things you like about yourself.
  17. List 3 things that makes you special
  18. What are your strengths?
  19. Write down your weaknesses. Now, what can you do to overcome those weaknesses?
  20. If you can be a superhero, what would your superpowers be? What can you do to make the world a better place with those powers?
  21. If you can spend the weekend building something, what would you build?
  22. Write down a time when you felt like giving up but instead, you kept going. How did it make you feel? What motivated you to keep going?
  23. What is your biggest accomplishment?
  24. Write down 3 things you are most grateful about in your life.

Use the Personalised Growth mindset activity sheet below to help children realize how special they are.

22 questions for self- improvement:

  1. What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? What can you do to overcome those fears?
  2. What keeps you up at night? Now, write down in a piece of paper the words you can use to get rid of those fears, for example, “you don’t exist”, “go away”, etc.
  3. Did you do something the way easy today? What can you do to make it more challenging?
  4. Can you share something new that you tried recently?
  5. Did you learn something new outside of school today?
  6. Did you do anything today that made you feel stuck? What can you do to do it better next time?
  7. What do you do to relax?
  8. Name 3 negative things you should stop saying to yourself. What should you be saying instead?
  9. List 5 positive affirmations you would like to follow for the next few weeks.
  10. What skills would you like to improve? What steps are you going to take to improve on those skills? Create a plan to work on those skills.
  11. No one becomes great on their own. We all need support from others. Who are the people that would help you when you are in trouble?
  12. What are your goals for the rest of the year?
  13. Did you ask questions that would help solve your doubts today?
  14. Write down the things you should stop doing that drains your energy.
  15. Write a letter yourself that you will open only 2 years from now. Include your goals and aspirations in the letter.
  16. What is the one thing that occupied your mind today? What can you do to stop letting it take over your emotions?
  17. When do you feel most at peace?
  18. Write down 3 loving things you did recently. How did it make you feel?
  19. What comes to your mind when you find yourself in a difficult situation?
  20. What do you say to yourself when you are faced with challenges>
  21. Did you try as hard as you should be today?
  22. Did you make good use of the people or resources around you?

We hope you have enjoyed the growth mindset questions above. What are some other questions you would ask your child on a daily basis? Post them in the comment below.

Before you go don’t forget to get the Personalised Growth mindset kit for children

There are endless possibilities on how you can incorporate a growth mindset into your child’s daily lives.

Growth mindset activities can be a useful tool for your child to be reminded of how unique and amazing they are.

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