84 creative & adventurous story starters for kids with pictures

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If you are looking for fun story starters for kids then carry on reading below.

The story starters here will capture your child’s imagination and transport them into a world of creativity.

It will encourage them to think outside the box and also improve their writing skills.

The story starters are meant to take children into an adventure of thoughts and fantasy.

They can be incorporated into their daily writing journal.

You can also download the story starters worksheets with pictures for kids to help prompt their creativity.

Fantasy Story Starters:

  1. Your train toy built its own track and went missing, what do you do next?
  2. You received a letter from a stranger. What happens next?
  3. A dog jumped into your room and ran away with your homework. How do you explain it to your teacher that is believable?
  4. You discovered a treasure hidden at the back of your garden. What was in it?
  5. You went diving into the sea and discovered a new sea creature. Write about that sea creature.
  6. You met an alien. What did he say to you?
  7. You find yourself being able to communicate with people living in space. What did they tell you?
  8. You discovered an old letter in your grandma’s box. It has all the inheritance for the family. What was being said in the letter?
  9. You won the lottery. What will you do with 1 million dollars that you won?
  10. You are given the choice to choose one superpower. What will you choose? What will you do with that power?
  11. Imagine waking up to only half of your size.
  12. Write a story about diving to the deepest part of the sea. What did you see there? How long did it take you to come back up?
  13. Write a story about being lost in space. How did you come back to earth?
  14. If you can become a movie star for one day. Which movie star would you like to be? Describe what your day would look like.
  15. Imagine building a new city. Describe what the city would look like.
  16. Write a story about being the ruler of the jungle.
  17. Write a story about being best friends with a lion
  18. Rewrite the ending of Cinderalla, write it from the point of view of the sisters.
  19. One morning you woke up invisible. No one could see you. What did you do that day?
  20. One day you woke up realizing that you are the only person left in this world. Describe what happens next?
  21. The grandfather clock in your house has a secret door. Where did it take you?
  22. You find yourself trapped inside a video game. What happens next?
  23. Your favorite cartoon characters showed up in your room. What did they say to you?
  24. Describe a special present that you received from Santa from this year.

    Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

  25. You were having your dinner when suddenly the dish ran away with the spoon. What happens next?
  26. The toys in your home started talking to you. They want to take you on an adventure. Where did you go?
  27. On a visit to the zoo animals started speaking to you. What did they say?
  28. You went to the library and opened a book that sucked you into the story. What happens next?
  29. You went on a boat trip and got drifted. You woke up and found yourself in an isolated island. What happens next?
  30. I got struck by lightning at my back garden, what happened next?
  31. I was stranded at sea when a shark came to rescue me. Write about this encounter.
  32. I was swimming at the beach when a dolphin came and gave me a kiss. What happens next?
  33. I got a message that says “I can see you”. What happens next?
  34. Someone left a note in my school back that says “I am watching you”. What happens next?
  35. I was sleeping when suddenly everything is shaken. The cupboard is about to fall, the bed is shaking and everything is a mess. What happens then?
  36. The note on my fortune cookie says “run and never come back”.
  37. The surgeon did not realize that I was awake throughout the operation. Describe the experience.
  38. You picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport. When you came back home you opened it found things that are mysterious. What was in it?
  39. Olivia spent the day building a snowman. Just before going to bed she decided to give it one last peak but found the snowman smiling at her.
  40. Deep in the forest lived daddy bear, mummy bear, and baby bear. They decided to go for a walk. When they came back they saw their house was in a mess. Who entered the house?
  41. I found a dragon living right next door. However, he was not an ordinary dragon. We became close friends. One day he got angry and flew away. How did you find him again?
  42. I got an offer to spend the day with Santa. What did you do on that day?

Story starters sentences for kids:

  1. You found a box wrapped. You opened it and…..
  2. You screamed so loud but no one heard, then suddenly……
  3. You ran and ran and ran but…….
  4. You heard a loud shout so you went out to see what was happening when suddenly…
  5. It was Halloween night and not a soul in sight, you heard footsteps coming……
  6. You discovered a magic book………
  7. You switched on the TV and suddenly found yourself as a news reporter that is reporting live about…..
  8. You found a genie that can grant you 3 wishes…….
  9. You found out that everything about your life is a lie…..
  10. You knock the door but no one answered, you climbed on the window and discovered……
  11. You were walking from school when suddenly you were being chased…
  12. You heard loud music coming from your living, it sounded like an orchestra band…
  13. You saw Batman jumping off the building of your school…
  14. You became the superhero in your favorite cartoon but then…

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  15. The day I was born…..
  16. The Tik Tok account I created for my grandma went viral, she is getting sponsored posts from all around the world, but…..
  17. I have always wanted to be brave like my sister. She would fight all the bullies in school. I remember when I was young, she……
  18. I walked through the garden, knowing that I would never be back here again. I said goodbye to all the flowers I planted. I climbed to my treehouse. I am so angry, why are they making me…
  19. I was shivering being stuck in the cold for so long. I tried to open the door of my house, but it was frozen. I looked up the window and saw everyone else having a warm cup of tea, but no one could hear my voice and door knock. What if I……
  20. Inside an envelope, there was a…..
  21. They sat next to each in the airplane, not knowing that they were…..
  22. He should have never left the house when…
  23. I was walking through the woods when I heard…
  24. I never would have dreamed that…
  25. A wizard came to my room and cast a magic spell that turned me into a…
  26. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it….
  27. It was one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong…
  28. I slept and woke up in heaven…
  29. The best birthday I ever had was…
  30. The best holiday I have even been to was…
  31. The happiest day of my life was…
  32. I tried my hardest to be good but…..

story starters for kids

Story starters that start with ‘What if”

  1. What if I could turn back time, where would I go?
  2. What if I could reinvent the internet. How will I do it differently?
  3. What if I created a machine that could tell what would happen in the future?
  4. What if I could leave school to pursue my dreams? Will my parents agree?
  5. What if my parents forgot about me and went on a holiday to Europe without realizing I was left alone at home? How will I contact them?
  6. What if I can invent a tool that would instantly turn me into a millionaire? Will I share this tool with anyone else?
  7. What if I woke up tomorrow morning being able to speak to animals? What conversation will I have with them?
  8. What if I was asked to direct a movie with my favorite actor? What will the movie be about?
  9. What if I saw my parents doing something illegal? Will I report them to the police?
  10. What if I could live in Disneyland for 2 weeks?


Story starters with pictures for kids:

Download the story starters with pictures 



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