200+ Popular & unique vintage boy names with meaning

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Do you love vintage boy names? We have made a list of the best vintage boy names that you can choose. 

You have the option of choosing from long names or short names. When selecting a name, it is essential to look at the meaning of the name. As we go further, you will learn more about vintage boy names and how to select the right one.  

Vintage boy names with meaning and origin

When discussing timeless names, you have to mention vintage baby names. Most of these retro names have significant meanings, and they sound creative.

You should check the list below if you love old-fashioned names. The list includes new and timeless baby boy names and their meaning.

  • Atlas

A fast-riding name in the USA, Atlas is a cute old man name that originated from Greek mythology and means’ bearers of the heaven’.

  • Archer

Archer means ‘bowman,’ and it is an old English name.

  • Ambrose

It is a Latin origin name. Its English interpretation is ‘immortal.’

  • Anderson

It is one of the most famous Greek word names. In English, it means man or manly. Some people in Sweden also use it as their surname.

vintage boy names
  • Adam

It is gotten from ‘Adam and Eve in the Bible. The meaning of Adam is ‘son of the earth.’

  • Albert

Albert is an old cute French boy name. Albert is the name for boys, and the actual meaning is noble and bright.

  • Alistair

Instead of using Alexander. Some people prefer to name their child Alistair. It sounds more pleasing. The two names mean ‘one who defends mankind.’

  • Amons

Amons means ‘to carry, and it is a popular Hebrew name.

  • Barney

This English name means “blessed.”

  • Baxter

An old English occupational name meaning ‘baker’

  • Bernard

It is a name of popular German origin, and its interpretation is ‘as brave as a bear.’

  • Bradley

It means ‘broad wood .’ Bradley is a unique English name.

  • Bruno

The meaning of this name is ‘brown’. Bruno is an old classic boy name in Germany.

  • Caspian

Caspian is one of the classic baby names that signify the color’ white.’

  • Cyrus

Cyrus is a famous Iranian name that bears its origin in Persia. The significance of this name is ‘young’ or ‘farsighted’.

  • Carlisle

Carlisle means ‘from the walled city’ or ‘from the protected tower. It’s an old-fashioned English boy name

  • Cedric

An English origin name, Cedric means a bounty

  • Chadwick

The name Chadwick signifies ‘the warrior’s town. The vintage name is of old English origin

  • Christopher

Christopher is a traditional name for boys and is originally from Greece. It means ‘bearer of Christ.

  • Clarence

The name belongs to Latin America. Clarence means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’.

  • Clifford

Significant with the word cliff, this is a vintage name, and it means ‘cliff at the river crossing’.

  • Cox

The Anglo-Saxon word and it means ‘cock’ or ‘rooster’.

Vintage boy names with nicknames

Many people love a name that can be shortened to sound more pleasing. You should check the list below if you love vintage boy names with cute nicknames.

We have provided many exciting selections for you.

  • Abraham-Abe, Brahm

This Hebrew name means ‘father of many. Abraham was a biblical figure in the Old Testament.

  • Alexander-Al

It means ‘defender of men,’ a Greek baby name.

  • Allen-Al

Allen is a Celtic name meaning ‘noble’ or ‘fair’.

  • Alvin-Al, Vin, Vinnie

Alvin is an English name meaning’ wise, dear friend’.

  • Ambrose-Brose

It comes from the class of medieval English names and means’ Immortal’. Ambrose is arguably one of the most famous names in the past.

  • Anthony-Tony, Nino

Anthony is one of the Roman family names, Antonius

  • Archibald-Archie

In English, this name means ‘genuine’ and ‘bold’. It is a great Scottish boy name.

  • Augustus-Gus

It is a Latin and its interpretation is ‘increase’. In the context of being used as a name, people interpret it as ‘venerable’. Most people given the name are emperors.

vintage boy names
  • Benjamin-Ben, Benny, Benji

Benjamin comes from a Hebrew origin meaning ‘son of the south.

  • Cameron-Cam

The interpretation of this name is ‘crooked mouth’. It is a Scottish surname.

  • Christopher-Chris, Topher, Kit, Christo

Christopher comes is a Greek name, meaning ‘bearing Christ.

  • Clayton-Clay

Clayton was originally a surname meaning ‘clay settlement’ in Old English.

  • Clifford-Cliff, Kip, Ford

Clifford was originally a surname and means ‘a ford near a slope.

  • Cornelius-Corey, Nelly

Cornelius originally means ‘horn’. It is a Latin baby’s name.

Classy names for boys

While selecting names for children, parents love to choose modern names. Like fashion and other things in life, names become outdated.

Some children might not even grow up to like their name when they discover it’s old-fashioned. To choose a classy modern name for your little boy, you should check the baby name charts we provided here.

Unlike old names, modern ones have beautiful meanings, are shortened, and easily recalled. While some of them don’t mean anything, they still sound exciting.

  • Abbot

This name can be linked to church. Apart from that, Abbot is one of the most stylish classic vintage names.

  • Adriel

It is a unique Hebrew name that is interpreted as ‘the flock of God.

  • Axel

It is a heavy metal rock name. The name can be interpreted as ‘father of peace. It has also become quite popular in recent years.

  • Brady

This name means ‘large chested’. It started to become popular when among boys when it was used by Miranda in ‘Sex and the city.

  • Bronx

It is a popular and stylish name that is often linked to Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. They were the ones that made the name popular by using it for their son.

  • Cashel

It is a stylish name that emphasizes a tough feeling. The names sounds like cash, and that is what maximizes its appeal. Cashel can be interpreted as ‘stone fort’.

  • Connor

If you like having dogs as a pet, you would likely love the name Connor. This name means ‘love of hounds,’ and it is listed as one of the top 50 best names in the last decade.

  • Cormac

Cormac means ‘charioteer,’ and it is a great Irish name. The name is also related to “Harry Potter” in some way. Even though the name sounds grade, it is not common, making it unique.

  • Cullen

Many people have recently started using their traditional last name as their first name. These names get a new lease of life when used first.

One such name is Cullen, which means ‘handsome or good looking.

Creative vintage boy names

Creative vintage boy names are perfect, and they’ve stood the test of time. Most of these old-fashioned baby names have deep meanings, and some have Greek and Celtic roots.

Since most parents choose modern names for their children, boys with vintage middle names are not common. That is what makes them unique.

Another way to choose a creative vintage name for your boy is by researching your great grandparent’s name. If you like any of them, you can use them for your boy.

The suggestions below include great vintage names, and you can go with anyone of them.

  • Charlie

Charlie is a classic English name that originates from the Old English word. The English word is “ceorl,” and it is interpreted as man.

  • Everett

Even though Everett is an Old English surname, it is now popularly known as a name for boys. The interpretation of Everett in English is “brave as a wild boar.”

  • Isaac

Isaac is a popular biblical Hebrew name. In English, the name is interpreted as “he will laugh”.

  • Joseph

Joseph is a popular biblical name that means “God will add.”  

  • Julian

Julian is a unique and creative Latin name and it means “youthful,”.

  • Max

This is short for Maxwell or Maximillian. It means “the greatest.”

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  • Noah

Like Joseph, Noah is another name Inspired by the Bible. In English, it means “rest”.

  • Owen

A Welsh traditional boy name, Owen means “noble” or “warrior”

  • Samuel

Meaning “Name of God,” Samuel is also a Hebrew name.

  • Silas

Silas is Latin for “from the forest.”

  • Eli

Eli is a Hebrew baby name that means “ascended.”

  • Henry

This is a classic old German name that means “head of household.” It is popular in English and French aristocracy.

Modern vintage boy names with meaning

If you’ve been searching for modern vintage names for your boy, you’re reading the right article. This list consists of creative, exciting, and cute modern vintage names that your boy will grow up to cherish.

  • Noah

Coming from ancient Hebrew, Noah means “rest” and “repose.” In the Bible story, Noah was the famous builder of the ark that helped all animal species survive the Great Flood.

  • Elijah

Another Hebrew and biblical name, Elijah means “my God is Yahweh,” referring to the Hebrew name for God. In the Bible, Elijah was a prophet and miracle worker.

  • Lucas

The name Lucas comes from the name Luke, which means “from Lucania,” a region in southern Italy. It’s another name you will find throughout European culture and also appears in the Bible.

According to tradition, Luke traveled with the apostle Paul and wrote one of the four gospels.

  • Alexander

Latinized from the Greek boy name, Alexandros, Alexander means “defending men.” It’s one of those fun-fashioned baby boy names with a unique origin story.

In Greek mythology, Alexander shares the same name as the hero Paris. He’s known for being fair in his judgment, fighting in the Trojan War, and shooting Achilles in his heel.

vintage boy names
  • Jackson

Bet you can guess the meaning behind this adorable country boys’ name! Jackson literally means “the son of Jack,” or “Jack’s son,” and was originally used as a last name.

Jack is a diminutive of John, which means “to be gracious.” There are many famous Jacks out there, including the fairy-tale hero from Jack and the Beanstalk and authors Jack London and Jack Kerouac; another famous bearer of the name was President Andrew Jackson.

  • Sebastian

From the Latin Sebabsitanus, Sebastian meant “from Sebaste,” which was a town in Asia Minor, which is present-day Turkey. In Greek it means “venerable.”

Saint Sebastian was a martyred Roman foot soldier from the third century. You will find this name in numerous European languages.

Old fashioned names in 1800

People have recently started a trend of giving old fashioned names to boys and girls. We are not going to concentrate on girl names here, though.

Some people even go as far as giving their sons the exact name their grandfather had. Since vintage names like Olivier have become too common, you might need suggestions on unique old-fashioned boy names.

That is what we listed here. You can choose from any of our old fashioned boy names from 1800.

  • Bernard

Bernard is a unique name of German origin. In English, it means “as brave as a bear”

  • Carl

Charles is an English name and it is called “Carl” in German. It is interpreted as ‘man’.

  • Chester

Even though people often used Chester as a last name, some parents have started to use it as their male child’s first name. The name is interpreted as ‘camp, fortress.

  • Clayton

It is often used as a surname. Recently, many people have started using it as the first name of their male children. People that speak old English interpret the name as “clay settlement”.

  • Curtis

Even though the roots of this name can be traced from Norman French, it is a popular English baby name. It is interpreted as “courteous”.

  • David

Hebrew name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘uncle’.

  • Earl

Originally an aristocratic title meaning ‘nobleman’ or ‘great warrior’.

  • Edmund

Edmund can be a given name or surname it comes from Old English and means’ prosperous’.

  • Edwin

Edwin means ‘rich friend’ and it is a popular old English occupational name.

  • Eli

In Hebrew, Eli means ‘ascension’.

  • Ellis

Ellis is the English version of Elias/Elijah. It means ‘God is my Yahweh’.

  • Email

Emil comes from the Latin and means’ excellent’. It’s a super unique boy name from the 1800s.

  • Ernest

Ernest is from the Germanic name and means’ serious’.

  • Everett

Everett was a surname, coming from the given name Everard. If you’re looking for a rugged, yet vintage, boy name, this is it!

Forgotten boy names

Even though many things trend for some time and go, vintage names stay. These vintage names will always sound special and unique. Some great forgotten vintage boy names are listed below

  • Aldous

It means “old and noble”. Famous name bearer: Writer Aldous Huxley.

  • Alton

It means river settlement.

  • Aristotle

It means “superior”. Famous name bearer: Greek philosopher Aristotle. We all know Aristotle, but it’s one of the cool boy names today.

  • Arrow

It means “Projectile fired from a bow”.

  • Baxter

It means “baker”.

  • Bertram

It means “bright raven”.

  • Bobo

It means “bright fame”. It will also make an uncommon and perfect name for your new baby.

  • Caspar

It means “treasurer”.

  • Clovis

It means “famous warrior”.

  • Eleazar

It means “God helps”. Once a common name, it isn’t as popular anymore.

  • Elton

It means “settlement”. It’s an uncommon name in England.

Famous name bearer: Singer Elton John.

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  • Fenton

It means “marsh settlement”. It can also be used as a surname that will define the character of your son.

  • Hamlet

It means “Literary name”.

  • Ivor

It means “bow warrior”.

  • Lambert

It means “bright land”.

  • Morten

It means “ancient”.

  • Prewitt

It means “small and brave”.

  • Quade

It means “descendant of Uaid”.

  • Styles

It means “steep ascent”.

  • Waldo

It means “rule”.

  • Archie

It means “genuine”. Famous name bearer: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son.

  • Bram

It means “father of multitudes”.

  • Caspian (English Origin)

It means “cutting edge”. This is one of the rarer names for boys today.

  • Callum (Scottish origin)

It means “dove”.

  • Chester (English origin)

It means “fortress or walled town”. An old English boy name used commonly in England.

  • Cosmo (Greek Origin)

It means “order and beauty”. A perfect, creative and cool name for your baby boy.

  • Dex (English Origin)

It means “right-handed”.

  • Eustace (English Origin)

It means “fruitful and productive”. Famous name bearer: St Eustace of Norway.

  • Ferri (English Origin)

It means “rock”. This is another old boys’ name.

Unique boy names

Even though picking a name for your baby sounds fun, you might find it challenging. You will always have many suggestions, and deciding on the right unique boy names can be stressful for you.

That is why we have made this list for you. No matter the one you choose from here, you have made an excellent choice.

These names are not just unique. They have great meanings, and your boy will grow to like them.

  • Sebastian

Although still a unique vintage boy name in the United States, it became popular in European countries many years ago. Sebastian was a martyr a very long time ago, and his name can be interpreted as “from Sebaste,”. Sebaste is a town in Turkey. Sebaste as a different interpretation in Greek. It is interpreted as venerable there.

  • Ezra

You can never go wrong by giving boys unique biblical names. It makes children feel unique and most of them grow up to like the names. Another great biblical name you should consider for your son is Ezra. You can find Ezra in the Old Testament and the name means “help”. One popular person with the Hebrew name is poet Ezra Pound.

  • Silas

An ancient biblical and roman name. It became popular in the United States and majority of the people don’t know the origin. Some people believe Silvanus was shortened and called Silas. Originally, Silvanus means “wood forest,”. Other people think it is a Hebrew name Saul, which is interpreted as “prayed for.”

vintage boy names
  • Gael

Recently, the name Gael gained much popularity in the US and it is still a special name. Gael is the name used to identify people who speak Gaelic languages. The popular Gaelic languages are Scottish and Irish Gaelic.

  • Amir

Even though it is popular in many other places, Amir is quite special in the United States till now. It is an Arabic name and it means “commander” in English language. In Hebrew, it can also be interpreted as olive tree top or pear tree.

  • Adan

Adan is a nice choice for people who want a unique Hispanic boy’s name for their male children. In Spanish language, Adam is what is called Adan. It is interpreted as “man,” in English. The name gained much popularity in the US within the 1930s to 1950s.

Do you think people should start using it again?

Badass old man names

If you want badass old man names for your son, you should choose from the list below.

  • Bernard

Bernard is a name of German origin, and it is interpreted as ‘strong as a bear’ in English

Popular nicknames: St Bernard, playwright George Bernard Shaw, and presidential nominee Bernie Sanders

  • Chester

A unique name of Latin origin meaning ‘fortress, walled town.’

Famous nicknames: Actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a son named Chester

  • Clifford

Clifford is a simple and unique English name that stands for ‘ford by the cliff.’

Popular nicknames: British pop singer Cliff Richard, musician Cliff Burton from Metallica.

  • Earnest

This name is of English origin meaning ‘serious, resolute’.

Famous nicknames: Novelist Ernest Hemingway. The importance of being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde

  • Edmund

Of English origin meaning ‘fortunate protector’.

Famous nicknames: New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and English astronomer Edmund Halley, after whom the comet was named.

  • Edwin

Another English name, meaning ‘wealthy friend’.

Famous nicknames: Astronaut Edwin’ Buzz’ Aldrin.

  • Emmet

A German name meaning ‘powerful’.

Famous nicknames: Irish actor Emmet Scanlan. Also Emmett Till, an American teenager whose murder helped spark the American Civil Rights Movement.

  • Felix

A sweet old school boy name of Latin origin meaning ‘happy, fortunate.

Famous nicknames: Cartoon character Felix the cat. Actress Elizabeth Banks named her son Felix.

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