70+ Creative art business names ideas for artists

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How can you get potential customers to take your art business seriously if you don’t have a creative art business name? Well, instead of beating yourself up trying to come up with one, this article has some of the best art business names you could ever need. 

You can find a diverse selection of art business names in this article. Ranging from catchy names to unique names that you can use as your online store domain name or even use for your business card. We also provide a step-by-step guide on how to come up with your own name for an art business. 

70+ Creative art business names ideas for artists

Creative art business names

People have different ways of defining a good name for an art business. But in our experience, creative names are the best names for an art business. These are great names to signal to others what you’re all about. They make them curious about what you do and give them an extra reason to step through your door.  

  1. The Supreme Brushstroke
  2. The Crayon Box
  3. The Coloring Book
  4. Way Into The Red
  5. The Rainbow Wasteland
  6. The Creative Touch
  7. Aporia Central
  8. The New Age Creatives
  9. Food For The Soul
  10. The Artist’s Arsenal
  11. Painting In The Rain
  12. The Paint Explosion
  13. From Pain To Paint
  14. The Fae Painters
  15. Michelangelo’s Children
  16. Daughters of Da Vinci
  17. Art Ocean
  18. The Drawing Dolphins
  19. Pray, Spray and Paint
  20. Art Elusive
  21. A Tale of Two Canvasses
  22. The Arty Way
  23. Cosmic Canvass
  24. Creatives And Creations
  25. Empire of Art
  26. Kingdom of the Arts
  27. The Sketchers Emporium
  28. Arcadia of the Arts
  29. Artrageously Done
  30. Art Intelligentsia 

Catchy art business names

Businesses with catchy names are some of the best performers for that reason alone. It’s always a good idea to have a catchy art business name, as that is one of the closest you’ll get to having a perfect business name. With a catchy name, word of your business will spread well beyond your target audience. 

  1. Create And Sate
  2. Can’t Stop Creating
  3. The Painter’s Pleasure
  4. The Prospecting Sculptor
  5. The Build Guild
  6. Pandas On Canvas
  7. Painting For Pleasure
  8. Artists In Exile
  9. The Creative Flow
  10. The Forever Creatives
  11. Fetch And Sketch
  12. Mache Mash
  13. I Art About You
  14. Where Art Thou?
  15. Whimsy And Wonder
  16. The Spirit Surfer
  17. Art Thriller
  18. The Brush of the Bold
  19. In Creative Company
  20. The Finger Brushes
  21. Dazzle and Razzle
  22. Fetch And Sketch
  23. Your Trash, Our Art
  24. The Beating Art
  25. Arty Bunnies
  26. Origami Mummy
  27. Arting With You
  28. All About Art
  29. The Art House
  30. The Creative Commons

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Digital art business names

Digital art has been on the rise this past couple of years. If you own a digital art business, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your business’s name reflects that.  

  1. The Artist’s Matrix
  2. The Artistic Algorithm
  3. The Creative Engine
  4. The Cyber Dreamers
  5. The Creative Intelligence
  6. A.I. Supply
  7. DigiArt
  8. Creative Hackers
  9. The Ghosts in the Machine
  10. The Unit’s Soul
  11. Art Technica
  12. The Pixel Painters
  13. Cyber Visionaries
  14. The Programmed Painters
  15. The Electronic Brain
  16. Analog Artists
  17. The Painting Binary
  18. The Art Fraction
  19. Moody and Mathematical
  20. The Artistic Exponent
  21. Compound Art
  22. Artists Integrated
  23. The Artistic Binary
  24. Info Creatives
  25. Artistic Metadata
  26. Painting With Math
  27. Drawing With Math
  28. The Audiovisual Artists
  29. Artists Who Code
  30. Digi DNA Art

Art exhibition names 

Art exhibitions are still a great way to promote your art and are a starting point for finding potential clients within your target market. Hosting one is one of the best options for new businesses. But what are you supposed to name your art exhibition to attract these potential buyers? Will, this long list of names may help out. 

  1. A Vision In Pink
  2. Cowboy’s Cry Too
  3. A Study In Red
  4. Our Life And Times
  5. From Heart to Art
  6. The Horror Inside The Soul
  7. Every Human is A Monster
  8. From Song to Song
  9. The Feminine Form
  10. The Kaleidoscopic Mystery Box
  11. Paint Is My Blood
  12. The Eye of The Storm
  13. Passengers On Planet Earth
  14. Fire of Love
  15. Into The Deep
  16. Back To Black
  17. Blues Cruise
  18. Way Into The Red
  19. My Full Name In Color
  20. To Taunt And Provoke
  21. Campfire of Paint
  22. Hearts Beating in the Darkness
  23. Sympatico
  24. The Illusion of Meaning
  25. Synthesis and Antithesis
  26. On The Run
  27. With Sweetness and Suffering
  28. Raging All The Time
  29. Wrath
  30. With Love, Always
art business names

Arts names for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms, especially for sharing art. If you want an online presence as an artist, you should put much thought into picking the right name for your Instagram profile. Multiple art pages and art blogs on Instagram employ this tactic. Why not you?

  1. Every Artist Is A Star
  2. The Vampire Painters
  3. Queen of the Painters
  4. Slay And Spray
  5. The Artist’s Landing
  6. The Painters Table
  7. The Instagram Gallery
  8. The IG Wall
  9. Captivating Canvasses
  10. Inspiration Central
  11. Special Logo Design
  12. Pop Artists
  13. Yokai Arts
  14. The Spiritual Hues
  15. In Cold Art
  16. The Nth Wavelength
  17. A Sky Full of Art
  18. The Sprouting Artist
  19. Drawing Demon
  20. Painting Papa
  21. Mache Mama
  22. Art Geeks
  23. Art Freaks
  24. Art Mania
  25. The Sculpture Appreciator
  26. Adventures in Art
  27. Art in the Afternoon
  28. Art At The Beach
  29. Dash of Color
  30. Your Arty Neighbor

Art club name ideas

Art clubs are a fantastic way for professional artists to network with each other and share their work. Participating in them can be beneficial and a lot of fun too. The art studio must have a great name to make fine artists interested in participating. This is one of the best ways to interest hard-working artists in the club. 

  1. The Artist’s Circle
  2. The Creator’s Cabal
  3. The Paint Drunks
  4. Space Is The Place
  5. The Art Age
  6. The Love Club
  7. Stained Fingernails Collective
  8. The Creative Clan
  9. The Everyday Painters
  10. The Artist’s Fellowship
  11. The Great Artist Studio
  12. The Art Faction
  13. Guild of Great Artists
  14. The Artistic Troupe
  15. The Phantom Artists
  16. The Art Tribe
  17. Nomadic Artists
  18. The Painters Who Roam
  19. The Art Den
  20. The Art Wave
  21. Only Artists Allowed
  22. The Art Treehouse
  23. Honor Among Artists
  24. The Art Cats
  25. The Arty Party
  26. Artists of the Round Table
  27. Where The Art Goes
  28. Artsy Babies
  29. The Art Coven
  30. Order of Artists

Artwork name ideas

One of the best ways customers can know what a piece of art is about is through its name. The name could be descriptive. Otherwise, a single word could hint at the artistic style and intent. A suitable name for your artwork is much more important than most artists realize. 

  1. Serenity
  2. The Impulse
  3. Hearts Aglow
  4. The Pop Off
  5. Happy Together
  6. Alone Together
  7. The Silence
  8. I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream
  9. The Soul Mirror
  10. The Law of Love
  11. Untitled And Unfinished
  12. Overcome
  13. Madly Wrought
  14. With Boundless Passion
  15. What I’ve Become
  16. Meetings That Never Happened
  17. Remember Me
  18. Kiss Me, Deadly!
  19. Say Something!
  20. My Love At Last
  21. Serendipity
  22. The Still Life
  23. Electro Waze
  24. The Magnanimous Soul
  25. Curtain Call
  26. Starburst Explosion
  27. The Milky Way
  28. Andromeda
  29. Valentine Blues
  30. Hold My Hand

Art store name ideas

An art store should often feel like a work of art itself. That sentiment mainly applies to the look if the store, but it should also apply to the name. You may want to pick a powerful name for your art store that represents your core values. Or, you want something that hints at the type of art you deal in. Here are some of the best art business names for you. 

  1. Finders Keepers
  2. The Endeavor Venture
  3. The Swag Bag
  4. The Art Carnival
  5. Art Utopia
  6. Art Tropica
  7. Art Elements
  8. The Travelers Bag
  9. Art Mania
  10. Exotic Arts
  11. The Color Sea
  12. Art Bazaar
  13. The Art Plaza
  14. Illuminated Artists
  15. Art Laboratory
  16. Spirit’s Own Art Company
  17. Art Supply Galaxy
  18. The Artist’s Cube
  19. Art Central
  20. The Artist’s Corner
  21. The Painters Shack
  22. All Art Needs
  23. The Art Merchant
  24. The Arty Trader
  25. The Paintbrush Merchant
  26. Pencil Poppa
  27. Sticks and Stones Inc. 
  28. The Magic Art Bus
  29. The Artists Haven
  30. Art Paradise

Good names for art blogs

An art blog is a great destination to find great artists and artworks and discuss what they are doing. For many, reading these blogs is the first step they take in becoming a true art appreciator. For an art blog, the best choice for you will be to have a creative name. Here are some great craft business names you could explore. 

  1. The Art Thinkers
  2. The Creative Gene
  3. Art Digest
  4. Artistic Affair
  5. Art Follies
  6. The Thinking Creative
  7. Talking Art
  8. The Artistic Bloggers
  9. The Art Curators
  10. Cycling Through Art
  11. The Artist’s Name
  12. My Incredible Art Career
  13. A Big List of Arty Things
  14. Art Is My First Name
  15. Good Luck In Art!
  16. Different Ways of Drawing
  17. From Creation To Creator
  18. Art Indigo
  19. Art Galore
  20. What To Think About Art
  21. The Artist’s Gaze
  22. Interpreting Art
  23. The Panoply
  24. Colorscape Thinkers 
  25. Hexadecimal Wizards
  26. Just Another Art Blogger
  27. The Art Commentator
  28. Household Art Critic
  29. Talking Art
  30. In Search of Meaning

How to choose the right art business name?

Your company name can make or break your business, so you need to give a lot of time choosing the name of your art business. 

A lot of times, your art brand name is one of the first things that someone will think about your art business. But it would help if you were sure that whatever name you choose has domain availability for your website and can easily be inputted into a search engine. 

One of the tactics you could use is to employ an online tool known as an art business name generator to come up with a good art company name name. This is a piece of software that randomly generates cool art names through keyword research. These artist name generators are good tools, but they do have some drawbacks. 

Another tactic you could employ in the search for unique art business name is to try using your own name. If you have a cool last name, then that could work very well. You might want to consider something else if you have a long name. Also, you could ask your family members what they think about this option. 

Otherwise, when it comes to your own business, whether it’s a small business or not, the best art name is something that relates to the art itself. What tools do you work with? What genre of art do you practice? What emotion are you trying to convey? You will be a step closer to getting the perfect business name for your art gallery by answering these questions. 

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