250 funny, cool & silly Kahoot names

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Kahoot is an educational game that makes learning more fun for students. It is an online game suitable for hybrid learning where students can participate in quizzes made by the teacher. If you are just signing up for Kahoot, check out the list of funny Kahoot names in this post. We will also give you a list of creative Kahoot names that you can use as your username.

Before we go into the list of good nicknames, let us first explain what Kahoot is and how it works.

Kahoot names

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an educational game where teachers can create quizzes that students can access using any device, making the learning process more interactive and fun.

Students can access the quizzes from home. Currently, there are over 40 million Kahoot games on the platform that any new player can access. This makes Kahoot ideal for distance learning and a popular application with students.

In this article, we will be looking at how to set Kahoot names, and a list of amazing Kahoot names.

How does Kahoot work?

Kahoot lets you ask questions and give multiple answers as options. The question maker can incorporate different media files such as images and music files to enrich the playing.

Kahoot has gained much popularity due to its distance learning features. Teachers can set a quiz and make it public. After the pre-determined time, the teacher can see the score of individual students on the scoreboard. 

Kahoot can also be used with different video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet. Teachers can see their students take the quiz in real time.

Once the students have submitted their responses, teachers can see their scores. For further inspection, teachers can run thorough analytics.

How to use Kahoot as a teacher?

Kahoot names

Kahoot is a free learning app, and it is considered an essential educational tool. Since its inception, it has been used mainly in schools, colleges, and universities.

What makes Kahoot so adored? Well, there are a few key features that make Kahoot so popular with students and teachers.

Teachers can incorporate Kahoot as part of students’ online classes.

In the Ghost mode, students can play against themselves. This mode is effective when a user wants to beat his previous high score.

Students can take a quiz multiple times for preparation for the actual test before their online class.

Then comes the built-in analytics tool. Using this feature, teachers can see how each student is doing and where they are getting stuck.

Teachers can also utilize the millions of already existing Kahoot quizzes. Teachers can take some aspects from an existing quiz and prepare a new one, which saves a lot of time.

Kahoot has been used to understand students level of knowledge on each subject. Teachers can the tailor make the quizzes based on students ability.

Also, depending on how much student know about the subject stipulates whether or not the teacher will have to make changes to his presentation.

What Names Are Ban in Kahoot?

Kahoot names

Unless you want to get banned from the platform, always pick an actual name in line with the Kahoot terms of services.

When a Kahoot player notices an inappropriate name on the platform, they can kick out that player themselves from the lobby.

Kahoot has strict guidelines when it comes to picking a name.

Some inappropriate nicknames and dirty Kahoot names that are banned on Kahoot are as below:

1     Hugh Jass.

2    Mike Hawk.

3     Ben Dover.

4     Peter File.

5     Chris Peacock.

6     Heywood Jablowme.

7     Dixie Normous.

8     Barry McKockiner.

As you can see, that is a list of inappropriate Kahoot names that can get you banned from the app.

How Many Characters Can a Kahoot Name Be?

When it comes to good Kahoot names, players can use any real name between 5-20 characters. However, players cannot use special characters or any spaces in between their names. Players, are only allowed to use the underscore (_) symbol.

Players will be prompted to set a name for themselves when signing up with the platform for the first time. The display name is displayed right under the profile name.

How Do You Auto-Generate Names in Kahoot?

Currently, Kahoot is compatible with all possible devices starting from laptops, tablets to smartphones. The game is available in both web-version and app-version.

The web version can be accessed using all popular web browsers starting from Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera.

On the other hand, the app version of Kahoot is available on both Android and iOS.

Recently, Kahoot has partnered with Microsoft Teams. Teachers can now share new multiple-choice quizzes with their students more easily without having to leave a meeting.

Kahoot comes with its name generator. To shield against players using inappropriate names, the Kahoot Nickname Generator was introduced, and it gives a funny 2-word nickname to Kahoot players.

Users can use Kahoot Nickname Generator in the Team mode, Classic mode, and Student-Paced Challenges. With the nickname generator, users can assign a quick yet witty nickname to players such as KindTiger, CharmingCheetah, or CuriousUnicorn.

Here is how to enable the nickname generator in a live game-

·     Open the Kahoot app and join the game you want to play.

·     In the lobby, you will see the option of “Friendly Nickname Generator.” Toggle it on.

·     Now select whether you want to play the game in Team mode or Classic mode.

·     Once you have turned on the “Friendly Nickname Generator,” it is time to ask the participants to join your game.

·     Players can join your game either via using the app or visiting the Kahoot site. it.

·     After they enter the game pin, they will be shown three randomly generated nicknames.

·     Players can pick any of the three randomly generated names and join the game.

How Do I Bypass Kahoot Random Name?

As mentioned above, you can turn on the Friendly Nickname Generator feature on Team mode, Classic mode, and Student-Paced Challenges.

When you have this feature turned on, no one can use a name that breaks your set rules.

How Do I Change My Kahoot Name?

You can change your Kahoot name to anything you want. However, there is a restriction on how often you can do it.

Currently, Kahoot allows its users to change their fun names every 12 months.

Kahoot players cannot change their names on the app. However, they can always change the name that is visible to other users.

Here is how you can change your nickname on Kahoot

·     Login to your Kahoot account using your Kahoot email address.

·     Hover your mouse over your nickname, you will see a small pencil icon, click on it.

·     You can type in a new name or click on the blue wand button for name suggestions.

·     When you are done, hit the “Change Kahoot Username” option.

Funny Kahoot Names for School

Here are some funny Kahoot name ideas for school.

9     Kahoot me

10     Pill Cosby 💊

11     Claustrophobic Teletubby

12     Mr.stark I don’t feel so good

13     HortonHearsAJew

14     Kahoot the Teacher

15     Honey where my super kah00t

16     Nerdy-Poo

17     Kahoot

18     Eye Candy

19     Cheeky Monkey

20     Butter Scotch

21     Junior Jumper

22     Floating Heart

23     Light Bulb

list of hilarious kahoot names :

24     Loading…

25     Yeet or be Yeeted

26     Billy Hills

27     Night Magnet

28     Dancing Madman

29     Egghead

30     Babysaurus

31     Enigma

32     Kool Kids Klub

33     Married Man

34     Metal Star

35     Ctrl W = Win

36     Peter file


38     Nerf Bastion

39     Weird Beard

40     Kermit

41     Deja View

42     Fire Guy

43     Fuzzy Pack

Fun Kahoot names

If you did not find a name that you would use with your Kahoot account, here are a few more suggestions.

44     Big Chungus

45     Walking Dictionary

46     Summer Teeth

47     Gucci Flippidy Flops

48     Johnny Johnny

49     Moe Lester

50     Third Wheeler

51     Nugget

52     Kahoot da teacher

53     Chungus the fungus

54     Kermit Kermicide

55     Lil Diabetes

56     Kim Jong Uno

57     Comedy Central

58     Homer

59     Couch Potato

Did you get funny Kahoot name ideas? Well, the list is not over yet. Below is a list of cool Kahoot names.

Cool Kahoot names

60     Kahoot me

61     Kim Jong OOF

62     Flippity Flippers

63     KahToot

64     Loud Mouth

65     Inky

66     Chunkie

67     Confused Teletubby

68     KaShootMe

69     Sub2PewDiePie

70     Pink Nightmare

Kahoot names

71     Wildcat Talent

72     Koi Diva

73     TeKilla Sunrise

74     Gabe itch

75     Loaf of Beans

76     Crazy Tentacles

77     Cheese Ball

78     Candy Cough

79     Panda Heart

80     Cranberry Sprite

81     Crayon Munchers

82     Magic Peach

83     Tiger Kitty

84     Flower Child

85     Freckles

86     Tragic Girl

87     Girls of Neptune

88     Candycane Missy

89     Cutie Bun

90     Huggable Bab

91     Missie Lucky

92     Broken Paws

93     Anonymous Girl

94     Tiny Hunter

95     Super Giggles

96     Lady Fantastic

97     Mafia Princess

98     Eye Candy Kitten

99     Troubled Chick

101     Feral Filly

102     Sassy Muffin

103     Canary Apple Red

104     Woodland Beauty

105     Miss Fix It

106     Miss Meow

107     Emerald Goddess

108     Marshmallow Treat

109     Leading Light

110     Queen Bee

111     Microwave Chardonnay

112     Gentle Woman

113     Cute Pumpkin

114     Titanium Ladybug

115     Freeze Queen

116     Young Lady

117     Winner Woman

118     Wonk Sidewalk

119     EnforcerTeen

120     Me Miss

121     Undergrad Split

122     Triple Adorable

123     Her Majesty

124     Cinderella

125     The Beekeeper

126     Cool Whip

127     Digital Goddess

128     Peanut Butter Woman

129     Fresh Lovely

130     Fisher Teen

131     Lady Turnip

132     Luna Star

133     Princess Fuzzie

134     Rainbow Sweety

The above list contains a lot of fun Kahoot names that you can pick from.

List of best Kahoot Names

Here are some best Kahoot names :

135    Jolly Holly

136     Debuggers

137     Donald Turnip

138    Pixie Chicks

139     Kim Jong Woof

140     Cinderemma Stone

141. Sauron’s Eye

142     ZeustheLorax

143     FreakShowHere

144     Avada Kahoodavra

145     Regina_Philange

146     GodsFavouriteChild

147     Naughty Nan

148     Master Spinner

149     Les MisRose

150     Zeus Loves YOU

151     FlatEarther

152     Clever Foxy

Kahoot names

153     Benny Sasquatch

154     Pixie Normous

155     Ball of Lightning

156     Chicken and Quaffles

157     You_Kabasic

158     Dead Sirius

159     Kanoodling Kats

160     Star Dust

161     DancingLights_Aurora

162     UnPlanetized Pluto

We hope you will find a perfect Kahoot name from the above list.

Kahoot Names Hall of Fame

If you didn’t find a name that you would use on Kahoot yet, here are some legendary Kahoot cool names.

164     Jacques Khoff

165     Knee Gears

166     Peter File

167     Hugh Jaynus

168     Ray Píst

169     Craven Moarhid

170     Jenna Tulls

171     Bigg E. Reckshawn

172. I’m with stupid

173     Mike Hunt

175     Phat Ho

176     Da Phuk

177     Gabe Itches

178     MyLittlePony

179     FailedMyNewts

180     Queen B

182     The Last Potato Fry

183     Anchovies are Weird

184     Rainbows and Unicorns

185     Salty Spiders

186     Sick o pants

187     Nerdy Girl

189     Social Entropy Always High

190     Paradise Highs

191     Aesthetic Meter

192     Kids Go Drink Water

193     High on Serotonin

194     Procrastinator

195     Winter Child

196     Basic Beach

197     Remember and Forget

198     Treacherous Slopes

199     Starlight

200     Lone Wolf

201     Dream Shredder

202     Puppy Loving

203     Tokyo Dreamers

204     Shut Up and Dance

205     Today Coffee DAY

206     Red Salsa

207     Kale Smoothies and Chocolate Pies

208     Lady Fanatics

209     Maniac Me

210     Princess Butter Castle

211     Ms. Stark I’m Sick

We just looked at a list of amazing Kahoot names.

Creative Kahoot Names

Here are some creative Kahoot names, and hilarious names.

212     Sick o pants

213     Nerdy Girl

214     MyLittlePony

215     FailedMyNewts

216     Queen B(asic)

217     Captain Barnacles

218     Kids Go Drink Water

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219     High on Serotonin

220     The. Last Potato Fry

221     Anchovies are Weird

222     Rainbows and Unicorns

223     Salty Spiders

224     Starlight

225     Uncivilized Fools

226     Social Entropy Always High

227     Paradise Highs

228     Aesthetic Meter

Silly Kahoot Names

Here are some silly names for Kahoot

229     Glittery Nightmares

230     Clandestine Calamities

231     LadyBUG

232     Evil Trigocien

233     Innocent Funny Kahoot!

234     Summer Child

235     Bamboozled

236     Moon Child

237     MoonPie

238     Mad Woman

239     Sad Aurora

240     Psychotic Chocolates

241     Candy Corn and Coughs

242     Panda Expression 🐼

243     Scrawny Girl

244     Anonymous

245     BrokenBones_ShinyHeels

246     Sugar Giggles

247     Ice Queen Elsa

248     Contour Connoisseur

249     Lady Bird


We hope you liked our list of cool and funny Kahoot names.

What is the perfect Kahoot name you have seen? Share it with us.

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