8 examples of tech-healthy families

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In the past two years of blogging and speaking about digital parenting, I tend to get asked one most common question. That is, what is the right amount of screen time?

What I find is that parents want to allow kids technology, but they want to eliminate the dangers and addiction element of it.

For that to happen- it takes effort. But it is not impossible, in fact using the right tactics this is not that very hard to achieve.

You can have a positive relationship with technology without allowing it to take over your family .

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Here are some examples of what tech-healthy families do:

1. The families are digitally aware.

It is not important to know how to code or even to know how the tech industry works.

But it is crucial to be updated on what is happening in the digital world.

For instance, knowing the updates on the apps your kids use. It is good to have a general level of literacy on aspects of tech that affects your family.

Here are some sites that keep you updated on the digital world : 

Smart Social

Kids N Clicks

Protect Young Eyes

Bark Blog


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2.  The Families Set Rules

Many of the families set rules and boundaries with device use. For instance, agreeing on a smartphone contract before giving out a mobile phone to their kids.

Rules include when and where devices can be used. For example, no devices in the bedroom among many other rules.

It is important to set clear expectations from the beginning to help children develop a good tech balance.


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3.  Families communicate regularly

Build a trusting relationship with your kids so you can talk to them just about anything including their online lives.

Keep in mind that if your kids are having social interaction online it means that they have an online life and it is always good to know who they are chatting too.

This should be done with their consent and without invading their privacy.

Make the time and space for a screen-free evening where you can talk to your kids without any interruption.


4.  Allow your kids to make mistakes

Your kids are bound to make some mistakes even online. For example, they could have accidentally given personal information online, clicked on a wrong site, or post things on social media without realizing the consequences of it.

Teach your kids accountability for the mistakes they make.

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5. The families have fun with technology

Make the most out of technology by choosing the right activities with your kids. For example, you can play video games together as a family.

Enhance their interest and build curiosity with tech. Allow your kids to play and create things online.

Do check out the list below for options.

6.  Families find balance with technology

These families are not controlled by their devices. They allow screen-free evenings or weekends with their children. They spend quality time as family in nature or while having a meal.

Technology is part of their lives but it is not the centre of it.

You can read more about screen-free meals here.

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7.  Families use technology positively

They use technology for a good purpose. For instance, to connect with friends, share thoughts and get information.

They encourage kids to not be passively consuming content rather to actively be engaging with technology. For example, encouraging them to create things online, video editing, and many more.

Many families use technology to live a healthier life and to be more productive at work.


8. Families are not scared of technology

Due to the positive mindset they have with technology they are not afraid of it controlling their lives.

Families are aware of how to manage their devices. They also keep up with the latest digital trends so they can keep educating their children.

Many of the families speak about internet safety issues with their kids. The purpose is not to build fear in children but to teach them about the good and the bad side of technology.


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