How to get a Clubhouse invite?

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Clubhouse is the latest social media app that was released in May 2020. It is an audio-only, invite-only social network that is gaining in popularity. However, getting a Clubhouse invite is not straightforward if you do not have anyone willing to share an invite with you.

Many are turning to Reddit forums and social media to get an invite into this app and some are even willing to pay for it.

Clubhouse is a very different social media platform than all the others you have seen.

It is a mix of apps like Zoom and Discord that allows people to join in virtual chat rooms and engage in areas that are of interest to them.

Currently, the app is invite-only which means that you will need to get a Clubhouse invite to join the app.

Many are feeling FOMO (Fear of missing out) by not having an invite as the chats of Clubhouse on other platforms are trending.

It is this attitude that is making people desperately looking for an invite and willing to pay for one.

It is not surprising that there are scammers on eBay and Facebook who are trying to sell Clubhouse invites.

In this blog, we will go through how the app works and how to get a Clubhouse invite and also how to send an invite to a friend.

What is a Clubhouse invite?

Clubhouse is an invite-only app. Hence, to join the app you must get an invite from another user who is already using the app.

Once you get an invite and logged into the app, you will then have the option to invite two other people to join the app.

This means that you can only send an invite to two other contact.

Initially, invites were only given to one other user, but with the increased demand of the app, they have now allowed each user to send 2 invites.

Clubhouse invite

What is Clubhouse and how to download the app?

Clubhouse was first released in May 2020. Using the app users can create Rooms. Inside each Rooms there are ‘audience’ and ‘speakers’.

The speaker will be speaking about a particular topic and they can invite other people to participate in the discussion.

It is basically a ‘voice chat’ social media network.

It is considered a social media platform because you can connect with other people on the app.

Many people are even comparing it to apps like LinkedIn.

Currently, the app is ‘Invite Only’.

The exclusivity surrounding the app, where only celebrities, and big entrepreneurs like Elon Music and Oprah among many others that have access to the app is what makes Clubhouse appealing to the general public.

By making Clubhouse an invite-only app it has gained serious publicity with little marketing being spent on the app. It is definitely a great PR strategy.

The creators of Clubhouse is facing huge criticism for making the app exclusive. Thus, making many people in the digital world feel left out.

Clubhouse invite

However, Clubhouse defends its position by saying that the app is still in beta testing stage. This is done to test the app to ensure it is working properly before being released for everyone else.

The app covers a range of topic from music, art, health, tech, mindfullness, etc. There are private and public chat room in the app.

Users can join any of the public chat rooms and participate in the conversations using functions like Discord voice chat.

Here is what happens when chatting on this app :

  1. You can unmute yourself to join in the chat
  2. Raise your hand to ask questions to the speaker politely
  3. Announce to others you are leaving the chat
  4. Or as a speaker, you can invite other people to speak.

The exciting thing about this app is that there are no text feature available on the app.

Users can always click on the mute button if they wish to just listen to the conversation.

The app is also only available on IOS device. Hence, Android users will have to wait for a while to use this app.

Clubhouse also champions itself on being a safe app by ensuring that none of the content is misleading or dangeruous.

It aims to create a safe environment for users to engage with one another.

Clubhouse age requirement:

Clubhouse is for users age 18+.

Hence, this app is not suitable for young children as some of the discussions in the room may not be age-appropriate.

On average users of Clubhouse are aged 35+.

How to get a Clubhouse invite?

Invites for people who are currently using Clubhouse is free. That means that if someone is already on the app they can share an invite with you for free.

Here are few ways to get a Clubhouse invite :

1. Waiting list

The firs thing you should do is get on the waiting list from the official website.

There is not much on the site currently, but you can find the option to download the app then you can fill in the waiting list form.

2. Social media

Many are turning to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to ask for an invite.

There are few hashtags people are using to get an invite. For example, #clubhouse and #clubhouseinvite.

Here are more popular Twitter hashtags for Clubhouse :

If you are trying to get an invite through social media then a word of caution is to be vary of scammers.

Many people are claiming they have an extra invite. Sometimes they same user name is giving out invites to everyone. This is a red flag.

Keep in mind that a user can send only two invites. Hence, if you see such accounts do not share your phone number or email address with those accounts.

3. Invite-only choice

This is similar to the social media option, but the difference is that you start connecting with people who are already on the app.

For example, on LinkedIn there are many chats of people saying ‘Connect with me on Clubhouse’. You can approach those people and ask if they have an extra invitie.

If you are lucky you may get one.

Clubhouse invite on Reddit

Reddit have been the go to place for many people who are looking for invites.

There are several thread on Reddit discussing ways to invite people into the app.

Here are some Reddit links to follow to read more about getting an invite :

In case you miss out on some free invitations be sure to keep checking the forum. Many of it is updated regularly with more people joining in the trend and giving out invites.

How to send Clubhouse invite?

It is simple to send an invite to other users.

For you to do this you will need to allow Clubhouse to access your Google Contact list

For some users they receive the invite option immediately after signing up.

If you still have invites to give out then you can see the invite icon which looks like an open envelope.

The icon is located at the top of the app. The same row the calendar and profile icon.

Some users have reported not being able to see the icon. This means that you do not have any more invites to give out.

Clubhouse invites for sale. How to buy an invite?

You can buy invites by going to different social media platform and typing relevant hashtags relating to #clubhouseinvites.

Even Reddit forums has few threads relating to this.

However, be aware of scammers. There are many people out there trying to cash in on this.

You may be giving your personal information like phone number and email to a complete stranger without getting an invite.

It is highly recommended that you try to get an invite from a contact that you already know and wait it out till Clubhouse opens itself to the general public.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Is the app safe to use?

The app itself is generally safe. Plenty of topics on discussion including mental health, mindfulness, health, relationships, etc. The creators of the app aim to keep the app a safe place for people to discuss things that interest them. However, keep in mind that the app is targeted at users age 18+.

2. How to use Clubhouse on Android devices?

Currently the app is available only for IOS users. However, it is a matter of time that it will be rolled out to Android users. The company has not given any official date when this would happen. Android users will have to be patient. It may take some time till the app will be available for Android users.

3. Is it worth buying an invite?

While the app is popular at the moment and almost every social media platforms will have hashtags talking about the app, it may not be worth paying for something you will eventually get it for free. Unless you really cannot wait and can get an invite at a decent price then it is worth paying for. However, it is not recommended to spend ton of money to get an invite at this point.


There is no doubt that there is a great hype surrounding this app.

Many are desperately trying to join in the different communities offered by the app. It is a fun place to be part of various discussions over voice and have your opinion heard by experts in different subject matters.

It is also a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and get yourself connected to other influencers.

However, be careful when trying to buy invites to join in the app. It is always best to wait until you get an invite from a trusted source.

Once you get in, you can only send 2 invites, hence use it wisely.

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